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  1. How Common Is Heartworm Infection For Dogs?
  2. What is the best food for an underweight dog?
  3. What do you think I have? (health question)?
  4. Does anyone know where i can get good Dog, rabbit and hamster supplies?
  5. 13 and a half year old dog seem to have a swollen/bloated abdomen, he is well,
  6. Animal health question?
  7. Took in a dog and now theres problems?
  8. Pet Insurance for Dogs With Lyme Disease?
  9. Dog Spayed of Friday vomiting and diarrhea all day Saturday and this morning.?
  10. Could my dog have lyme disease with only a few symptoms?
  11. Can you take a pet to the ER if the animal hospital/vet is closed?
  12. My dog bit my 16 month old son...what do I do?
  13. My dog is vomiting and had diarrhea what's wrong?
  14. My dog was bitten by a tick years ago, I now think her and I have lyme...
  15. Best shampoo for an old itchy dog?
  16. what needs to be done to prepare my dog for breeding?
  17. According to the health care bill when will restaurants have to include calorie
  18. what do you do when your dog is being eaten by mange and wont eat any food
  19. Is there a free online veterinary service?
  20. My dog is 12 years old. She has bad arthritis and was taking meds and
  21. Can dogs get colds? I'm thinking my dog is under the weather. What are canine...
  22. Does anyone know how much a veterinarian for the San Diego zoo gets in a year?
  23. How can you tell if your dog has a bladder infection?
  24. please help with my 6th month old dog !?
  25. If I were rich enough, could I up my own veterinary clinic?
  26. Are Maltese dogs likely to suffer separation anxiety?
  27. insurance that covers dog that outside?
  28. Well Pet Clinic In pittsburg CA?!?
  29. My dog just finished her pills for Lyme disease and now she's limping -...
  30. Has anyone tried treating dog with severe arthritis with adequan?
  31. Whats more common in lymphoma cancer in dogs? Type B or type T?
  32. Question about going to your local county health dept rather than a dr's office?
  33. Stray sheepdog in our street and it has caused us many problems,5 house...
  34. In dogs with seizures what are your experiences?
  35. training older yorkies/maltese dogs?
  36. Where can I find the requirement needed by the Irish veterinary services if I...
  37. Is it possible to major in vetinary medicine and then minor...?
  38. If my dog ate 4 Advil how long till Kidney Failure?!?? PLZ PLZ PLZ help me?
  39. Wanted to watch health and nutrition videos?
  40. Can my adult dog with Lyme's Disease benefit from Gluclosamine and Chondroidin
  41. Can dog food cause infections that can wipe out the kidneys?
  42. How many hours does it take a 50 pound (Golden Retriever) dog to get diarrhoea...
  43. dogs for sale within 50 miles of bristol.?
  44. Do i deprive my dogs from enjoying delicious food if I just give them dog food?
  45. besides veterinary services, what other careers are there to help animals?
  46. Canine Lung Cancer End Stage Symptoms???
  47. My dad wants to get into holistic health and nutrition. Is it too late?
  48. Minoring In Biology For A Veterinary?
  49. Classes for health and nutrition, not nursing.?
  50. How does pet health insurance work?
  51. My dog has watery diarrhea and white foamy vomit, what can i do?
  52. My otherwise normal and healthy dog stares and paws at the walls?
  53. my sister cat Health problem?
  54. Could I be vetinary surgeon?
  55. Do maltese dogs make good family pets?
  56. Books about veterinarians?
  57. Can Pancreatitis in dogs cause low platelets?
  58. What breed of dog am I?
  59. Does Petco or Petsmart have veterinary services for small/furry animals?
  60. I have beenptuuing my dog in a kennel, or "crating" as I seen on here...questions...?
  61. My dog is crossbreed and i just adopted him and he is hardly 1-2 months old...
  62. i need information about dog pregnancy?
  63. Is vet school just vet college?
  64. Has anyone here worked at a Banfield Pet Hospital before?
  65. How do you keep fleas and ticks away from dogs?
  66. Dogs and lyme disease???????
  67. is their vet's for low income pet's?
  68. veterinarian technician courses in malaysia?
  69. What should I name this dog?
  70. my 10 month old dog can't hold her pee in her kennel, but can when in the house?
  71. Why is my dog always hungry? He's fed 3x a day and still steals food off the...
  72. Puppy boarding kennel??????
  73. nutrition and pregnancy health?
  74. Heartworm treatments for an old Dog?
  75. is there any Free pet clinics in Ohio? HELP!!!?
  76. dogs with lyme disease?
  77. Is there a sequal video game for Dog's Life?
  78. Ethical dilemna - homeowners insurance & vicious breed dogs?
  79. should i take my dog to banfield pet hospital?
  80. does anyone have opinions on the VCA Hospital organization of veterinary care?
  81. Will being a LPN help me in a veterinary clinic?
  82. a good website for shelter dogs for sale?
  83. what type of dog should i get for my farm?ans what should i name the dog(s)?
  84. Can you get a job at a veterinary hospital at 16?
  85. What would you like what sort of an enter score would i need to study...
  86. why do dogs diarrhea?
