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  1. Whats the symptoms of dogs that have rabies.... (someone that has experienced
  2. Health screening when breeding dogs??????? How to encourage responsible breeding?
  3. what are the steps to disenfect my house and back yard of the parvo disease so my...
  4. Dog Snoring! Is there a health issue?
  5. Dog Snoring! Is there a health issue?
  6. are Guide Dogs more likely to have health problems?
  7. Question regarding dog with health condition and rabies laws...?
  8. what are the health risks to humans in being in a home with a dog pee
  9. Anybody have degenerative joint disease with a young dog?
  10. Does my Dog have lyme disease?
  11. dog's health situation.?
  12. if my dog is having trouble breathing with serious health issues and the...
  13. Why do people do this and what are the health risks for this dog?
  14. what are Health Benefits of Having a Dog ?
  15. What are Health Benefits of Having a Dog ? which Breed of Dog is most
  16. Dog Health and Nails Emergency?
  17. My roommate mops from the toilet bowl to clean dog urine in the house. Is this...
  18. What are symptoms of a bladder infection in dogs?
  19. my dogs sick and we don't kno wut from? our other dog just died from the
  20. Does anyone have dog with bad health problems due to possible inbreeding?
  21. Signs and symptoms of cancer in dogs...?
  22. Health Problems with Labs? (dogs)?
  23. Are labs (dogs) prone to disease?
  24. My dog seems arthritic but also has 'puppy breath' and other symptoms,...
  25. what are the symptoms of pomeranian dog's pregnency?
  26. Question about m dog's health (eyes)?
  27. Can early spay stunt a dogs growth? Other health issues?
  28. Should we adopt a dog with Addison's disease?
  29. Do most Pedigree Dogs have health problems?
  30. Are there any health benefits in fixing an older female dog?
  31. My dog has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and Diabetes. I am very...
  32. What are the usual symptoms when a dog eats a foreign object ie plastic?
  33. Do all these symptoms fit with Whipworms in my dog?
  34. Does anyone know what could cause these symptoms in a dog?
  35. Does anyone know what could cause these symptoms in a dog?
  36. My dog bit a rat and then licked my face, do I have a disease now?q?
  37. symptoms of tick fever in dogs?
  38. How long for Dogs to get better from Lyme Disease?
  39. I only feed my dog Cesar. Is that bad for his health?
  40. Do dog ticks cause lyme disease?
  41. looking for the name of a disease in dogs, it effects their legs.......starts...
  42. information about health care for an adopted dog?
  43. dog vomit spread disease???
  44. what do i do for my dog that has serious symptoms?
  45. Symptoms of my dog's intestines being clogged? Could cause death?
  46. My Dog Only Limps Sometimes, and I Don't know if because of is Breed it...
  47. My dog suffers from very strange symptoms... Can anyone help?
  48. what is the disease christopher has in the book the curious incident of the dog
  49. Are these normal symptoms for a dog in heat?
  50. dog hygiene health question?
  51. LLD little dog disease ?
  52. Arghh! I need some dog/rabies/human symptoms help!?
  53. symptoms of overdose of ivermectin paste for horses in a dog?
  54. ALABAMA dog health, common parasites or diseases?
  55. is it health for your dog to have black spots on it toung?
  56. My dog has end-stage Cushings disease. What can I expect, and when will I know...
  57. What do this dog's symptoms mean?
  58. What do this dog's symptoms mean?
  59. What treatment has worked best for treating your dog with Cushing's disease.?
  60. I think my dog has cushing disease what can I do I dont have much money...
  61. My dog has a really weird disease and not even the doctors know what it is! Does
  62. What are the symptoms of a mentally challenged dog?
  63. My dog died of a disease she throw up 2 times, her gum's were white,she
  64. Can a house dog give a human a skin disease?
  65. Dog Health...What are possible treatments of black skin disease in pomeranians?
  66. how many diseases in dogs does hexadog cover and after vaccination in how many...
  67. What are the most common types of eyes diseases a dog can suffer?
  68. My dog might have liver disease.?
  69. To anyone who has knowledge of using AlternaGel (phosphorus binder) for dogs...
  70. How can I tell if my dog is pregnant? What are the physical symptoms?
  71. Free Downloadable dog health record?
  72. Question about the health of dogs?
  73. vet techs-dog cushings disease question,please?
  74. my dog caught the flu she keeps sneezing and has a runny nose what can i
  75. My dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease today!?
  76. Will Obama's national health care plan cover my dog who has diabetes?
  77. Dogs eaten plaster which contains Lime. Symptoms of poisoning please?
  78. Dog's health: condition w/ stomach and ribs ?
  79. What are the health risks to humans when breeding dogs?
  80. is a legal obligation to have your dog genetically health tested before breeding?
  81. Can we get diseases from dogs?
  82. what do i do now? mistake over health testing breeding dogs?
