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  1. How do you stop a house-trained dog from marking his territory all over the house?
  2. POLL:Kittens or puppies?
  3. Precautions when switching my dog to a raw food diet?
  4. Is this normal? Womens health question. ?
  5. concerns for my dogs health?
  6. Any Guesses as to the breeds in this dog?
  7. Classes to take junior year to be a vet?
  8. Just got a new 6 week old puppy boxer.?
  9. why are people so convinced that a dog needs to see the vet for every little thing?
  10. health question about breasts?
  11. Who do i get my Dogs hair back to white?
  12. really important health question?
  13. Mixed up my dogs medicine?
  14. Why is my new American Bulldog puppy so afraid of everything?
  15. I can't find a veterinarian that will allow me to shadow?
  16. What types of math and science (etc) should I take to become a veterinarian?
  17. Best thing to use to get dog hair off floor?
  18. Adopted dog nervous should I get calming medicine?
  19. i got my dog neutered a few days ago he's 6 months old and now he's acting like
  20. What is the breed of this dog? BEST ANS. AWARDED!?
  21. is it okay to let my puppy chew on straws?
  22. I got my cats diet figured out, now what should I do for my dogs?
  23. Advice about dog tail injuries please?
  24. Dog had distemper and kennel cough shots today and now hes very tired...help?
  25. How old must the dog be, in order to have sex? Or when is she ready?
  26. dogs constant yeast infections in ears?
  27. When I'm running I have a problem with a dog down the street chasing after
  28. A Tumor on my 7 month old puppy?
  29. Keeping dogs from getting sick after eating the wrong food?
  30. is there a way to volunteer to help handicapped vets?
  31. Can I be the Veterinarian I want to be?
  32. How did you get your puppy to stop biting?
  33. my dog is 4 years old and have a lump near her right thigh...just contracted it 4...
  34. Yeast Infection in my dog's ear?
  35. where can i get my girl dogs that are 4 mouths old to not get pregnant?
  36. What is a good brand of canned dog food?
  37. Do You Think Dog Breeding Should Be Illegal?
  38. My dog has bad diarrhea!? help!?
  39. advice on training little dog with big attitude!?
  40. Question about applying to Cornell University Vet Program. (please help if you can)?
  41. How to stop puppy problems?
  42. My mom won't take my sick dog to the vet!?
  43. Opinions on Canidae grain free dog food?
  44. What dog breed is this? HELP.?
  45. Something's wrong with my dog? She's shaking for no reason, loosing her hair,...
  46. 11 year old dog with history of bladder infections?
  47. New dog pug information.?
  48. My dog 10 yr old lab mix has a kinda hard lump about 4" Long under ear sore...
  49. Why do people get pets if they can't afford veterinary care or vaccinations?
  50. Cat food (Urinary Tract Health) question?
  51. DS: If you had to choose a different breed of dog from what you currently...
  52. Is there something wrong with my Great Dane puppy's ears?
  53. My dog was coughing up blood yesterday so i took her to the vets..?
  54. Whats a good cheap dog food?
  55. What should I name my dog?? Please help!!!!!!!!?
  56. How is the Vet Tech program at Globe University?
  57. what GCSE grades and subjects do i need to take to become a veterinary nurse?
  58. Is it hard to become a veterinarian ?
  59. national health number??? where would you obtain this information?
  60. why do dogs love cat food?
  61. What breed of dog is this?
  62. Is Ol' Roy a good type of dog food?
  63. Vet assistant or Pharmacy tech?
  64. Dog having diarrhea, advice needed?
  65. what do you think of this dog diet plan?
  66. Puppy Dry Skin, NOT MANGE?
  67. Is there anything I can give my dog for an ear infection ?
  68. What do you think about Mr.Pink's philosophy on "tipping" from Reservoir...
  69. What is a good chew toy for strong dog?
  70. Name of a book where a dog dies?
  71. how can i tell if my dog has a infection?
  72. My dog loses so much hair I can't keep up, my floor looks like snow?
  73. my dog got diarrhea!!! Feed him rice+chicken breast?
  74. best business name for dog daycare?
  75. What do you think of people trying to convert their dog or cat to a vegan diet?
  76. help with veterinary equipment?
  77. how do i help my older dog to get over her homesickness?
  78. what dog breed is better?
  79. my dog is a doberman full grown. she about 4 years old she has a wobble...
  80. My dog died today, any advice on how to cope?
  81. Is it better for your dog to be spayed or keep her natural?
  82. How should I introduce a new puppy to an old dog?
  83. Is my puppy still a puppy at seven months.?
  84. I rescued a 2 yr old Dachshund. I walk 45-60 minutes a day for exercise.
  85. how old does a puppy have to be?
