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  1. What breed of dog is my dog?
  2. Do any of you have any advice for how to get over a dead dog?
  3. Do you prefer small, medium, big, or giant dogs? and what is your favorite breed?
  4. how much would it cost to take my hamster to the vet?
  5. My friends dog is recently deceased, what breed should I get her?
  6. I have a question about starting my own dog grooming center?
  7. My dog ate China Berries... Can he die.. He is a puppy-4 months old?
  8. Can i still become a veterinarian despite bad school grades?
  9. What do i need to do to become a veterinarian?
  10. Can you help me choose a dog breed?
  11. health/fitness question need help?
  12. Health Question Just Want to Know What It may be.?
  13. What are some issues VETERINARIANS have ?
  14. 13 year old neutered dog can't stop uncontrollable dry humping.?
  15. Where can I Locate an Equine/Farm Animal Vet near St. Louis?
  16. Need some dog advice please help?
  17. my bischon had ear infection and vet gave ointment, his ears are now very red
  18. new puppy and older dog playing roughly?
  19. My 3 month old puppy keeps peeing in her bed what do i do?
  20. Sores/infection in my dog's ears?
  21. Which universities in canada have a vet program?
  22. hi,My question is health related.I want to know how many quantity?
  23. Is dehydrated dog food or freeze dried better than the highest quality kibble?
  24. health question please help!!?
  25. Good name for a stray dog?
  26. Where can I Find a Horse/Farm Vet near St. Louis?
  27. my newfoundland lab mix 9 week old puppy weights about 11ounds is that healthy?
  28. Would adult dog food be harmful to feed to a 5-6 month old puppy?
  29. puppy coughing a lot and is on antibiotics?
  30. What can I do to groom my dogs after a bad experience?
  31. Help me come up with health questions?
  32. Is a raw food diet for my dog a good idea?
  33. What are some cute breeds of dogs ?
  34. where is the best veterinarian school?
  35. what should i name my dog?
  36. recipe for homemade DRY dog food.?
  37. I need help with some health and science questions?
  38. Names for a labrador puppy?
  39. What dog breed could be described as a medium placid type?
  40. How much do veterinarians get paid?
  41. My dog has a food allergy, Can you help?
  42. Getting a new puppy, things to know?
  43. Why is my dog urinating blood and vomiting?
  44. Confusing name for a dog?
  45. My dog is very skiddish because we introduced a new older dog (his mother)...
  46. My dog might have a food allergy.?
  47. Dog with seizures, what to do?
  48. is it acceptable for veterinarian doctors to have visible tattoos?
  49. Medical question about my baby's health?
  50. Which one is the most important problem for vets?
  51. My Vet tapped my German Shepherds ears and now they are floppy?
  52. Questions on Mental health and Insurance.?
  53. My dog has a black spot on the muzzle area of his face. Is it Cancer?!?
  54. Health Pro Project Question?
  55. Quick health question regarding a 14 year old boy?
  56. I Want to be a Veterinarian when I grow up. How do I start?
  57. I am 17 and applied for a job at a vet's office?
  58. applying to Cornell University for Veterinary Medicine..Please help!?
  59. What are these breeds of dogs?
  60. i want to enlist in the marines and have a question about like health requirements?
  61. Do I need the shiny legendary dogs from game stop or will I be able to
  62. my dog has cancer need help!?
  63. What is the name of that dog?
  64. My 14 month old dog has a problem with her vulva any help?
  65. How long do I have to stay in college to become a Veterinarian?
  66. why does my dog have hair growing from under his canines?
  67. My dog is 8 years old she has 3 hebetovens on her legg and puss i coming out...
  68. What breed is close to this dog?
  69. Is Migo a good name for a dog?
  70. whats a good dog breed for me?
  71. I have a 6week old dog and stopped drinking milk from his mom a 6weeks old because?
  72. is my cat sick, should I take her to the vet?
  73. Can someone help me with my veterinarian essay plz?
  74. What food should i get for my dog?
  75. Veterinarians and Cat owners who have delt with Feline IMHA please respond?
  76. what games can i play with my dog?
  77. My family and I just adopted a 10 week old "Bully" Pitbull, any...
  78. Why do people breed their dogs when they know millions are killed each...
  79. my dog has had very bad diarrhea for a couple of days?
  80. is there a large dog breed that...?
  81. How much do licensed veterinarian technicians make in WA state?
  82. How do you train dogs to ignore other dogs on walks?
  83. My 18 month old dog whines and pees her bedding when I leave?
  84. does anyone know the breed of mileys cyrus's new puppy ? PICTURE.?