  87. How can you help a dog with arthritis?
  88. A dog we were interested in adopting tested positive for lyme disease. What is the
  89. What to give my dog to help kidneys?
  90. Pet owners who take their pets to a VCA Veterinary Hospitals...Want to win $500
  91. Animal Health Technology at NAIT (Canada)?
  92. What is the best common dog food for a small breed puppy?
  93. my dog wont eat her food unless i am in the same room with her?
  94. So what if male dogs hump each other? How does that prove homosexuality is natural?
  95. i need some advice about my dog.?
  96. Panting, whining, diarrhea and vomiting in dogs?
  97. Can you give your dog antipyrine benzocaine otic for an ear infection?
  98. my dog had a kidney out 3 weeks ago, he seems to be breathing faster than he
  99. Alaskan malamute dog very badly behaved.. Any training tips? Please!!!?
  100. how much benedryl to give a puppy?
  101. how long can you wait before you bring a dog with a lyme disease
  102. Is diesel ok for a female dog name? Cane corso is the bread. Please let me...
  103. seizures In an 11 year old dog. How often will they occur?
  104. why is my dog vomiting and falling over?
  105. If my friend's cat has fleas and my friend comes over and pets or holds my...
  106. Is there anything that can help my dog with seizures?
  107. DOG DIARRHEA and MORE...[help please]?
  108. Has anyone had experience with a dog having a seizure.?
  109. dog clothing and accessories?
  110. dog game from my childhood?
  111. Whats your dog/s favorite toy?
  112. My dog has had 3 seizures in 10 days hes a German Shepherd whats wrong with him?
  113. Is anyones dog on Pet smart's wellness insurance plan? Banfield Hospital?
  114. Is it common for Vets to send someone over to your house to check on your pet?
  115. White foamy vomit early in the morning when waking up in dogs?
  116. Is it typical for a vet to keep a dog overnight for a barium xray series?
  117. My dog has had diarrhea for three days now, off and on..?
  118. Can one carry a dog inside a kennel in the trunk of the car?
  119. Thyroid problems in dogs?
  120. I want to train to a Veterinary Nurse.?
  121. My dog has diarrhea with blood. she started like 1hr ago. what can I do at...
  122. My dog getting pretty old and I see signs of arthritis. I give aspirin...
  123. Therapeutic ultrasound or neuromuscula electrical stimulation for dog with arthritis?
  124. My dog has had lyme disease for a while...?
  125. Why do we waste our tax dollars in a bloated military? Do we really need
  126. So I just found out my dog has cancer and has 2 days to live, what should I do?
  127. My dog ate pine needles, her diarrhea is dark and smells like blood....
  128. Where can I find ADA service dog information cards I can print off?
  129. can you run your own practice with just your vet Tec degree?
  130. Where can i find information about local dog events happening in sacramento,CA?
  131. what are the symptoms of canine parvovirus?
  132. my dog is lethargic with pancreatitis?
  133. Should I build a dog house outside for my puppy?
  134. Can you become a Registered Nurse(RN) after I become a Veterinary Technician?
  135. My fiance and I are moving back to HIS home town and wants me to get rid of
  136. My dog haS Diarrhea what should Ido?
  137. Could my dog have ear infection?
  138. what is a fun website were you can take care of a virtual dog or fun games for girls?
  139. what is a good quality dog food the you can buy at the local stores tractor
  140. veterinarian help projects?
  141. Insurance for my dogs?
  142. need help from a veterinary tech./nurse/assistant?
  143. Know where i can get a Cheap small-toy dog?
  144. Dr Paul Turkall, Animal Vet?
  145. Is it possible that using human shampoo on dogs can cause seizures?
  146. help with some health hmwk? (nutrition section)?
  147. Are you good at Nutrition/Health?
  148. What are the chances that a dog could live after being diagnosed with kidney issues?
  149. Any tips for Dog training...?
  150. arthritis in dogs and metacam?
  151. What time does Banfield Pet Hospital close?
  152. What dog supplies do i need?
  153. Is Pet Health Insurance A Good Idea?
  154. what is the law on my 12 year old dog got ran over by the guy that emtys the porta...
  155. What happens if i go to art school, but then decide I'd rather pursue a
  156. If a dog rolled around on a carpet and gets staticky and a flea jumps on it will
  157. what causes epilepsy in a healthy dog- anyone with a dog who has seizures what...
  158. Poor nutrition might be affecting my down there health. Mind lending a hand?
  159. Do they really put bad chemicals and euthanized pets and diseased animals in dog...
  160. my dog is 12 and this year he started having problems with arthritis?