  86. My vet prescribed Drontal Plus for worms. Reading online its only for tape worm?
  87. Requirement for Veterinary Science in the UK?
  88. Health/body question?
  89. Need Dog Spaying information?
  90. Whitening dog shampoo - can't remember name - help please?
  91. Mcmaster health science question!?
  92. How young can a dog be to carry a healthy litter?
  93. i have a job interview in a forensic mental health unit as a support worker,
  94. How Much Does It Cost Per Pound To Feed 1 45lb Adult Dog A Barf-Raw Type Diet?
  95. I feed 1/2 cup dry dog food daily, how much for raw diet?
  96. why is my dog so protective over food she doesn't like?
  97. Help me please health question?
  98. How can I get a copy of the information & re register my dads dog for the
  99. the tip of my dogs tail is hurting him :(?
  100. My doctor just told me my dog has liver problems and might die, what now?
  101. how can i get my dogs to loose weight they are only 3 yrs old miniature schnauzers ?
  102. Do dogs rebel against their dog food?
  103. How much would this breed of dog cost?
  104. What do you think are the views of veterinary treatment in the Baha'ism and Jainism
  105. How do i train my puppy?
  106. Could my dog have a urinary tract infection?
  107. my dog is 5 years old and has diarrhea.?
  108. Women's Health Question?
  109. Is it bad to be a vet if you *really* love animals?
  110. Veterinary Camp Application help?
  111. A question for doctors/health professions about aortic aneurysm and...
  112. My family adopted a dog in the summer and she has gotten way bigger than anyone...
  113. Bird veterinarian in Kissimmee FL?
  114. About Health Information Technology?
  115. How to make my senior dog interest and get him play with toys and me?
  116. Gum disease....Vets visit?
  117. Rottweiler puppy: Dual personality :P help me?
  118. Where/ how do you store your dog food?
  119. How do you leash train a dog that's 7 years old?
  120. my pug dog is in heat she is 2 years old?
  121. how do i go about finding the history of an adopted dog?
  122. Has anyone ever purchased a dog/puppy from Bell Kennels in Northfield, MN?
  123. What kind of veterinarian is this?
  124. How to podie train my dog?
  125. Is it time to cut my puppies nails? And can i use my human nail clippers?
  126. dog park behaviour, what can I do?
  127. Violent dogs are a problem, but their owners are an even bigger problem. lol?
  128. What is a good dog breed for kids but can also be a guard dog?
  129. How long will my dog live? How can I make her healthier?
  130. Found dogs Wandering the street?
  131. Need some advice on adopting out a dog?
  132. Cat having possible seizure. No local vet.?
  133. Looking for any information on having a dog's anal glands removed?
  134. Will my puppy be okay?
  135. red rash on my puppy's belly and red bumps in his ears?
  136. any one know of good pet vet in south fulton ga and what are the prices for...
  137. I hit my dog because I found him having intercouse with a mutt?
  138. Flu/Cold Health Question!!!?
  139. My brother 9 yrs old his diet is very small. He only eat hot dogs , peanut...
  140. What did you name your dogs?
  141. My dog got depression? Any advice? Consult a Vet when?
  142. Looking for suggestions on identifying what breed of dog this puppy i found today?
  143. What are signs/symptoms of a dog with an obstruction?
  144. Dog peeing blood. Do I take her to the vet now or can it wait until morning?
  145. My puppy is super thirsty pees all the time and has eye discharge?
  146. Is it time to cut my puppies nails? And can i use my human nail clippers?
  147. Can a dog suffer kidney failure by eating lots of sultanas / raisins? We
  148. I am thinking of adopting a 6 year old doberman from a friend. I met the dog
  149. dog barks in training class?
  150. Where can I find a dog safe pool?
  151. What is the most affordable good quality dog food?
  152. What do you think the best brands of dog food are?
  153. Fish and Potato Dog Food Suggestions?
  154. AS/A Level choices for Veterinary Sciences? Courses?
  155. What should I do to make my mini dachshund puppy a good dog when it gets older?
  156. Are webkinz (the kind with the bead stuffings) safe toys for dogs?
  157. This puppy is driving me up the wall?
  158. My puppy only eat, pee, sleep! Also how many times do i feed it?
  159. Training tips for my dog?! Help!?
  160. What are some pregnancy symptoms for dogs?
  161. Giving a rat dog toys?
  162. How do you prepare food for your dog?
  163. my 7 month old dog cant keep down food, and has bad diarrhea?