  83. Are the dogs in Pet Company in good health?
  84. My dogs symptoms????
  85. Adopted a dog that hasn't been to vet in years, no symptoms of illness should...
  86. Does my dog have Vestibular Disease?
  87. What are all the symptoms a dog can have after getting into Anti-freeze? What...
  88. young dog looks to thin not sure what to do, no problems vet says she is in
  89. My dog has Spotted Rocky Mountain Fever. Anybody have a dog with that disease?
  90. What are the symptoms to tell if your dog has Parvo?
  91. Dog eating snow - health risks ?
  92. Can dogs have crohns disease?
  93. i need help comparing and chosing the best pet/dog health insurance for my dogs...?
  94. can you take dogs across californias border without health papers?
  95. Dog with gum disease, vet ordered no raw hides for three
  96. My dog has Lyme disease. Does she have to go to the vet every time her symptoms...
  97. Natural Healing for Lymes Disease on a dog?
  98. I read that Purina Dog Chow and Pedigree contain Dead diseased carcasses of
  99. I'm experiencing health problems, what should I do with my dogs?
  100. Symptoms of a yeast infection in a dogs ear?
  101. Help with my poor 16 year old dog Gum Disease ... Any Vet, Vet Tech, or...
  102. What is the disease that turns the gums of a dog white?
  103. Is it save to take my dog to a dog park , because there may be parasites and...
  104. Poor health signs after a dog has had hard exercise?
  105. My dog has these symptoms, any ideas?
  106. Can dogs cure diseases?
  107. How much will it cost to treat my dog for Addison's disease after the...
  108. I have an almost 17 year old dog with kidney disease who won't eat. Any
  109. need help, worried my dog has got a health problem?
  110. Could some vet help me?Can my dog have Addison's disease? please read forward?
  111. Cures for a blind Dog. It is a genetic disease?
  112. Cures for a blind Dog. It is a genetic disease?
  113. What symptoms are there if my dog eats a lizard?
  114. What are symptoms of small dogs and spray paint fumes?
  115. Can Dogs Get Food Poisoning? What Do These Symptoms Sound Like?
  116. bitten by a dog. Diseases, infections?
  117. My dog has CHD(heart disease)and needs to be on a low sodium diet. Any...
  118. Dog Health Question.....what to do?
  119. Can anyone please tell me what is recommended for a dog's dental health each year?
  120. My dog has the following symptoms...What do you think happened? ?
  121. How is IV fuilds helping a dog with kidney disease?
  122. Please help. Dog health question; specifically regarding aged/aging yorkies?
  123. my dog have skin disease or scabs ?
  124. Dog Health and Diagnostic Website Recommendations?
  125. Younger dog with arthritis-like symptoms?
  126. How can my dogs' health be affected if he is holding his urine / bowels for 8 - 10...
  127. I want a dog. But what kind of dog it has to be not prone to disease. ?
  128. My friend's dog has a disease; please help!!!?
  129. My dog ate approximately 2.4 ounces of fudge about 20-25 minutes ago and...
  130. Do dogs cause diseases in humans?
  131. can dogs get yeast infections? My dog's on doxi-something for her lyme disease...?
  132. Dog Health question!!!?
  133. where can i find a cheap but good health service for dogs in cleveland ohio?
  134. my dog has liver disease/infection, what is her prognosis?
  135. My dog has Lyme disease...?
  136. My Dog has Addison's disease...?
  137. Does ES Clear work? My dog has an inoperable liver tumor,he is still in...
  138. What are the symptoms of Frontline overdose in a small dog?
  139. My dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease.?
  140. Dog symptoms: vomiting,jaundice,billie ruben over 400.My dog is dieing
  141. My dog has Cushing's disease! Help?
  142. Can the tick disease babeseosis in dogs be spread by mating..?
  143. Does the age at which a dog grays reflect their health and longevity?
  144. Health and safety policy for dogs home?
  145. Does my dog have a skin disease?
  146. What are the health impact of a dog having litters...?
  147. What are some dog death symptoms?
  148. My dog got bit by a tick about a mouth ago. I took her to the vet to
  149. My dog of a husband did not put me down on his health plan?
  150. my dog has hepatic liver disease and i have a few questions?
  151. My question is about a disease that dogs get specially puppies..?
  152. what are symptoms to a pregnant chiuahua dog?
  153. dog health?Please help?
  154. Are pizzas bad for dogs health?
  155. what is in the blood test of a dog with kidney disease?
  156. Do dogs carry skin diseases that can be transmitted to humans through touch?
  157. What are some diseases a human can get from a dog?
  158. How to help a dog that has very bad skin disease all over its body. Not fleas or
  159. help emergency about my dogs health!?
  160. I think my dog is suffering from gum disease....what can I do?
  161. anyone have a dog with liver disease and cushings?
  162. I have a dog health question?
  163. What can I feed my dog when the vet says he has kidney disease?
  164. My dog is showing odd symptoms, shaking, twitching?
  165. are these symptoms that are making my dog sick?
