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  1. What kind if dog food do you feed your dog, and why? ?
  2. Question about health insurance!?
  3. My new dog wont use chew toys?
  4. What is the animated movie about the sled dogs that have to deliver medicine?
  5. Beagle dog information?
  6. Is kennel cough (bordatella) common in puppies?
  7. Help with wet and dry dog food?
  8. What is better for senior dog with arthritis? Metacam or Rimadyl?
  9. My new guinea pig might be sick or pregnant and i cant go to vet.i dont want...
  10. Where can I get a black pug puppy?
  11. I need your advice on which dog to get! Please pick one from the ones listed below
  12. Tips on helping my new cat get along with my other cats & dogs?
  13. can i major in vet tech and minor in criminal justice?
  14. How long can a dog go with no food and water?
  15. This question is mental health related. Can you please help?
  16. How funny is this? A texas democrat proposes mandatory insurance for male dogs?
  17. Why do Registered Nurses get paid more than a Registered Veterinary Technician?
  18. My dog's hair seems dry, what can I do?
  19. Please help! Guinea pig vet question?
  20. How do I make my dog with arthritis feel more comfortable?
  21. Can I leave the crate door for my new puppy?
  22. Which has a harder curriculum Pharmacist or Veterinarian?
  23. Im worried, is my puppy sick?
  24. My maltese dog is having pups. What is happening when a clear, green...
  25. Have to put my dog to sleep (bone cancer). How should I handle my daughter?
  26. Why did the puppy give me her trust?
  27. Army Veterinarian, do they see combat?
  28. How can I find a profession vet in Bali?
  29. Five week old puppy: Is this just puppy clumsiness or a real problem?
  30. How common are diseases among dogs without a third set of vaccinations?
  31. why are the legacy vets not in the midwest?
  32. Have a health question?
  33. How do you correct the decades of falsified & misleading information...
  34. Can I volunteer work at a Veterinary clinic at age 15 in Alabama?
  35. how to get a 7year old dog to get used to a kitten?
  36. Homework Health question?
  37. Rimadyl or Metacam for my 12yr old 34pound cocker spaniel dog?
  38. What would cause a bacterial infection of a dogs intestines?
  39. Ill puppy..emergency vet in 2 hours, any ideas?
  40. What courses would i have to take to become a vet?
  41. my dog is having diarrhea what shall i do?
  42. How to become a Veterinarian in Florida?
  43. How can I get my maltipoo puppy to potty on the potty pads?
  44. My puppy is becoming very clingy?
  45. Can I still become a veterinarian with allergies?
  46. I believe my dogs have ringworm and I cant get to the vet..PLEASE HELP!?
  47. Can i bathe my hamster with dog flea and tick shampoo to get rid of mites?
  48. Is it be possible for a pharmacist to provide a patient information regarding
  49. Do humans shed hair a bit like dogs?
  50. I need some dog advice.?
  51. I found a dog and I dont know what to do with him....?
  52. WHat classes should i take in high school to be a vet?
  53. July 4Th is approaching soon. Anyone have advice on calming a dog that's...
  54. please i need some good ointments or medicines for my dog?
  55. What is the difference between a Vet Tech and an Animal Health Tech?
  56. Leftovers and/or tuna added to dog food, is this ok?
  57. My english bulldog just had puppies and one of the puppies isnt gaining weight but...
  58. German Shepherd & Husky as puppies?
  59. My question about my new hard disk health can you please answer me and
  60. What shots would a 3 year old dog need?
  61. My dogs is afraid of loud noises, I need something where I can find many...
  62. How do I teach my puppy not to bark and raise hair when seeing other people and dogs?
  63. Hi, my male puppy weve had for a week will not stay off stairs. ?
  64. What can I do for my dog with an ear infection to make her comfortable?
  65. Embarassing Sexual Health Question (Girls Only)?
  66. Is your dog getting enough cheese in his diet?
  67. Health Economics ?
  68. Dog insurance question?
  69. Need advice on dog behaviour?
  70. What kind of pitbull is my puppy? o.o?
  71. Tip of my dog's vulva is red and irritated?
  72. My pregnant dog a "Maltese" Had a brown discharge and now has a clear one...?
  73. My dog is licking everything, vomiting, coughing/gagging?
  74. My lab has very srtange behavior once a month. He is almost 3 years old and the...
  75. Health question? Serious answers?
  76. why are 3 drugs used for death penalty executions but vets use only 1 to...
  77. Do you belive that the higher end foods make a big difference in animal health?
  78. Lost veterinary papers, what can I do?
  79. Are most of the veterinarians that get into vet school the ones who...?
  80. psychology health question...?
  81. did snoop dog cut his hair baecaus of the bet with lil wayne?
  82. I need help on finding a treatment for my dog!?
  83. What is the best dupplement(natural is better) of allergy for dogs?
  84. what if i used dog flea shampoo on my 5 week old pup?
