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  1. What is mange and what are the symptoms in dogs?
  2. Have you ever experienced a disease, injure or disorder with your dog ?
  3. Our 3.5 yr old Rottie has liver disease and has gone off her LD dog food.?
  4. What are the symptoms of diabetes in dogs?
  5. Our 3.5 yr old Rottie has liver disease and has gone off her LD dog food.?
  6. Symptoms that may lead to my dog's sickness?
  7. Our 3.5 yr old Rottie has liver disease and has gone off her LD dog food.?
  8. health insurance for dogs?
  9. My vet suspects my dog has addison's disease. she is started to shake when...
  10. How health is it to feed you'r dog raw chicken and beef?
  11. how much does it cost to get a USDA health certificate legalized by the Brazilian
  12. Dog allergies...what are the symptoms?
  13. What signs/symptoms will my dog be showing if she has Hydatids?
  14. symptoms? a dog might have gotten into something toxic?
  15. How important is leadership in maintaining the health of a dog?
  16. Love dachshunds but hate their health issues. What dogs are similar in
  17. Is it possible to contract hand foot & mouth disease from dog faeces?
  18. Do "Invisible" fence collars have any health affects on dogs?
  19. Can dogs get colds? What are the symptoms? ?
  20. My dog is 11 years old and health is failing. He can barely walk.?
  21. puppy bit by older dog monday. having strange symptoms.?
  22. Small dog with minimal health problems?
  23. I want to know is my dog actually pregnant. What are the symptoms?
  24. How do you prevent any of my dogs major symptoms?
  25. what are the symptoms of worms for dogs?
  26. My dog has lyme disease will she get better?
  27. Can humans have an intestinal disease that produces a smell similar to that of...
  28. what are the symptoms of dog eye infections.?
  29. (Dog) History of Lyme Disease?
  30. My dog may have cushing's disease. What do I do?
  31. strange dog health question?
  32. dog has hurt leg.i'm broke due to health problems. where can i get help for her.?
  33. Stroke in dogs...symptoms?
  34. My poorly dog - Lyme disease?
  35. I am very worried about my dog, her health is deteriorating fast?
  36. My dog has lymes disease... :o(?
  37. My dog has lymes disease, im wondering if he has somethign else also..?
  38. Dog health issue, please help?
  39. Dog Liver Disease Help!!?
  40. My Dog has liver disease!! help!!?
  41. Does anyone have any information about Lymes Disease in dogs? ?
  42. Does a dog with bad knees mean possibly bone disease?
  43. Dog Healh Answers
  44. Can a dog catch any diseases from a stray cat who we think drank from his water bowl?
  45. Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis) in Dogs?
  46. worst symptoms of dog heart disease ? how long left ?
  47. How can check if my dog has a disease/make sure she doesn't have any disease?
  48. Is a dry dog nose always a sign of bad health??
  49. Question regarding health of older dog.?
  50. dog died does rabies cause dog to throw up ,did not show any symptoms?
  51. what can be done for neuromuscular disease in dogs?
  52. is there a disease for dogs not to eat well?
  53. What is wrong with my dog? Please Read symptoms! I will be taking him to the vet
  54. My dog is showing symptoms similar to the flu.What should I do?
  55. Do you think studying things like sled dog metabolism can lead to breakthroughs
  56. WHY WAS REMOVED?: "Why do people ask health questions about their dog, then...
  57. dog health question-dehydration?
  58. What does is mean if my dog has Auto Immune Disease?
  59. Doberman Dog Health Problem, Lymphoma, Infection, Unknown. Please Help?
  60. Dog health insurance in New York?
  61. is there a disease for dogs when string comes out of there bum?
  62. My dogs symptoms.....?
  63. My dogs symptoms.....?
  64. How do you deal with a dog/owner on the job who causes health issues
  65. my dog with liver disease had an ultrasound which showed stuff in the gull
  66. my dogs abdominal area is hard. feels swollen. among other symptoms. what could...
  67. homecooked meals for senior dogs with kidney disease?
  68. how does dog feces affect my health?
  69. What are the symptoms of broccoli poisoning in dogs?
  70. Question About Dog Skin Diseases?
  71. My dog has Liver Disease and Pancreatitis.?
  72. Are dogs at shelters tested for diseases?
  73. Help! Old Dog Health Question?
  74. help with neighbor's dog's health?
  76. What are the symptoms of hip problems in younger dogs?
  77. What is the best magazine for dog health/lifestyle updates?
  78. dog health....please read.......?
  79. My dog is throwing up once a day, but has no othe symptoms of being sick.?
  80. what possible health problems can be associated with nervous peeing in dogs?
  81. What are the affects of Parvo on a dog who has survived the disease?
  82. My grandma feeds my dog ham and turkey every morning. Is that going to harm...
  83. If my dog got into Decon, are there symptoms of poisoning?
  84. question about dog symptoms??