  85. What is the process (training & paperwork?) to have my dog certified as
  86. i need help. health / sleep question. urgent?
  87. how do i convince my dad to get another puppy?
  88. What is the going price for dog grooming and do you tip?
  89. Im planning on becoming a vet, which classes should i take in both high...
  90. How much does it cost for Pre-veterinary schooling?
  91. Is he a smart puppy for his age?
  92. Guys in mens health answer this question?
  93. Help health question I seriously need ur help PLEASE!!?
  94. What is a good title for a research paper on becoming a Veterinary Technician?
  95. Men sexual health, some questions for men?
  96. Dog joint medicine on ebay?
  97. How do i get my dad to say yes to another puppy when my mom also really wants this...
  98. How do I go about having my over-excited pup with my older dog?
  99. Vet in Manchester, cause cat keep on vomitting clear water.?
  100. My dogs loves healthy people food!?
  101. Can I become a cosmetologist and a veterinarian?
  102. dog wormer for dogs.advice please?
  103. Are Wire Hair Fox Terriers considered high maintenance dogs?
  104. Womens health question! Please answer.?
  105. natural fleaing and worming for dogs?
  106. What would you name this dog?
  107. A question on my health.?
  108. A question about the heart for health care professionals?
  109. Interview for vets (veterinarians)?
  110. Would you date someone who has the same name as your dog?
  111. How to become a veterinarian?
  112. What classes to take first year to be a veterinarian?
  113. the cartoon dog with Ze in his name?
  114. Ideas for my dogs registered name?
  115. veterinary universities?
  116. How Much Money Would a Vet make?
  117. By-products in dog food?
  118. how do we run a dog kennel?
  119. If I want to be a Veterinarian, what courses should i take?
  120. Health Education class question?
  121. Is it normal for dog diarrhea to persist a little/treatment?
  122. my dog has bladder stones and is now vomiting! can these be related?
  123. When using vinegar and water to cure a yeast infection in my dogs ear, does it...
  124. I'm confused between two names for my new dog help please??=D?
  125. What is the best thing to do for my puppy while im at work?
  126. My dog sometimes has diarrhea, why?
  127. What do i need to do become a Veterinarian at University of Tennessee?
  128. Does my Dog need to visit a Vet?
  129. Not a Health question, but...?
  130. Do I just call a veterinary hospital and ask them if they can train me to be a...
  131. Hamster really thin, bad case of diherria, dehydrated, too late to go to vet what
  132. Can you possibly give me health information regarding my 1 month old German
  133. [Health/Medical Question] Is this normal?
  134. Old Saying Poll: What does "Have some hair of the dog that bit you" mean?
  135. Health Question? Could it be a cold? Allergy?
  136. Anyone like to answer some questions about Health ?
  137. Socialism and Health Insurance Question.?
  138. This question is for combat vets.?
  139. questions about veterinarian school?
  140. Beginning Job At A Veterinary Office?
  141. Mercy college of Health Sciences in New York City Veterinary Program?
  142. Alternative to California Natural dog food?
  143. I put the flea spot on, on my dog two days ago and shes still itching?
  144. please help, urgent question about women's health?
  145. health care information?
  146. How much do a vet get paided a hour?
  147. What should we do with our old (16 year old) dog?
  148. What food other than dog food is OK to feed a dog just for one night?
  149. URGENT!!! does anyone know if the PDSA vet centre is on a sunday?
  150. How to get puppy to stop going to the bathroom inside?
  151. Hey guys here is question on health. I hardly get sick. and when i do, i
  152. Can I be a Veterinary pharmacist?
  153. Can dogs start vomiting if they have been exposed to a stressful situation?
  154. i have 4 daschund dogs (short hair) is 55 degrees to cold for them to live in?
  155. My dog was attacked and now is running in circles, also has diarrhea?
  156. My dog is dying of kidney disease?
  157. University of Arizona Veterinary Program?
  158. This is a health question, but no one was answering in the health section?
  159. Do you ever feel like vets are just trying to get money?
  160. Embarassing Health Questions?
  161. I need some fast dog advice again please!!! PLEASE HELP OUT!!!!?
  162. Womens health question,please read thanks?
  163. 14 year old question [health]?
  164. My dogs in heat. I need as much information as i can get.?
  165. Do I just call a veterinary hospital and ask them if they can train me to be a...
  166. how to calm your guinea pig at the vet?
  167. Overexcited puppy doesn't get when to leave older dog alone!?
  168. some questions about the song <maybe> by sick puppies?