  164. Calling all vets or anyone who works at a veterinary office. Have you heard of this?
  165. Should I become a lesbian or get a puppy?
  166. Help training 2 dogs to tell when they need to go potty?
  167. Why are people so obsessed about weather their dog is a pure breed or not?
  168. What things should I feed my dog to keep him healthy?
  169. Perthes Disease in Dogs?
  170. I am scared! Feminine health question?
  171. Better career field: Human Services or Health Information Management?
  172. How old does a dog have to be to get spayed?
  173. Anyone have a good name for a Chihuahua dog?
  174. Is it possible for a dogs behavior to change after his companion dies?
  175. Vension or duck canned dog food for my puppies?
  176. help where can i find a dog near gulfport ms.?
  177. Dog food: Storage and amount bought?
  178. Science health question.....please help..question in detailss....thanks so much!?
  179. Tips for getting dog used to travelling in the car?
  180. Can dog be used as substitute for colonoscopy to diagnose colon cancer? wouldn't...
  181. taking snake to the vet to check for parasites. but have a question?
  182. Anyone have a good name for a Miniature Pinscher Dog????
  183. VETERINARY SCIENCE! Going to Australia for university?
  184. Dog socialization tips?
  185. how do you care for the older dog ?
  186. What is an appropriate age to take a puppy away from the litter?
  187. Opinions on Veterinary Physiotherapist.?
  188. why is my boxer puppy horse?
  189. I'm 13 and want to be a veterinarian, but i fail at math?
  190. Do you need your high school diploma to be a veterinarian ?
  191. since a dog isnt my best bet right now i was wondering what kind of pet might...
  192. is it true all white pitbulls or any other kind dog have a lot problems?
  193. Toy dog/puppy from the 90's?
  194. I need advice about my dog asap?
  195. poll: is it true ya cant teach an old dog new tricks?
  196. What was the vet's responsibility?
  197. why is one of my dogs eyes blue& his hair falling out?
  198. I'm considering pursuing a career as a veterinarian?
  199. My puppy is a norweigan elkhound?
  200. My dog has a half brown half blue eye,problems?
  201. How much would it cost to get my dog treated for an ear infection?
  202. Training dog to do business outdoors?
  203. How would you approach and restrain two budgerigars in a small cage at a veterinary
  204. Can an older dog die from worms?
  205. CALLING ALL VETS AND CAT OWNERS- is this cat earmites?
  206. my 3 year old male dog is getting a bit rough when playin with my 14 week old male...
  207. My puppy gots bumps in the skin, on the inside of her ears, need answers?
  208. what can dogs eat besides dog food and meat?
  209. Do I really have to put a muzzle on my dog if I bring her on the trains in italy?
  210. Do I need any training in veterinarian medicine to become a veterinarian
  211. A men's health question?
  212. I was not able to train my dog the right way,can I still correct(and...
  213. Is It Necessary To Get My Dog Professionally Groomed?
  214. I can't find a Boykin spaniel puppy anywhere!?
  215. Can I transfer to George Mason University with a major of veterinarian?
  216. hair between a dogs pads on there feed , should it be cut/trimmed if its oddly long?
  217. Natural Remedies to help with a Fungal Infection to the ears of a dog?
  218. Which Dog Breed Would Be Best?
  219. So I need some advice on care for a puppy?
  220. Any tips on dealing with dog show people? So many snobs?
  221. veterinary college HELP!!!?
  222. Can i get infection, if a rabied dog licking a plant in my garden, which
  223. Are there any dog shampoos that are dangerous?
  224. Chill dog breeds? Please read descrition..?
  225. how much sleep should a 4 week old puppy get?
  226. Have you ever smelled a fart so foul to where you had to question the health of a...
  227. how have dogs evolved and changed and how has their behaviour changed...
  228. What breed of dog is this one?
  229. Why does my dog groom his brother?
  230. How can I make my new puppy eat?
  231. My dog has a yeast infection in his left ear?
  232. Where can I buy a healthy dog?
  233. I am looking for insurance on my dog. He bit someone and now I need $250,000...
  234. Writing an Essay for college class- types of writing for a career in...
  235. I need a new brand of dog food.?
  236. 4 year old dog wetting her bed?
  237. Weird problem with my dog?
  238. whats tricks should i teach my puppy?
  239. how do i stop my new boy puppy from mounting my toy dog?
  240. What's Wrong with my puppy?
  241. what kind of dog food is the best?
  242. I am a 13 year old boy with 2 dogs. Is a rat terrier good as my own dog? If...
  243. Help me with dog food cost.?
  244. HELP!!! puppy problems....?
  245. Question about masturbation and health, PLEASE?
  246. Accidently cut dog while trimming hair?
  247. How do schutzhund trainers usually train their dogs?
  248. best small dog breed with yorkies and rabbits?
  249. Several Questions about Health & Fitness?
  250. what do you think of these names??? for dogs?