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  1. Our dog keeps soiling her kennel, please help?
  2. i just changed my dogs diet to Avoderm 2-3 weeks ago, and now he has really
  3. which dog is smarter, a maltese/shi tzu mix or a rat terrier?
  4. Question about my dog's diet?
  5. I would like to work in a veterinarian office in Houston, what should I do?
  6. Veterinary / animal health technician courses in the uk ?
  7. My dog started growling at nothing previously had cancer a couple years ago...
  8. Anyone know a good veterinary clinic/hospital in Calgary to volunteer at?
  9. Symptoms of canine false pregnancy?
  10. My dog is off her food, and limping, (puppy with arthritis)?
  11. Does anyone use Banfield Veterinary services found at Petsmart? If so, are they good?
  12. comforting a dog with seizures?
  13. What breed of dog smells like Nachos?
  14. Dead animal (mouse?) in wall or heating vent. Decomposing body a health hazard?
  15. when i get renters insurance and get a pet owner rider, is it only for dogs?
  16. Need a song to play over photo montage of kids with pets in hospital?
  17. RPG Games Where You Take Care Of A Cat/Dog?
  18. Older dog with very frequent diarrhea?
  19. New Dog, Extremely Shy and Nervous. Any Tips?
  20. Veterinary Career Help!?
  21. Can a dog get a spay while she is still suffering from kennel cough?
  22. My dogs hip pops out, I pop it in and she's fine, need advice.?
  23. I recently stole my dogs squeaky toy, am I going to Hell?
  24. dog with strange behaviour after seizure?
  25. Is there a med that stops seizures in dogs immediately-or home remedy?
  26. I need to interview a veterinary assistant/technician/nurse for a
  27. After my cat goes to his litter box, he jumps right into my bed, is this...
  28. Will Naughty Dog ever make a new Jak game?
  29. Canine skin allergy symptoms-how to help?
  30. what veterinary clinic in riyadh has the cheapest price?
  31. How much do Gerbils cost at a dog/pet supply store?
  32. Who should I contact to complain about a Veterinary hospital improperly
  33. My dog has severe arthritis and I would like to know if there are any natural...
  34. What are some career choices modeling around health and nutrition?
  35. My dog Scout has skin irritation and bites at himself as if he has fleas?
  36. What's a good girl dog name?
  37. Dog vomits water, blood in stool and underweight?
  38. Best and worst dog food brands?
  39. my 3 1/2 week old puppies have very dry and cracked skin around there paws and legs?
  40. Are there any health/nutrition apps like this?
  41. My dog had vomited twice each night for the past 3 nights, And now she woke
  42. How much money do veterinary nurses get?
  43. Dog Cancer Removal Questions?
  44. I am looking for information on a secure outside dog run for 85 lb dog.?
  45. im on a diet and my mom bought mac&cheese and corn dogs... :(?
  46. how stop , my dog is vomiting all the time?
  47. My dog is 13 years of age, has blood in her stool and has vomited. What does that...
  48. Does Health Care Have Anything To Do With Working With Animals?
  49. How long should it take for an overweight dog to lose its extra weight with the
  50. What's the best dog insurance in the US?
  51. Which pet insurance is better for a puppy? VPI, ASPCA, or the insurance...
  52. how fast can pancreatitis in dogs occur?
  53. Reputable Toy Poodle dog breeders in Connecticut/Massachusetts area?
  54. Need information about some dog breeds, really easy question for dog owners?
  55. Does heat cause seizures in dogs?
  56. can i give my dog cats claw ( its a natural herb not an actual claw)?
  57. Babysitting a dog who we found out has fleas... what i did, and what i should do?
  58. are there such things as shoes for dogs/puppies?
  59. my dogs eyes keep watering and hes itching the hair off his eyes?
  60. How much do dogs and all the supplies they need cost?
  61. What Do All Veterinary Clinics Have to Have?
  62. What kind of veterinarian is this?
  63. Do dogs in Wisconsin really need the Lyme's disease shot and booster if they
  64. Physical Therapist Assistant or Health Information Technology?
  65. Do pet insurance companies often follow up with a call to the veterinary...
  66. Should my Dog which is in heat , vomit--?
  67. Watching General Hospital with your pets?
  68. how long does an ear infection for a dog last when treated?
  69. Dogs: What is being "natural"?
  70. Does my dog look more a Maltese Terrier or Shih Tzu?
  71. i want to a pet hospital... please help?
  72. Can you mix dog shampoos?
  73. Why do people seem to think the Y!A dog's section is a veterinary clinic?
  74. Advice from an experienced dog breeder.?
  75. What should i name this dog?
  76. how much are check ups at animal clinic vet?
  77. HELP with this MATH problem! Veterinary costs for standard veterinary...
  78. What is easier to get into vetinary or medicine?
  79. Whats the best shampoo for my dog that has bad dry skin?
  80. What to expect in work experience in a veterinary hospital?
  81. Could someone please help me think of a Logo Name for my company. Its...
  82. Is a maltese a good dog to get?
  83. is carpet that is pet urine saturated considered a health hazard?