  169. Is being a Veterinarian even worth it?
  170. Whats the diffrence between cat and dog food?
  171. What to say when I call the Veterinary Hospital to ask if they can train me
  172. When Conservatives vet/sell themselves to the public by comparing...
  173. my dog had puppy's I'm taking them to the vet tomorrow but my dog smells bad...
  174. Crate training help? Can i let my puppy stay in the cage with another puppy?
  175. I want a good apartment dog. One that don't require much grooming.?
  176. Question for homework in Health Class (High School)?
  177. Life and death question - What should we do about our dog having
  178. Where can I Find a Horse/Farm Animal Vet in St. Louis?
  179. year 9 GCSE options to be vet?
  180. Can sleep apnea (long pauses in breathing) cause dog seizures due to...
  181. Can I giv my Adult dog puppy food for a day?
  182. Health care reform Question?
  183. How To get my puppy to put on weight?
  184. How do I get my dog to chew his food?
  185. my dogs hair is fallling out?!?
  186. Veterinary technician/veterinary assistant? Please help!?
  187. what do i do if my dogs wont eat the dry food anymore?
  188. I Want To Be Both Kinds Of Veterinarians?
  189. my dog has diarrhea after havin 7 pups its only been a day?
  190. I have an old computer with puppy linux on it Can someone help?!?!?
  191. Dog names that incorporate my hobby?
  192. Does your vet actually care about your dogs health? or is it just profit?
  193. I'm intrested in becoming a Vet?
  194. I need Good puppy names?
  195. Can I become a Vet? Please Answer!?
  196. A simple health question?
  197. how long could you live off dog food?
  198. Dog training, How to train multiple dogs in one house?
  199. If I gave my 20 lb dog a flea medicine for a 5-10 lb dog would it have the same...
  200. Is Precise dog food a good dog food?
  201. Anyone hear of Bill Jac dog food?
  202. what is the best pet for a 13 year old boy who really likes animals not dog
  203. What is this breed(dog)?
  204. 1.What are some solutions for long work hours for veterinarians?
  205. best dog names black and white keeshond?
  206. How do I get my puppy to stop tearing up carpet?
  207. What dog breed is right for me?
  208. Puppy & Benadryl question?
  209. Is velvet touch kennel a puppy mill?
  210. dog got diarrhea and is taking medicine, But White poop??????
  211. is a pomerpanian puppy good to have?
  212. How old do you have to be to fill veterinary prescriptions?
  213. is my dog a mix breed?
  214. Health question for ma two month old son?
  215. Dog has anxiety urinating problem?
  216. i have a chihuahua puppy and his 5 months old and every time he sees other dogs
  217. Okay i'm a Christian and a vegetarian for health and because animals today get
  218. My dog has a serious seperation anxiety problem?
  219. URGENT!! Does anyone know if the PDSA vet centre in leicester is on a sunday?
  220. European Vetinary Universites that are in English?
  221. What is a good AKC name for my dog?
  222. about how big will my puppy get ?
  223. My dog is sick. any tips to get him better?
  224. does my dog have kidney disease?
  225. Blood in Dogs Diarrhea??!!!?
  226. Calling any vets or animal people! PLEASE!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!?
  227. What two dog breeds are most often confused with each other?
  228. Dog vomiting undigested food after 6 hours, why?
  229. 15month old dog that eats stones?
  230. Does this sound like a dogs name?
  231. Rat tail question- Experienced owners or vets (techs too, of course)?
  232. What are some ways to movitavte a dog that is neither food nor praise motivated?
  233. what breed of puppy is on this brand of dog food?
  234. Any Help On Veterinary Medical Colleges ?
  235. can dogs eat human food?
  236. Some useful advice for my dog please?
  237. 100, Perhaps 300 Healthy Dogs Killed in Whistler?
  238. Need puppy house training advice...is it too late to crate train?
  239. What is the easiest UC college to get into? (Veterinary)?
  240. Can I become a veterinarian with a tech prep diploma?
  241. Help me choose a dog breed?
  242. Is this a healthy recipe for a dog?
  243. Hot dogs and diarrhea?
  244. I need serious advice concerning my dog and his cluster seizures.?
  245. I wanna go to the Royal Veterinary College London?
  246. If I gave my 20 lb dog a flea medicine for a 5-10 lb dog would it have the same...
  247. Should I just give up being a veterinarian?
  248. my puppy lost a tooth is it permanent ?
  249. Getting a shiba Inu puppy whats the best food?
  250. Lymphoma Cancer in dogs is heart breaking?