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  1. My dog has had sa seizure for an hour and s half now and is still seizing what...
  2. Problems with my Maltese dog?
  3. Do you think my dogs have cushings disease?
  4. Can I dye my dogs hair?
  5. Health problems in humans and in pet rats?
  6. Small Dog w/ Less Health Problems, Easy To Train & Teach Tricks To (House Dog)?
  7. Dog health question? Please answer?
  8. My dog has a weeing problem?!?
  9. NEW Pet scorpion care and health?
  10. My friends dog is having seizures and is barking funny?
  11. What is causing a red rash and hair loss under my dogs legs?
  12. My dog drops a lot of hairs and i'm allergic, how can i stop it?
  13. Dog problem please help!!?
  14. Which of these pets is the cheapest to take care of and the least prone to...
  15. Can anyone help with getting rid of Dog hair from Furniture and Clothes?
  16. My dog was Canine Disk Disease...PLEASE HELP?
  17. My dog is lossing her health...?
  18. Nervous dog behavior?
  19. What are symptom of worms in dogs?
  20. does my dog have lyme disease because he is limping all of a sudden on his
  21. Is it weird to ask for pictures of a dog I've purchased?
  22. My dog sweats. Does anyone else have this problem with their pet?
  23. what flea medicine really gets fleas out for dogs?
  24. Dog health questions? 10 points? :)?
  25. Can someone please help me with a dog problem?!?
  26. What's the cheapest way to feed a dog without sacrificing its health?
  27. my dog just had puppies a week ago and now she is having seizures why?
  28. Do you allow your dog to problem solve?
  29. Where can I get a health certificate in order to take my dog on the plane?
  30. I think my dog has posioning from flea medicine? PLEASE HELP.?
  31. My dog has all the symptoms of Parvo...?
  32. Dog Throwing Up - No Other Symptoms?
  33. is there a cure for heart disease for dogs?
  34. what does my dog's behavior towards the new puppy mean?
  35. Pet Health Insurance for my dog? Good idea? And what should I get?
  36. Dogs and seizures, can they just start after years of nothing?
  37. What should I do about my dog's poor health?
  38. Health insurance for pets? I have a mini dachshund who is having pain
  39. What are the symptoms of dogs eating raisens?
  40. My dog has parvo. I was allowed to bring him home, but the symptoms are back again!?
  41. Dog behaviour issues - Help please?
  42. do you thinkmy dog has lyme disease if he islimping on his fron leg when he
  43. when does a dog loose his hair?
  44. dog bladder cancer symptoms-?
  45. My dog is 15 years old and had a scary episode of seizures pls help!?
  46. What to do about my dogs hair.?
  47. My Dog had a seizure, what can happen and why did this happen?
  48. Why is my dog losing his hair?
  49. Help! my dog has some strange symptoms...?
  50. my dog just had a seizure and i cant bring it to the vet or anywhere so what would
  51. Dog tick disease cure?
  52. My dog has a problem, well, two.?
  53. Is it true that dogs from puppy mills have health issues?
  54. Hot dogs and Seizures? HELP!!!?
  55. Dog Behaviour Problems?
  56. Dog health concern. Looking for some opinions.?
  57. Dog may have gum disease need help!!!!!!!?
  58. Dog hair in car upholstery?
  59. Dog meningitis symptoms?
  60. Can dogs get lime disease and if so do they suffer the symptoms?
  61. My dog just threw up after taking medicine for upset stomach that his
  62. my dog (toy rat terrier) started having cluster seizures today and im
  63. What is the dog disease called PARVO?
  64. My dogs sudden odd behaviour?
  65. Can I use the same medicine as my dog?
  66. whats a good pet with good dps and health?
  67. What are the symptoms of stress in dogs?
  68. Has the tail tried to wag the dog on Obama's Health Care "plan"?
  69. Dog won't stop crying and howling when left alone...seizure brain damage?
  70. A spray in the face with water for bad behavior- do you deem this acceptable...
  71. What are the symptoms of campala bacti in dogs, does it cause tummy
  72. Does crossing a dog prevent health problems?
  73. is this normal behavior for dog and new dog? HELPPPP?
  74. Some problems with my dog that I really need help with?
  75. Could you help me with my aunts dogs symptoms of illness?
  76. Crawling baby and dog hair?
  77. my puppy was chocking on her dry dog food and suffered a seizure,now her...
  78. My dog has been having seizures and I don't know what to do.?
  79. Why is my dog displaying this behavior?
  80. how will my dogs health be affected?
  81. boxer dog health please help?
  82. seizure and strokes in dogs?
  83. Dog had seizure and started growling at me?
  84. My dog is acting wierd symptoms:?
  85. I have weird symptoms after a dog bit me, can you help?
  86. One of the mysteries of life: Why does the hair on my dogs feet grow faster than
  87. can i keep a dog without these problems ?