  166. Sudden major health issues in my dog?
  167. What are the symptoms of a toothache in dogs?
  168. My dog scoots at least once a day. is this a health problem?
  169. cavalier king charles dog health concern. please help?
  170. Would you please help me make a wise choice regarding my old dog health issue?
  171. How Can I know if my dog has Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
  172. how can i drop my old dog off at a placement center ..i cant take care of...
  173. What is the most common genetic disease found in dogs?
  174. A dog health question, please?
  175. How can you tell if your dog had a heart attack? What are the post mortem symptoms? ?
  176. What diseases can be transferred through a dog's saliva?
  177. Is it healthier to have purebred or mix?- Health wise of dog?
  178. does anyone have a dog with cushings disease?
  179. Question 3 of 5: Does expertise in selecting breeding stock from high quality,...
  180. Steroid induced Cushing's disease in dogs? Spinal cancer?
  181. Symptoms of worms (dogs)?
  182. Any advice on the best diet for a dog diagnosed with early signs of kidney disease?
  183. Can dogs get colds? I'm thinking my dog is under the weather. What are canine...
  184. Symptoms of Illness in my Dog (It sure bugs me how they add a question mark at...
  185. Does my dog hate me, or is it health problem?
  186. BBC suspends Crufts after investigations into the the health of pedigree dogs ?
  187. What are the symptoms of epilepsy in dogs?
  188. Unable to determine cause of my dog's symptoms. ?
  189. Is it worth it to get dog health insurance?
  190. Can a health issue cause a dog to act out?
  191. Emergency Dog Health Question?
  192. Addison's disease in dogs.?
  193. Anyone familiar with elderly dogs with kidney failure/disease?
  194. Can a dog have fake labor symptoms?
  195. Water pipes
  196. How long after conception can a dog start displaying pregnancy symptoms?
  197. My dog has lyme disease...please read.?
  198. dog health checks hip scoring?
  199. Can you get rabies from a dog that has rabies but does not have symptoms yet?
  200. 14 yr. old dog having health problems? Please answer if you can.?
  201. my dog is nibbling on his rear what is that a symptom of?
  202. Does dog parks carry diseases such as parvo?
  203. Does dog parks carry diseases such as parvo?
  204. Dog health.. My dog is in pain during her BMs.?
  205. Dogs health update please read...... (Also does any of your dogs have a new years...
  206. i'm thinking of getting a dog. which breed is the best (health wise)?
  207. For a dog that has no health or weight problems... what is wrong with using...
  208. Does my dog have a kidney disease!?
  209. can a dog catch diseases/fever from humans?
  210. Dogs with Wobblers Disease?
  211. Dog symptoms, lethargic, small nasal d/c, YELPING, shivering/shaking,...
  212. Do you really trust your vet with your dogs health?
  213. Is an AKC breeder required to cover if a dog has a genetic/hereditary health issue?
  214. Does incense hurt a dog's health?
  215. my dog is one year old and in perfect health, I just noticed that two teeth
  216. whats a good small size dog without lots of health problems?
  217. Very concerned about my dog's health?
  218. my dog buddy is 14 and has liver disease?
  219. what would my dog have to have to rent for stud i the uk?(licenses, health
  220. Questions on skin health in dogs..?
  221. Question about dog symptom....?
  222. Dog health Question........?
  223. about my dogs health?
  224. Lyme Disease in Dogs?
  225. Symptoms of dogs in heat?
  226. Dogs and lyme disease???????
  227. Dog allergy Symptoms and reactions?
  228. How should owners perform a routine health inspection and how can they train
  229. Holistic Health Care for my "stiff" dog..?
  230. Grants for dogs with Addison's disease?
  231. Is dog mange a common disease in southern california?
  232. what are the symptoms of a phantom pregnancy in dogs, and does it require vetinary
  233. what are the symptoms of a phantom pregnancy in dogs, and does it require vetinary
  234. My dog has lyme disease, drinks water, but wont eat. I am also having...
  235. Are there any health risks to a dog that has eaten nuts.?
  236. What disease to the yearly vaccinations protect a dog against?
  237. My dog was diagnosed w/ "allergic lung disease." I'd like to treat it w/o potent...
  238. Do chihuahuas have special health problems that other dogs don't?
  239. Can some dogs really detect an disease in a person?
  240. need some help about a dogs health?
  241. My dog is 15 yrs old and is having symptoms that I don't understand?
  242. Dog randomly crying - has tick disease - what could be causing the crying? kidneys?
  243. with proper grooming and health care, can an unhealthy dog become well?
  244. Cushings Disease In Dogs ?
  245. My dog has Lyme Disease.?
  246. What is wrong with my dogs health?
  247. strange symptoms in my dog?
  248. In multi-dog homes, do dogs who have 'separation anxiety' experience symptoms when?
  249. How to treat heart failure disease naturally in dogs?
  250. Dog has hip problems and has lime disease.......?