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  1. is there any diseases dogs could get from other dogs?
  2. Dog has Lyme Disease.?
  3. Does my dog have cancer? Symptoms included?
  4. Dog Health Question?
  5. What are the symptoms if a dog got into any kind of poison? not eating? not
  6. My dog has had lyme disease for a while...?
  7. Can anyone answer a few health-related-questions about my dog?
  8. I think my dog has symptoms of heart worms. But i wanna know why hes coughing...
  9. What are some basic symptoms of a pergnant dog??
  10. letter from a doctor to keep my dog for health reasons?
  11. Does anyone know of a website where you can plug in symptoms to find out...
  12. my puppy was playing with a dog that ended up peeing blood and coughing. are...
  13. What are the dog's symptoms if her ribs are broken?
  14. Has anyone's dog had these symptoms?
  15. Dog Breed on the IamsŪ ProActive Health? Weight Control bag?