  85. What's the difference between a nutrition major and a health studies major?
  86. Ummm... Some questions about my health?
  87. Information About Veterinary Technician!?
  88. does anyone know the ratio of men to women in vet schools?
  89. find the magnitude of the resultant force and the angle it makes with dog A's rope?
  90. How often should i brush my alaskan malamute puppy, i can i bathe him every day?
  91. I just found out that my dog is dying from a tumor. Any advice or personal stories?
  92. I have a large dog and have been told that he needs to be sedated for nail
  93. A neighbor's dog bit my 11 year old while he was outside playing football?
  94. Good veterinary nursing books?
  95. I just had my 14 year old dog put to sleep and feel so guilty.I am missing her...
  96. Dog breed name help please?
  97. What should I name my new male puppy?
  98. Dogs dry itchy skin? need advice?
  99. Is 5 weeks to young to put a collar on my puppy?
  100. How hard is it to become a veterinarian?
  101. Can veterinarians have gauged ears?
  102. Catahoula Leopard dog - natural talents?
  103. Veterinary Technician's, I am in a AVMA credited program.?
  104. Health related question.?
  105. if a male dog a no sperm at 2 years old what are the chances of him...
  106. My Cocker Spaniel has a red eye. Should I see a vet?
  107. Questions about accountant/health professions?
  108. VET nursing course perth?
  109. Does every Vet School in the US require 2 semesters of Organic Chemistry?
  110. help! my dog is getting quite aggressive lately.how to solve this problem?
  111. true/false questions to a health submission?
  112. Loads of puppy questions ! ? German Shepard?
  113. who thinks that dog vegetarian diets are bad?
  114. General edu. courses for vet tech?
  115. Where can I adopt a puppy in Melbourne, Australia?
  116. Tips on walking 2 dogs at the same time?
  117. Vaginal health question?
  118. Whats the difference between human shampoo and dog shampoo?
  119. Who Can Tell Me What Foods I Can't Feed My Dog ? And Why ?
  120. My dog came in to heat one and a half months early. I found her tide to a...
  121. gettin a pet dog maltese animal?
  122. My puppy is in heat for the first time. What are the stages she'll go through, and...
  123. I just got a puppy and these little worms started coming out.....?
  124. Is it okay to use your own shampoo on your dog?
  125. Can you take nursing courses and veterinary courses at the same time?
  126. has anyone had their dog diagnosed with staph infection?
  127. Health insurance question?
  128. signs of infection in a dogs eye after popping out....what should i keep an eye out
  129. Is Purina One dog food healthy?
  130. is it okay to use your own shampoo on your dog?
  131. my dog diagnosed with severe arthritis. What can be done to make his life easier now?
  132. What Are the Refrigerators for in Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals?
  133. Looking for 8 Week old Boxer Puppies near NJ?
  134. What do I do about my dog's behavior?
  135. How can I get my partner to listen to me, health question?
  136. Can you find my dog?????????????Lung burn??????????????????????????????
  137. How to convince my parents to take my dog to the Vet? She has a lump that is
  138. Health/Workout question? more invo VvV?
  139. Question on womens health?
  140. Can a gynecologist answer other health related questions?
  141. Military vets, please answer?
  142. vet trying to become a cop. need advice.?
  143. Filling out college form - which do I check for Veterinary Medicine?
  144. My mum is 60 years old, but quite active. What dog would you recommend?
  145. Question about bonding with puppy!?
  146. Our cat keeps limping & walking off balance, often hurting herself. Vet isn't
  147. is it ok to use dog thinning scissors for my hair?
  148. What kind of dog do you think I should get? (out of Yorkie Maltese and Shih tzu?)?
  149. when do cancer dogs start their training?
  150. Virginia Law. Where do I find legal information on practicing as an unlicensed
  151. My dog fell in an icy lake, should I take her to the vet?
  152. Can dogs become aggressive as they get older?
  153. Womens health question on UTI?
  154. Canadians: a question about Canadian health care, can you please help me?
  155. how long should i exercise my lab puppy?
  156. my puppy has bent tail at last section, is this normal?
  157. if i wanted to go to quelph to become a vet what program would i go into and what
  158. How much does Cornells 4 years college and veterinarian college cost?
  159. Questions and concerns about a mental health issue that I am afraid not too many
  160. What are all the veterinary specialties and descriptions of each?
  161. Please recommend a Good Vet In Bali?
  162. What is a good vaccuum for dog hair? German Shep/border collie mix?
  163. Help me make my puppy drink water!?
  164. introducing an older dog to a puppy, help, tips and advice needed?
  165. Most people told me to get a rotti as opposed to other dogs any advice owners?
  166. Sign over ownership of your dog to the vet clinic cause I couldn't afford to...
  167. Raising an old dog: Is there anything else I should be doing?
  168. Adding dog bite to an insurance policy?
  169. My dog was tested negative for heartworms; should I still put her on a
  170. pet ambulances? vet e.r.?