  84. Veterinary Technician/Assistant help!?
  85. Please help with this dog problem?
  86. First time home buyers, with an insurance question (dog policys)?
  87. Is this normal for a BC puppy?
  88. I recently adopted a 7 month old puppy, how do I tell if he is a rottweiler
  89. The vet told me that dogs should NOT lick their wounds, what made people...
  90. How to become a Trainee Veterinary Nurse?
  91. is banfeild pet hospital a good vet?
  92. Dog with a cold? Any advice?
  93. My dog is 3 yrs old no one can hold her because she wii wet on them also on me why?
  94. What is your dogs favorite toy? ?
  95. Veterinary nurse personal statement help?
  96. Veterinary Nursing for the squeamish?
  97. Does some one know about English mastiff dogs,I'm thinking of buying one &...
  98. Is my dog extra smart or is it normal for its breed?
  99. How to Heal/Deal with my Dog who has Arthritis in his Spine?
  100. Dog is vomiting daily?
  101. Drooling in dog with previous seizures?
  102. Dog not enthusiastic about putting toys in her mouth?
  103. What is the best way to train an easily over-excitable dog?
  104. Low cost pet clinics in San Jose, Ca?
  105. Dog has cancer, and now going downhill?
  106. My dog has had diarrhea for over a month!!?
  107. Did steroids kill my dog with Lyme disease?
  108. advice on a dog toy please?
  109. puppy name for meh new dog?
  110. Free veterinary services available in the U.K.?
  111. Accidentally broke a glass jar and glass pieces got into the dog's food bowl?
  112. My 11 month old puppy is facing vetinary treatment!?
  113. What's your favorite online dog-supply site?
  114. veterinary assistants/technicians, where can i work besides an animal hospital?
  115. goods and services provided by a general veterinary hospital?
  116. Should dogs who do not also participate in events natural for their breed
  117. In order to move a bag of dog food across a 10 meter room, you apply 20 newtons of
  118. Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs?
  119. My dog is a chihuahua-beagle mix and is going to be 8 years old next...
  120. how do you stop a dog from escaping backyard, if he is jumping over the...
  121. Is this a good accessory for a dog?
  122. My pregnant dog suddenly lays down during our walks, vet check says she is great...
  123. What should I do about the veterinary hospital that ignored my emergency call?
  124. Does anyone else work at a veterinary clinic?
  125. Can someone give me advice about my dog walking business please?
  126. What is the song that was/is playing on the commercial for world wild vet on
  127. I treated my dog for fleas and it didn't do anything?
  128. banfield pet hospital?
  129. My dog just had puppies, and she is now having problems pottying in the
  130. Flea and heartworm stuff for a 4 year old rescue dog? Any suggestions?...
  131. My dog in pain after vomiting?
  132. Pet coverage--Is the Banfield hospital's (inside Petsmart) Optimal Wellness...
  133. I was once told a 9 year old dog would actully be in fact 9X8= 72 years human age?
  134. my dog had 5 seizures in a 24 hour period what should i do?
  135. Is a puggle (pug/beagle) a good breed for kids, other animals, health, and...?
  136. Tips in taking care and training your new dog?
  137. ....Health question...?
  138. What devices, tools or accessories can I use to pick up my dog’s faeces.?
  139. What it the best/healthiest brand of dog food for yorkie pups and pug pups?
  140. How can i stop my dog from playing so many video games?
  141. My dog has really bad arthritis. Lately, it's so bad that he can't walk at a
  142. Need EXTREME help with this MATH problem! Veterinary costs for standard
  143. Can you get Maltese dogs that don't grow?
  144. My dog was has Pancreatitis & refuses to eat the Royal Cannin Low fat canned food,
  145. Is indoor cats poo as dangerous for our health as outdoor cats?
  146. veterinary nurse in australia?
  147. Pharmacist or Veterinarian?
  148. What is your favorite breed of dog and why?
  149. My dog ill with symptoms of canine leukemia, blood and bone marrow show no...
  150. My dog keeps getting infections. His white blood count gets as high as 35,000.?
  151. Is there any veterinary schools in Pennsylvania that offer free veterinary...
  152. Why is my dog puking up brown vomit that smells like poop?
  153. If I have an associates in Health Information Technology would I be able to do
  154. Are maltese pure white dogs?
  155. Dog Owner I need advice.?
  156. IS there anything I can put in my dog's ear (3 year old pitt bull) to make it
  157. What is the best type of bed for a dog with arthritis?
  158. Older cat with health problems?
  159. Does Anyone Know Any Good 24 Hour Veterinary Hospitals In Tulsa?
  160. Are there programs out there that will help pay for animal health care?
  161. Any good veterinary books?
  162. Natural casing hot dogs?
  163. when can i feed my puppy dog food?
  164. Dog toys for dogs who tear up everything?
  165. bladder infection in male dog and thus he gets humped often?
