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  1. Veterinarians: I would like to interview...?
  2. Question about Banfield Pet Hospital?
  3. What volunteer work can I do to make me stand out when applying for...
  4. Does it matter what college you go to before vet school?
  5. should I take computer programming if i want to become a veterinarian?
  6. How does Amadenejad receive a better welcome at Columbia Univ than a Army Vet who...
  7. is there a vet in houston, tx that sees fish?
  8. the early beginnings of medicine were mostly based on what? need help also...
  9. question for woman who are very thin or have 6 pack......What makes you choose...
  10. I am interested in studying veterinary medicine but not sure?
  11. Advice on dog food...?
  12. VETERINARIAN could you please answer these questions?
  13. my dog has cancer and smells like poop?
  14. What breed dog is this?
  15. my recently spayed rabbit pulled out her stiches, what do I do until i can
  16. Will physics or maths be definitely needed to get into veterinary university? ?
  17. Should I choose to be a Veterinarian Technologist or a Nurse?
  18. My dog has diarrhea...?
  19. hey I'm studying child mental health and this is the question that I would...
  20. what can i use to stop my dogs diarrhea?
  21. My dog got a hair cut and the fur on his back did not grow back?
  22. gaming + health issues question?
  23. Womens Health : Question for you ladies.?
  24. a bit embarrassing health question about diarrhea?
  25. How do i apply for veterinary assistant job right out of college?
  26. Does anybody know of any Veterinary Nurse courses/colleges in the USA?
  27. How long does it take to become a veterinary pharmacist?
  28. My puppy has a bumpy rash that itches on her stomach now my older dog and me
  29. veterinarian questions only?
  30. How do I write a veterinarian resume if I've had no experience what so ever and...
  31. Puppy names..? best answer!?
  32. im takeing my rabbit to the vet for the first time what do i need to ask them to do?
  33. how do i stop my 5 month old pitbull puppy from biting?
  34. My dog has diarrhea off and on. Could it be a food intolerance? What food should I
  35. Health Question Problems !?
  36. Are Veterinarians supposed to touch my cat there?
  37. how much should i be feeding my 5 nmonth old pit bull puppy?
  38. ? about my dog's weight, need some advice?
  39. advice please?? what should i prepare for a new dog?? :)?
  40. My dog has thrown up her food...?
  41. My dog has red in her ear and is scratching it all the time. How much...
  42. Does Anybody Have The Answers To The Textbook "Case Studies In Health
  43. Do dogs get fleas and ticks because of Original Sin?
  44. Australian veterinary universities?
  45. Should i ask my vet why my dog has so much anxiety?
  46. Questions about the Veterinarian career path?
  47. Is training to be a veterinarian difficult?
  48. ok i was eating a can of spicy thai chilly health question?
  49. my cat has been throwing up for the past hour? now it is just white foam. how
  50. Do all puppies go through a biting phase?
  51. Can anyone answer this please, does my dog have cancer?
  52. Veterinary malpractice . . . what should I do?
  53. Womans health question Needs answer!?
  54. 4 Year old Dogs and their shots?
  55. my dog is now a fussy eater. can anyone offer some advice? she's fine in...
  56. Dog has low platelet count and vet prescribed Prednisone?
  57. Staph infection in my dog?
  58. Rescue dog bite 2 year olds face-what to do.?
  59. is there and iguana vet in Kuwait ?
  60. How to welcome my new puppy to her new home?
  61. Vicious Bull breed dog? (20 Characters)?
  62. If my dog is a boy, how do I make her a girl? Will the vet do that for me?
  63. my dog is having diarrhea what shall i do?
  64. health question someone help me?
  65. Why is my dog vomiting so much?
  66. Need advice took my dog to . . .?
  67. Will I be ok? Health Question?
  68. Health experts! ANOREXIA question! 16 yr old?
  69. What can I do Besides the Vet?
  70. How long does it take puppies to grow up in WolfQuest?
  71. Anything advice for a first time dog owner?
  72. Okay my friends dog is 17 years old and i want to know how old he is in
  73. My dog has more hair on one leg than the other?
  74. A new puppy in the house & old dog isn't happy...?
  75. These are some health questions i need help on so if you know some plz answer...
  76. what are the best names for a female havanese puppy?