  88. my dog start to shake and can not walk and he get very stiff. is this a seizures?
  89. What health concerns might my dog have?
  90. I have two questions about dog training/behavior?
  91. why is my dog losing her hair?
  92. I,m changing my dogs food from iams ProActive Health Adult Minichunks To...
  93. why does my dog sway back and forth? Seizure? Epilepsey?
  94. how does daylight affects a dogs behaviour?
  95. my dog has a croup like cough can i administer over the counter medicine?
  96. i need help comparing and chosing the best pet/dog health insurance for my dogs...?
  97. Symptoms of Epilepsy in dogs?
  98. Dog behaviour advice?
  99. what medicine is safe and effective to calm my dog for car travel of 7 hours?
  100. our dog has been having coughing symptoms all day and a few times this past week
  101. Are these the symptoms of being allergic to a dog?
  102. My dog keeps having seizures and I'm not sure why. Any help?
  103. Is chocolate soy milk bad for my pet rats? A few sites say that it is very...
  104. My dog front legs has swollen very bad what could be the cause this problem?
  105. What is a good alternative to curlers for protecting a dogs hair?
  106. Found some dog poopie on top of shoe...health issue?
  107. French bulldog owners, your say on your pets, Temperament and Health issues?
  108. My parents and brother condone the bad behavior of my dog. How can I convince...
  109. How Can I Deworm my dog of tapeworms without medicine?
  110. please help, i'm encountering a serious health problem with my new german...
  111. Did anyone watch CBS News at 5:00 and see the story about the pet health care?
  112. Information on 'pet store' ferrets' health - Petco and PetSmart?
  113. Dog with degenerative joint disease?
  114. What are the long-term health risks to a dog that has been bred too frequently?
  115. My dog ate an entire loaf of white bread...are there any health concerns i
  116. My 1 year old dog behaviour change... Please help?
  117. What disease does my dog have?
  118. why my dogs dropping her hair angd now she only five month?
  119. Dog hair in upholstry? HELP!!?
  120. Dog health, Shakes, Smack lips. question?
  121. At what point do you decide that a dog's health care is too expensive?
  122. My dog has a strange hearing problem?
  123. My dog is blind and is having problems.?
  124. Can a dog contract a human disease?
  125. is it bad to put flea medicine for "dogs 10lbs-or-less" on a 20 lb dog?
  126. Old Dog Vestibular Disease?
  127. change in dog behavior?
  128. for a dog how long after eating chocolate will symptoms occur?
  129. My dog has problem in her left leg. X-rays and blood work are negative. Could she...
  130. What symptoms do you look for lyme disease in dogs?
  131. If I'm traveling with my pet as carry-on, to Florida and back to California, do I...
  132. Is getting your dog spayed health for them?
  133. My Dad told us to not feed the dog for a few days. Will this affect the dog health?
  134. what are some good dog health insurance sites?
  135. How has having a dog improved your health and well being?
  136. Does anybody know of a non- prescription diet for urinary tract health for dogs?
  137. what is the price of year round dog health care?
  138. What diseases/illnesses could I get from a small dog bite?
  139. What is the most common health reason for putting dogs to sleep?
  140. Whats dangerous to a dogs or puppys health?
  141. What is the best magazine for dog health/lifestyle updates?
  142. How does it effect a dog's health when they are outside only in a hot dessert,...
  143. How to bring a mall nourished dog back to health?
  144. where can i find a cheap but good health service for dogs in cleveland ohio?
  145. What breeds of dogs have the least health problems?
  146. What would happen if I shipped a dog without a health certificate?
  147. Dog health?
  148. Why do people come here to ask about dog health?
  149. Is it coincidence that the Blue Dogs have higher Health Insurance $$ contributions?
  150. Where can I find dog health and nutritional information on the web?
  151. What would happen to a dogs health if it didnt get any exercise?
  152. Did anyone have positive experience with dog health insurance? I am looking to
  153. Do small dogs really have bad health?
  154. What is the best dogs health insurance?
  155. Do most Pedigree Dogs have health problems?
  156. dog health?
  157. Am I the only one who thinks coming here and asking serious health...
  158. Why do people ask Dog health question here?
  159. What are the health risks a dog in a shelter runs & for which I'll have to check...
  160. dogs health what can be the cause dog off colour.?
  161. what is the difference between an inexpensive dog food and a high end dog
  162. How do you bring a starving dog back to health?
  163. What is wrong with my dogs health?
  164. Is the meat and rice good for the dog`s health?What will I feed him?
  165. Are kleenex tissues or toilet tissue bad for your dogs health?
  166. where can i find my dogs health records. he was given shots in the aspca mobile...