  161. If I Study HNC then HND doing Veterinary nursing, will that get me into a...
  162. Looking for good articles/information on adopting an abandoned shelter dog?
  163. Dog information...need help thanks (Milton Keynes)?
  164. Have you taken your pet to the Spay & Neuter Clinic in Pittsburgh (Penn Hills Area)?
  165. Some nice dog breeds 22-26 inches at withers that is capable of protecting?
  166. Looking to buy a new dog, information about sheddding?
  167. is there a veterinary clinic for peruvian guineapig? sobra kasi
  168. What should i do if i won't be able to clean up after dogs and cats at a pet clinic?
  169. I've lost my dog to Cancer, and I've been getting dreams...?
  170. Is it mean to let my dog eat the food I spit out?
  171. Are MRI and PET scans dangerous for my health?
  172. (Pit bull breed names) are these all the same type pf dog? if not, what are the
  173. Help with my dog, seizures?
  174. My dog was vomiting, what should I do and what is wrong?
  175. Banfield Pet Hospital Vs. Others?
  176. my dog was spayed today and is now vomiting with blood in the vomit?
  177. Does anyone know where I can find a Health Information Management professional...
  178. Im really scared my dog may have cancer help please?
  179. Can a vegetarian diet be healthy for dogs?
  180. Dog possibly allergic to chicken? Opinions on California Natural Lamb Meal
  181. Is there hope for my aggressive dog (Professional advice needed)?
  182. Calm but friendly, low exercise dog breeds?
  183. Dog walking advice please? x?
  184. what is the name of the song that the speedy cash dog starts to play on piano?
  185. Is there any pet I could get? That aren't too hard to care for, and low or none
  186. Do you bring your pets for yearly vet checkups?
  187. dog increases my stress levels and is damaging my health. should i surrender him...
  188. does Birmingham Alabama and San- Clemnte California require a pet health...
  189. Dogs have hair or fur?
  190. What are the signs of bladder problems in dogs?
  191. My ten year old Changed has developed skin problems.I have used all kinds of...
  192. What non-prescription heartworm medicine for dogs is the best to use?
  193. Please help me with my dogs' fighting problem!?
  194. Dog back leg problem.?
  195. My dog has biting problems.....?
  196. Has anyone heard of Cushings disease in dogs?
  197. Do I need a health certificate to fly with my dog in cabin on Air Canada?
  198. I think my dog Ernie might have a sexually transmitted disease. Is there
  199. i need to re home my dog because of health reasons how do i do that?
  200. my 9 year old dog has vestibular disease. does antivert really help ?
  201. can pets like chickens and monkeys give you health benefit?
  202. Lymes disease in dogs- recovery?
  203. Shouldn't pets and animals have guaranteed access to health care?
  204. My dog moved when it was getting its shots and lost some medicine.?
  205. Dogs info. health. ...?
  206. why does a small dog gag and then have a seizure?
  207. is it true if you put dog semen on your hair it makes it grow faster?
  208. Why do my two dogs keep shedding their hair?
  209. dog was vaccinated, had seizure and died 10 hours later, what happened?
  210. what dogs have the least hereditary health issues?
  211. Can i put human conditioner in my dog's hair?
  212. Best and Cheapest Pet health insurance for NH?
  213. Online database about dog diseases, and how to cure them?
  214. Best kind of food for dog with Addison's disease?
  215. Worried about my dogs behavior. Debating if to give him away. Help!?
  216. What medicine can I give to my dog?
  217. mutt horses better health like mutt dogs?
  218. my cats growling and showing aggresive behaviors like a dog why is he doing this
  219. which one of the following groups of dogs is most likely to have respiratory
  220. What is the best clippers/shears to buy for cutting dogs hair?
  221. How to stop my dog from eating my hair at night?
  222. How do I calm my dog during thunderstorms without medicine or pills?
  223. What medicine do you use to treat you dog who has worm (roundworm I think)?
  224. Dog Health Issues, red eyes and belly help?
  225. Help having problems with my male dogs and a female dog in heat?
  226. Do you think that dogs can sense something is wrong in a person health wise?
  227. Question about my dog's health?
  228. Opinions and Info on pet health insurance?
  229. My dog's hair is all matted...!?
  230. My dog licked some medicine from my grandma's fentanyl patch...?
  231. my dog has blood on his poo, what do you think is his disease?
  232. Dog cophragia problem PLEASE help?
  233. Will my dogs hair grow back..?
  234. What kind of diseases can my dog contract (if any) from eating a squirrel?
  235. My dog has Seizures and for some reason one lip is longer than the other
  236. My dog got brain damage somehow and now she's having seizures?
  237. Is this normal for a dog with Addison's disease?
  238. How do you break a dogs aggressive behavior?
  239. My dog has symptoms of blood and mucus in stool, shaking, can no longer...
  240. Medicine for dog while flying?
  241. noticed something gross about my dog, health issue?
  242. does raw diet make your dog live longer and health?
  243. my dog is pregnant and is having weird symptoms?
  244. How did having dogs and bringing a baby into the picture work for you?
  245. My dog has been having weird symptoms? please help?
  246. Why is my pet rabbit so shy and timid? It's health and diet are great, but...
  247. symptoms in by dog- anal bleeding, vomiting, constipated with diarrhoea, no energy.?
  248. Behavior changes in a dog?
  249. Strange dog behavior?
  250. My dog ate extra heart guard medicine is this something I should worry about?