  85. What do you do to keep your dogs teeth in good health?
  86. How can I nurse my dog back to health after a heart attack?
  87. cushing's disease in dogs?
  88. About how long should the health guarantee be when i get my new dog?
  89. comfortis users any problems with this medication and dogs health?
  90. my dog is having some weird symptoms.. what could be causing this?
  91. I just ate maple leaf top dogs. Are they from the tainted plant? What
  92. Dog health question (please only answer if you are a knowledgeable source)?
  93. What are symptoms of small dogs and paint fumes?
  94. Does my dog have gum disease?
  95. Does my dog have a disease?
  96. My dog had a fight with a bat, could she have caught diseases or get sick?
  97. Symptoms for a dog that may have gotten into carpenter ant poisen?
  98. Dog health question.?
  99. Is Proticall safe for my pregnant dog? (Schering-Plough Animal Health)?
  100. Catching disease by doing normal things with your dog!!??
  101. Symptom's of pregnant dog?
  102. do you take your dog to get yearly shots? do dogs get the diseases the shots are
  103. Heart disease in dogs?
  104. female boxer dog diagnosed with veneral disease, tumor was...?
  105. can lyme disease kill dogs when they have been bitten by a tick?
  106. What are some symptoms of dog illness?
  107. Are some dogs just walking vet bills and health problems?
  108. My friend is getting a dog, and I'm concerned about its health?
  109. What are health risks of using Atopica in dogs?
  110. Dog bites? what are symptoms of dog bites?
  111. What are the symptoms of a urinary tract infection in a female dog?
  112. What are the signs/symptoms that a dog is allergic to fleas?
  113. Do dogs get the flu? Not people flu, but the symptoms are similar.?
  114. Dog Health Symptoms Adding Up?
  115. Quality of life for a dog with severe dental disease?
  116. What diseases do dogs get at day care, boarding or dog parks?
  117. Do you recognize these symptoms in a sick dog?
  118. I bought a dog with periodontal disease what do i do?
  119. Can my adult dog with Lyme's Disease benefit from Gluclosamine and...
  120. symptom's of pregnant dog?
  121. Why Do So Many Dog Owners Think it is Horrible to Keep Specimens of Disallowed...
  122. Dog Health Question.....?
  123. WHAT IS A good website fro dogs like web Md where you can type in your symptoms or
  124. Dog Health Suggestions?
  125. cancer?
  126. Help, unknown symptoms of my dog!?
  127. Disease between dogs & cats?
  128. Ensure dog's health?
  129. Dog Mating Health!!!
  130. What are the signs and symptoms of a bowel obstruction in a dog?
  131. Do I need a health certificate to carry on a dog on United Airlines?
  132. what's a good toy dog with kids, one with few health problems
  133. lyme disease in dogs?
  134. Dog Health Question!?
  135. What are the Symptoms of Stimper in a Dog?
  136. How can I get my dog to like/obey me more dog health advice plz?
  137. My dog ill with symptoms of canine leukemia, blood and bone marrow show no...
  138. I have 4 pure Maltese dogs and puppies. For health problem, I have to let them go.
  139. would you help with my dog's disease?!
  140. Should I get my dog checked at the vet for possible disease or infection?
  141. Does my dog have some kind of disease?
  142. used hartz on dogs. what r the symptoms & how do i kno if somethings wrong?
  143. My mom took my dog to the vet today and he said he has a skin disease?
  144. Do you know the symptoms if a dog is allergic to cicadas?
  145. HELP! My dog as these symptoms! What is wrong with him?
  146. where can i find my dogs health records. he was given shots in the aspca
  147. thyroid disease in dogs.
  148. Looking 4 a suplement to give my dog to keep him in health and spirt.
  149. DOG Health Question! Please help!?
  150. Can dogs catch diseases from stepping on a druggies needle?
  151. If you own a shop front, are there health and safety issues with having a dog in
  152. How do I know if my dog has lyme's disease?
  153. What's more important...having health insurance for your 5 year old or for...
  154. Wondering about getting a mixed Newf breed dog from a shelter---Should I be
  155. What are the health implications of using dog flea control on children's
  156. dog symptoms? anyone know what is going on with my dog?
  157. Should dog breeders show you the genetic test results for certain diseases if
  158. is there any health danger from my dogs eating giant ragweed?
  159. What are the symptoms for heart fibrillation or problems in dogs?
  160. Why is my dog having these symptoms ?
  161. does my dog have freckles or some disease?
  162. symptoms of heartworm in dogs???
  163. Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs?
  164. Can dogs be retarded and what are the symptoms?
  165. Dog health problem- help?
  166. Sick Dog Symptoms and Rabies
  167. dogs and bone health
  168. can my female dog have fake pregnancy or labour symptoms?