  167. Will dewormer work on a very , very old dog with many health issues?
  168. My Dad told us to not feed the dog for a few days. Will this affect the dog health?
  169. Who gives great Health insurance for dogs for a low price?
  170. Are Commercial dog foods(canned and dry) responsible for the rapid deterioration...
  171. Does anyone have a website address for info on dog health?
  172. Do you have to pay a monthly fee for dogs health insurance.?
  173. Are pizzas bad for dogs health?
  174. Is it bad for a dog's health if they only eat dog biscuits?
  175. How do we go about getting dog Health checked to see if he clear?
  176. If you were breeding a dog or were buying a dog what health test would you want done?
  177. Do vegetables benefit dogs health?
  178. Would it have a drastic effect to your dogs health if you dye or highlight...
  179. How can I nurse my dog back to health after a heart attack?
  180. How can I get my dog to like/obey me more dog health advice plz?
  181. Dog health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  182. My neighbours are threatening to report me to environmental health for my dogs...
  183. how much has your dogs health costed?
  184. Where can I find answers regarding dogs affecting human health? Do I have to...
  185. Question re my dogs health since being spayed on Thursday?
  186. Dog Health?
  187. What are some good 6th grade dog or health science fair ideas?
  188. How have others dealt with watching their dogs health fail?
  189. Can someone help me with a dog health question?
  190. umm i want an amrican bulldog and i need help picking a health dog food?
  191. Do English Bull dogs have many health problems?
  192. Alot of people care for dogs' health, than why is a simple check-up so expensive?
  193. A bit of a unpleasent question about my dogs health?
  194. i have a dog health question where do i get the answer?
  195. How do you know if your dog's health is good or bad just by visual observation?
  196. Whats a good book about dogs health?
  197. Dog health experts please help! Dog is sick, what could be wrong?
  198. What do I need to do on a yearly basis to keep my dog's health in check?
  199. Dog Health...What are possible treatments of black skin disease in pomeranians?
  200. I read somewhere that Brian Newman has cause for awareness for dogs health,
  201. What questions need to go into a scientific survey of our dogs health?
  202. Cost of a dog health certificate?
  203. dogs health?
  204. Info on sick dogs and the symptoms the dog might have?
  205. Can a dog get neurological symptoms from plant poisoning?
  206. My dog has whipworm. What has been your dogs symptoms?
  207. How can i tell if my dog is diabetic?Symptoms to look for?
  208. What are the typical symptoms for a dog during her period?
  209. What are the symptoms that a dog has a tape worm?
  210. my dog is having symptoms whats wrong with her?
  211. What are the detailed symptoms of a dog who has seizures?
  212. What are common symptoms of a dog having a cold or flu?
  213. what are the symptoms for dog heartworm?
  214. What are the usual symptoms when a dog eats a foreign object ie plastic?
  215. What are the symptoms of a dog prenancy?
  216. What are the symptoms for a dog to be in heat?
  217. My dog is showing symptoms similar to the flu.What should I do?
  218. Is having diarrhea symptoms of a dog about to have her puppies?
  219. how can you tell if your dog is showing symptoms of nuerological problems?
  220. what are symptoms of a dog having asthma?
  221. My dog has symptoms of conjuctivitious but im not sure.?
  222. What are symptoms of a dog having parvo and heartworms? And how long will the
  223. I think my dog has symptoms of heart worms. But i wanna know why hes coughing
  224. what are the symptoms of dog testicular cancer?
  225. what are the symptoms of dog concussion?
  226. What are the symptoms of a dog having heartworms?
  227. What are the symptoms a dog gets when bitten by mites?
  228. What are the symptoms of a dog who has had a stroke?
  229. Dog Symptoms?
  230. Dog symptoms?
  231. What are the symptoms of a dog who may have anal gland problems or worms?
  232. dog diseases.?
  233. What are symptoms that a dog may be pregnant?
  234. how many diseases in dogs does hexadog cover and after vaccination in
  235. How long can symptoms from a dog eating a toad go unnoticed?
  236. My dog has all the symptoms of kennel cough, but has not been around other...
  237. What are some symptoms of dog illness?
  238. What are some symptoms if your dog is eating from the recalled dog foods?
  239. what are the symptoms if my dog has been bitten by a snake?
  240. What is the longest a golf ball can stay in a dog without the dog showing symptoms?
  241. What signs/symptoms will my dog be showing if she has Hydatids?
  242. what are the symptoms of dog diabetes?
  243. how do you treat a dog with cold symptoms?
  244. Is my puppy safe from diseases off my other dog?
  245. cat vs dog diseases ? are they contractable from each other ?
  246. Human Diseases Spreading to your dog?
  247. What diseases can be transferred through a dog's saliva?
  248. what other diseases can a dog get if bitten by a wild animal like a...
  249. Does dog parks carry diseases such as parvo?
  250. What are the most common types of eyes diseases a dog can suffer?