  166. Dog accessories for a chihuahua/daschund cross?
  167. If your dog seems to be stiff, take it to the Vet and have it tested for Lyme...
  168. advice on natural dog nutricion?
  169. Does anyone know any low cost pet vaccination clinics besides Petco?
  170. Why are gyms, health centers, and nutrition and health supplement shops
  171. Pitbull possibility? Dog breed help?
  172. If dogs and cats can get shots for lyme disease, and can wear flea and tick
  173. Is it possible for a pet dog/cat to be fed on a vegetarian diet with vegetable...
  174. Why is the vet so much more expensive for pet medication?
  175. Question about Orijen Dog food?
  176. I am looking for Information about a Service dog?
  177. what would be the best dog food brand for my dog?
  178. What r canine lupus symptoms, what is prognosis. Need to add to the Vets knowledge
  179. Cal Vet loan foreclosure?
  180. Veterinary nurse in the US?
  181. Is it wrong to allow dogs that aren't show animals to breed and remain natural?
  182. my kitten seems to have an upset stomach, does he need a vet?
  183. Are all dog chew toys okay for teething puppies?
  184. My dog has diarrhea and now with a lot of blood.?
  185. What is all the information you can tell me about Teddy bear dogs (bichon/shih tzu)?
  186. Has anyone been to the Animal Planet to play this game? For all the
  187. Whats the pros and cons of being a DVM or veterinarian?
  188. Dog is in pain due to his itchy rectum, what can the problem be?
  189. Need help my dog tiger has kidney failure?
  190. are there free pet spay/neuter clinics available near 44663?
  191. Are Dog Kennels 'Safe'?
  192. Question about a health?
  193. dog training tips please?
  194. What is the best shampoo for a dog?
  195. The most healthy dry dog food?
  196. My dog ate some strings off of a towel and is now vomiting. What should I do?
  197. What's the most affordable (but effective) heartworm treatment for dogs? And,
  198. Health Information Management vs Physical Therapist?
  199. how much does veterinarian school cost?
  200. How long do I keep my dog in the kennel?
  201. Natural herbs for dog allergies?
  202. What are the chances that a dog could live after being diagnosed with...
  203. Where can I find a free pet vaccination clinic for my kitten in Helotes, Texas.?
  204. Need advice! My dog died.?
  205. Health Question For Women?
  206. My dog got shampoo in her eye, and she can't really it. Help!?
  207. My cat has a bald spot over his left eye could this a health related issue?
  208. Vet exam/test fees for dog with seizures?
  209. Dog is squealing and scratching face frantically, could it be ticks or fleas?
  210. What do you think about a veterinary clinic refusing to treat an injured dog?
  211. will my dog mate my female? she is 4months old?
  212. Pet lovers - Noticed that you can get thumbs down for suggesting a vet for pets ?
  213. Ok, so this is more of a mens health question...but it does deal with my
  214. my dog has lyme disease and doctor says force feed him and give him pills. Can
  215. can ketoconazole cause seizure in dog?
  216. Help my vet says my dog might have something wrong with his liver or kidneys!!...
  217. Medication for dog with mild arthritis?
  218. I have a dog who has cartiledge chips floating around in his legs. He has Lyme
  219. What should I do for a 13 year old dog with heartworms?
  220. Can i catch fungal infection from my dog?
  221. What do I need to study to become a veterinary nurse or an animal physiotherapist?
  222. is "we speak animal" a good saying for a veterinary clinic?
  223. is it a health hazard to keep pet budgies (birds) in your bedroom?
  224. Shampoo in my dogs eye?!?
  225. Veterinary Services at Fort McCoy, WI?
  226. are there any updates for the white house conference on food nutrition and health?
  227. What happens to the pets of a person living alone who is taken to hospital?
  228. What kind of pen is the best for toy breed dogs like Chihuahua- a metal one
  229. How does spontaneous physical activity and nutrition impact one's total health?
  230. Why not Banfield Pet Hospital?
  231. Is it true that the better dog food will produce less stool coming from the dog?
  232. If left untreated, how long would it take for heartworm to kill a dog?
  233. Can you give a dog Loperamide for Diarrhea?
  234. Four of my dogs in the house cought Kennel Cough..?
  235. What is the best dog food I can get for my dog?
  236. What are the advantages of management information systems in the health service?
  237. Which one of these dogs food are better? Diamond all natural or native?
  238. Veterinarian vs. Pharmacist Career?
  239. If I give my dog a flea and tick bath, will it kill bed bugs?
  240. the BARF diet fir my dog?
  241. what kind of games does your dog(s) like to play.?
  242. Therapeutic ultrasound or neuromuscular electrical stimulation for dog with
  243. Any avian vets out there?
  244. What is the best canned dog food I can get for my 3 year old male Anatolian Shepherd?
  245. dog loose motion medicine?
  246. Is the color of dog's retina a characteristic of the breed?
  247. insurance question-- dogs covered?
  248. good online store for dog supplies like these?
  249. are pitbulls alowed in idaho with some kind of dog owner insurance ?
  250. do electronic flea combs for cats and dogs work?