  77. Why do they dog a 17-year old girl who isn't running but ignore Obama's
  78. Health question answer fast?
  79. I want to study a nature/ outdoorsy diploma or degree in South Africa eg. Vet,...
  80. What do i need to be able to become a veterinarian and what schools are...
  81. My vet ripped me off on my cat's declawing?
  82. What kinds of dogs can you get without having your allergy symptoms?
  83. What is wrong with my 3 month old teacup chiuaua puppy?
  84. I dont know whats wrong with my older dog, can anyone help?
  85. I have a two year old Border Collie/Pit Bull that is aggressive and i'm trying to
  86. My Budgie died after vets visit ?
  87. If 2 dogs pulled on a toy, one with a force of 10, the other with a force of 15...?
  88. Is anyone else sick of being ripped off by vets?
  89. How to get 14 yr old dog &puppy to like each other?
  90. Help my little dog ate my big dogs medicine?
  91. My cat is Salivating and threw up a few times. He ate some of our dogs
  92. My dog got frontline flea medicine in his eyes ?
  93. Why veterinarian is so expensive than human hospital ?
  94. Are there any veterinarians?
  95. my dog question and dad delema please answer only the question and no...
  96. ten questions to ask about alcohol abuse, repercussion in health and in the
  97. Can dog hair salons charge you more because of the misbehavior before?
  98. I have a dog who drops a lot of hair, i mean A LOT. What can i do to control this?
  99. help from a veterinarian?
  100. Worried...... new puppy keeps shaking?
  101. Health 2 question about the body?
  102. how old is the oldest dog?
  103. How to make my puppy stop peeing indoors?
  104. how to recycle dog hair?
  105. if a female dog turns 1 year old will it be in heat next week?
  106. Is my 10 year old dog dying?
  107. What options should I choose to be a vet?
  108. Taking my pregnant gsd to the vet on the 59th day I think us stressful?
  109. Does the petco luv my pet clinic keep records of the cats they vaccinate? ?
  110. what is best for mother dog to eat after having puppies she is loosing her hair?
  111. I want to join the Army, but I have two puppies. What are my options?
  112. Serious problem!! My dog hasn't had his period yet!?
  113. My Dog Chewed a Red Felt-Tip Paint Marker?
  114. Dog has a bump on her lip (beneath nose) for a couple years, just noticed it has
  115. is there anything online where you can get your health questions answered by...
  116. Think my vet is ripping me off?
  117. how do you dock a 1 yr old dogs tail?
  118. can you tell how big your puppy is going to get?
  119. any advice on getting a dog?
  120. rottweiler puppy on death row?
  121. What kind of infections come from dog feces when a human has contact?
  122. How do I stop my puppy from scratching?
  123. Is Animal Husbandry a good course for someone becoming a Vet Tech?
  124. Is it natural for a dog to watch TV?
  125. irobot vacuum cleaner that sucks up dog hair?
  126. Vet/ bird expert help please! Abnormal lovebirds droppings.?
  127. Young Dog attacks (playfully) older dog...?
  128. Old dog........ To lazy???
  129. complicated psych question, mental health.?
  130. Does anyone know the name of this old cartoon with a dog wearing a barrel?
  131. Can I put my dog who does bite into a kennel?
  132. ok health questions serious answers?
  133. my dog has an infection ?
  134. health question, help?
  135. my neighbours have just brought a new dog,a shih tzu for their older dog
  136. dog malteese 4months old is cryinggg!?
  137. is weird that i have a high interest in serial killers? should i question my...
  138. how old do you think my dog would be in human years?
  139. I have a question about a health assignment?
  140. Health question public restroom...........?
  141. My 1 1/2 year old dog just started her 'period' and she won't quit whining? ASAP PLZ?
  142. health question????/??????
  143. Associate Veterinarian vs Veterinary Technician?
  144. ok im 18 health question?
  145. what dog is smaller a tecup maltese or a yorkshire terrier?
  146. Stray Puppies don't know what to do much more details HELP!?
  147. my cat won't eat or drink-took him to vet--no bloodwork done --not sure if
  148. how old is your pet cat or dog?
  149. How much does a zoo vet tech make a year?
  150. Tips on training a 4 year old dog?
  151. Trying to find a specific dog/family/disc golf park in
  152. I have a 1 and a half year old american bulldog and she is the sweetest dog?
  153. anyone who goos at health questions please answer:-)?
  154. My 13yr old dog has twice snapped at my 10 month old daughter. Can I have her put...
  155. whats your favorite advice dog saying?
  156. My older dog won't sleep unless me and spouse are in bedroom?
  157. Why do I have to take my new bird to the vet after i buy him/her?
  158. Does anyone have advice on a dog with skin allergies?
  159. Why wont groomers muzzle 10+ year old dogs?
  160. need electrical advice to save my dog from being poisoned?
  161. my dog is vomiting and having diarrhea someone please help?
  162. whats wrong with my puppy?
  163. how do i get my puppy to lay down on command?
  164. calling all health experts i need your help on these questions!!?
  165. need help with a question from my health and wellness class.?