  169. Treatment for lyme disease in dogs?
  170. Can humans catch any kind of disease if there is dog pee and poo
  171. Dog Health Suggestions?
  172. How would I get insurance on our dog (life not health) due to him being worth
  173. Dog health questions?
  174. What Is The Worst Dog Disease...?
  175. Is CHPC 250 mg tablets good for a disease that is transmitted from a dog...
  176. What's a good, cute, little dog that has little health problems
  177. my dog was just diagnosd with lymes disease?
  178. Dog Symptoms?
  179. How long will it take for my dog's food allergy symptoms to clear up after...
  180. How long can symptoms from a dog eating a toad go unnoticed?
  181. is my dog's health OK?
  182. legg-perthes Disease in dogs?
  183. Question about dog and human health?
  184. What is the treatment for dogs with worms? What are the symptoms?
  185. Just purchased a 3 yr old maine coon cat, his last owner gave him dog
  186. HELP dog health question ?
  187. What do you deem the worst, health issues found in pedigree dogs, due to breeding?
  188. If I want to sell Organic Homemade dog food from home, do I need a health
  189. what kind of health issues could cause a dog to not hold weight?
  190. If you were to purchase health insurance for your dog, which pet insurance
  191. cat health my cat is 9 yrs. and we just got a dog he hasnt been eating....
  192. what dog has less health ishues?
  193. dog diseases/illnesses?
  194. Dog types with the least amount of health issues?
  195. Have any of you, ever has a dog pass away from Liver Disease?
  196. do you have to have a health certificate for a dog to fly?
  197. What are symptoms of internal parasites in dogs?
  198. Is fifth disease contagious to dogs?
  199. what are some diseases you can get from dogs?
  200. Can dog urine be harmful to your health?
  201. My older dog is drinking alot more water recently. Is this a sign of bad health?
  202. Dog symptoms?
  203. Is it possible for a dog to develop Cushing's disease from allergy shots?
  204. Prozac for Dogs ... a quick fix .... or dog health care advancement?
  205. Have you seen these symptoms in a dog? Let me know what it is.?
  206. Have youseen these symptoms in a dog? Let me know what it is.?
  207. How does it effect a dog's health when they are outside only in a hot dessert, such
  208. Dogs..2 huskies chewing each other getting hairball like symptoms?
  209. My dog has cystitis? What is it and what are the symptoms?
  210. Could my dog have lyme disease with only a few symptoms?
  211. Does it sound like my dog has heartworm disease?
  212. My dog's health?
  213. Perfectly health dog is going to be put to sleep?
  214. My dog's symptoms? Help?
  215. Perfectly health dog is going to be put to sleep?
  216. How do we go about getting dog Health checked to see if he clear?
  217. My dog has a disease were she cant ever play again?
  218. What is wrong with my dog? (Symptoms are upset stomach and infection on penis)?
  219. Heartgard v generics
  220. Am I the only one who thinks coming here and asking serious health
  221. can bathing a small dog daily contribute to it's weakening immune system or...
  222. can yew get fifth;s disease from a dog with parvo?
  223. My labrador dog in hospital! They say embolism - FCE but more symptoms do not make
  224. my dogs gums have turned black next to the teeth. Is this a health problem.?
  225. dog with allergy like symptoms?
  226. What are signs that my dog may have gotten lyme disease from a tick?
  227. Where do I get my dog health tested?
  228. How do you stop a dog from immitating their owners disease of Multilple Sclerosis?
  229. my dog has a tick disease PLEASE HELP?
  230. Please help me, I need advice on the health of my dog!?
  231. Does anyone have a dog with Lyme's Disease?
  232. Dog coat pattern linked to health problems...?
  233. Can someone give me symptoms of a dog getting old?
  234. My dog has cushings disease and is being treated for a thyroid problem and now he
  235. I think my dog has symptoms of heart worms. But i wanna know why hes
  236. my dog was diagnosed with lyme disease does anyone know how long it takes to...
  237. Does my dog have Heart Disease or Heart Failure?
  238. what are the symptoms of a dog having a petti mal seizure and a grand mall siezure?
  239. Do vegetables benefit dogs health?
  240. What are some basic symptoms of a pergnant dog??
  241. Is Mayonnaise bad for a dogs health??
  242. what are some signs and symptoms of heartworms in dogs?
  243. My Dog has these symptoms. Do you know what could be wrong with him?
  244. dog health issue?
  245. What are the symptoms for dogs who were exposed to the contaminated dog food.?
  246. What were the harmful rabbit diseases for dog consumption? I can't remember the...
  247. Is there really any health benefits to neutering your dog?
  248. I got lyme disease from my neighbors dog because of a tick bite!?
  249. My dog has thyroid disease?
  250. My Dog looks like he has a skin disease ) :?