  171. Is this a healthy recipe for dog cake?
  172. Should I adopt this dog, or would it be better to find another?
  173. how to increase 20 days old pointer puppy temprature?
  174. What do you think of letting dogs into stores and food stores, yes or no?
  175. 5 yr old pekingese's hair is falling out, had all the test ($800.00 +) vet bill now
  176. I had taken in a dog which had clearly been abandon. I had the dog for 2...
  177. advice ongetting my dog to fetch the ball back?
  178. Difference in German Shepherd Puppies?
  179. Constipated puppy after being spayed,how to help?
  180. Undergrad Colleges Connected to Vet Schools?
  181. Vinegar and water, dog ear infection?
  182. I am really bad at scince but good at math? Vet?
  183. POLL: Puppies or Kittens?:)?
  184. i want to be a vet but not sure?
  185. Is it wrong because I don't hire military vets?
  186. what supplies do you need for a dog?
  187. Is it true you cant teach an old dog new tricks?
  188. I found a dog, where do i tell people?
  189. I just got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy! Am I squared away?
  190. What is required to be a veterinarian?
  191. What does it take to be a DVM (Veterinarian)?
  192. My 2 year old dog (Yorkshire Terrier) ate 1 Benadryl! Will anything happen?
  193. What are some tips and advice as to taking dogs out in a high rise condo?...
  194. when my dog was dying of cancer somehing weird happened 2 my mam?
  195. Prognosis for dog with secondary liver cancer?
  196. What does it cost to fly transport a puppy?
  197. Cat had/has? a UTI. He finally went pee all the way instead of frequent
  198. When a puppy is AKC registered, does that mean that they absolutely have not come
  199. Who makes more money in nj a vet tech, dental hygene, dental assistant, or
  200. Any Canadians in here who can answer my question about health care?
  201. is there a cheap, all animal veterinary place within the greater Toronto area?
  202. My hair smells like a wet dog?
  203. Who was the last US Civil War vet, & when did he die?
  204. Ear mites in dogs, any handy tips on getting rid of the little buggers?
  205. If you can't consistently feed your dog a raw diet is it okay to supplement it in...
  206. Raising a single puppy?
  207. Vet Tech: I have my AA in general education....?
  208. What is the raw diet for dogs? I need a lot of details?
  209. Getting a wiener dog on Sunday. Advice? Tips?
  210. confidentiality as a vet!?
  211. Does anyone know of a vet in Richmond, IN?
  212. how long does it take to be a veterinarian assistant?
  213. What is the best dog shampoo for an australian shepherd/lab mix?
  214. Veterinary college question. Best answer?
  215. Dog allergic to carpet shampoo?
  216. This is kind of an awkward health question?
  217. Can I become a veterinarian?
  218. Dog panting, natural resonance frequency? Help?
  219. Health Insurance Question?
  220. Does anyone know of any internships for veterinary medicine or something along...
  221. My Dog has been Vomiting Bile in the Morning?
  222. Should I forget about my dreams of becoming a veterinary because of "Essential...
  223. Dog panting, natural resonance frequency? Help?
  224. This is a serious health question. Please do not make a joke. My question is:?
  225. What's the name of the event at dogs shows where the owner swings the dog on a rope?
  226. do hair bows hurt dogs?
  227. Do you prefer small, medium, big, or giant dogs? and what is your favorite breed?
  228. Dog HELP need advice?
  229. why wont my 6 month old puppy come back to me when other dogs are around?
  230. Health question, what is this a sign of?
  231. my cat has fleas but vet says no?
  232. Health Class Question Help!?
  233. dog diarrhea, how do i stop it?
  234. Please help this is so urgent? (health question)?
  235. URGENT!! Does anyone know if the PDSA vet centre is on a sunday?
  236. Two different dog breeds, how do I help them get along?
  237. My friend is living in a home where they have 7 puppies and there is pee& poop
  238. I need some fast dog advice!!! SO PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  239. I have had one cat for 10 years. She is very sweet - loves dogs. I recently
  240. my dogs a year old and a five year old yorkie and a dachsund had their rabies shot?
  241. shadow veterinarian on long island?
  242. What common foods are good to feed a Dog?
  243. How can you tell if your dog likes his name?
  244. How many ways could a Christian faith heal his or her dog if that dog had...
  245. Family not welcoming of new puppy?
  246. When should I make a vet appointment for my puppy?
  247. Health and Human Development Easy Question?
  248. Is it normal for my pit bull puppy who is 3 monthes old and loves grass and
  249. Clipping dogs nails: I have a hard time seeing how short to cut. It's
  250. How long does it take for Phenobarbital to start working for my 4 year old dog?