  166. Can a dog get a human illness such as influenza or a viral infection etc?
  167. Can the dog hair salon charge yu extra because the misbehavior that my dog did...
  168. Help me find a puppy please!!?
  169. How old dose a male dog when he becomes sexually mature?
  170. What is the best university to study forensic science AND veterinary medicine?
  171. Pet Vaccination Clinics?
  172. Applying for Veterinary and medicine courses?
  173. my dog was steped on shes only 6 wks old i thnk her shoulders broke what can i do to
  174. Is it okay to take water bowl away from puppy at night?
  175. My dog got poked in her eye with a long sharp stick and she is keeping it closed
  176. what is the best way to go about breeding a dog?
  177. my vet ripped me off on my cat's declawing?
  178. Free online veterinary chat?
  179. My 6 year old daughter is terrified of dogs and avoids going out, what can I
  180. What types of veterinarians are there?
  181. What's a good major to be a veterinarian? ?
  182. Hi, my male puppy weve had for a week will not stay off stairs. ?
  183. Do u think I should have not went to vet ?
  184. Do you own a dog/puppy?
  185. We need names for 9 German Shepherd Puppies!?
  186. How can I find out what kind of dog I have?
  187. causes of hair loss/thinning in dogs?
  188. How do you keep a dog calm at the vets?
  189. Dog Section: Dakota Winds Puppy Mill?
  190. I have a traumatized dog, and an uncooperative family. Advice?
  191. I just got a puppy: shots/deworming question?
  192. Wanting to feed my dogs a raw diet (help Please)?
  193. Health care question?
  194. Low cost veterinary service in Kansas City?
  195. Which puppy is the cutest?
  196. Why my dog is shedding his hair?
  197. 1 yr old dog not been in heat?
  198. A puppy peed in my face!?
  199. How long can I walk my 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy?
  200. Can a pharmacy provide (any) patient information regarding his/her health condition?
  201. Don's dog had puppies and decides to build a pen big enough for all the dogs.?
  202. my question about my new hard disk health can you please answer me and thank you soo
  203. how do you punish, or teach an old dog?
  204. What is the best school for veterinary technician?
  205. need help with these health questions?
  206. Veterinary college question? :D best answer!?
  207. My question about my new hard disk health can you please answer me and thank you soo
  208. What are the best toys for dogs?
  209. Is 14 years old "old" for a dog?
  210. Can vets refer you to other vets?
  211. Got any unique, hip puppy names?
  212. How do I stop my puppy from yelping in the middle of the night?
  213. Getting a golden retriever puppy, full time job?
  214. Question for Vet. Techs./ Veterinarians.. Please help!!!! Please!!?
  215. Should I be a vet or psychologist?
  216. why does my dogs hair stand up on her back when I get close to her, like a mohawk?
  217. Tips for taking 2 dogs on long car ride?
  218. my dog was vomiting, dirrhea, lathargic, now fine... will he be ok?
  219. To access the rumen of a cow surgically, a veterinarian would make an
  220. Dog and going inside....tips?!?
  221. Help naming our male Chihuahua puppy?
  222. What can I do about my dogs thin hair?
  223. Implement good practice in handling information - Health and Social care - nvq
  224. My 14 week old bull mastiff puppy wont stop pooping in her kennel!?
  225. My dog is old and won't eat ANYTHING. Her stomach is now inverted and she...
  226. what is wrong with him? and is there a way I can take care of him without going to
  227. how long until my dogs hair grows back?
  228. A bag of puppy food directs you to feed 1 / 2 cup for every 10 pounds the...
  229. Help! My puppy got a hold of cigarettes.?
  230. Dog shedding hair too much?
  231. Alternative treatment to vet's recommendation?
  232. A men's health question?
  233. Health care information?
  234. where to find dog tie out....?
  235. Experienced dog owners, Vet Techs Please Help! Dog health issue. (growth on...
  236. How do you get into the veterinary field of work?
  237. is it ok to use people shampoo on dogs?
  238. Which puppy is the cutest?
  239. Understanding requirements for handling information in health and social settings?
  240. @ Dr Larry (or any other person with education in the veterinary...
  241. If a yorkie has short legs as a puppy will it have short legs as an adult?
  242. I just found a dog who has a big wound, there is no 24 hour clinics in my...
  243. could anybody help me to answer those questions for health care class?
  244. where to find working dogs?
  245. My dog with bladder cancer has 6 months- a year to live? :(?
  246. I got a puppy but its only a month old what should i do?
  247. what is going on with my puppy ?
  248. What is your fav. dog supplies/products?
  249. What are the vet expenses when keeping a rabbit?
  250. Health Question involving Carbon Monoxide?