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  1. What kind of medicine does my dog need for his joints in cold weather?
  2. Does anyone have any information about pom chi dogs?
  3. I want to start a pet clinic?
  4. I'm looking for a place to take a dog with seizures.?
  5. Seizures in little dogs?
  6. NYC Veterinary Job Positions?
  7. My 10 year old dog has kidney stones AGAIN?
  8. I have a serious health question?
  9. What information was on a dog tag during World War II?
  10. whats a name that means dog besides caleb?
  11. Where can i find a pet-sitting job or a job at a pet store or vet clinic in kansas?
  12. can someone get arrested for false information about a dog that i adopted?
  13. how much money would pet insurance be for 7 cats and a dog?
  14. Puppy steals toys from older dog?
  15. what is the best dog food for a golden lab and shepherd mix?
  16. My dog has serious diarrhea. Is there a Vet or someone with experience that can...
  17. How can I stop my dog from eating all of the cat toys?
  18. What careers can vet grads have? Salary? And other questions~?
  19. Vegan Health and Nutrition/Rules?
  20. how do i know if my dog has eye infection?
  21. Can you give me some information about these dogs?
  22. How many years would it take to get a doctors degree in vetinary medicine and
  23. Cause of dog's diarrhea?
  24. I have an Xbox 360 and my stepdad likes dog fight games?
  25. My mom has a dog that is 15 years old and suffers from arthritis.?
  26. Would it be mean to change an 8 month old dogs name?
  27. Does anyone know of any good techniques for taking pictures of a black dog with...
  28. Please help me name my dog :)?
  29. what breed of dog is this?
  30. Any good games for smart dogs?
  31. My dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, is he going to be ok? (Help needed!!)?
  32. Does lyme disease cause long term damage even after treated for dogs?
  33. I have a decision to make, and i'd like your advice on it dog section?
  34. What are some virtual dog games..?
  35. any good name for my dog? thanks!?
  36. Can I use Dog Shampoo on my cat?
  37. What's the best dog food to get? (dry and moist)?
  38. Compressed rawhide safe for puppy?
  39. How can i keep my dogs from fighting over toys?
  40. found this little plastic strip on the ground of a veterinary hospital. has 2-35,
  41. Help! my 18month old is very picy on his food he will only eat hot dogs pizza and
  42. What to feed a dog prone to pancreatitis?
  43. Why is there such a problem in the south with stray dogs?
  44. Question about nutrition and health?
  45. Info on pancreatitis in dogs?
  46. what university's and colleges can i go to study animal health?
  47. Are veterinary hospitals on holidays?.. in this case labor day?
  48. BARF diet for a dog with a history of Pancreatitis?
  49. Finished the dog food what should i do?
  50. My dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease today!?
  51. can i swap my dogs flea and worming treatments?
  52. How do I help my dog? He is acting crazy and won't eat out of his food bowl?
  53. is petsmart dog training worth my time?
  54. Where can I find a good dog breeder?
  55. does anyone have any information about a hermaphrodite dog?
  56. My dog is very old and has severe arthritis, what can I give him to sedate him?
  57. What can I do with an Associates in Veterinary Tech, and Bachelors in Zoology?
  58. White stuff coming from the tip of my dogs penis (No rude answers)?
  59. What breeds do you think my puppy may have in her?
  60. Do you feel that the waivers granted from Obamacare leave us with an "Animal Farm"...
  61. What Homeowners Insurance Offers Liability To Someone Whose Dog Has...
  62. Puppy dog passing yellow diarrhea with blood and vomiting - Please help?
  63. Are our dogs getting enough variety: raw diet?
  64. Veterinary Nurse courses in UK ...?
  65. My dog has had a slight problem lately. She has been vomiting a lot, maybe with
  66. What are the symptoms of canine mange?
  67. Dog Bladder Infection?
  68. i think my dog has cancer?
  69. What type of diet do you feed your dog and why?
  70. Is their health insurance for animals?
  71. What is the best dog food to buy?
  72. Why is my dog not recovering from first seizure? Have you had experience with this?
  73. What do you think to this dog Kennel?
  74. Tips for training a dog that was abused?
  75. Why does my dog have diarrhea when i feed him chicken and rice?
  76. HELP! Dog breed advice!! ( xtra points)?
  77. What Can I do for a dog with Arthritis?
  78. My dog sometimes have difficult breathing .. but he just had a body check...
  79. What are some nice dog breeds with the same size as a Golden Retriever?
  80. Can a mix breed dog be signed up for KC obedience trials?
  81. seizures in dogs vs muscle spasms?
  82. My dog has diarrhea with blood. what should I do?
  83. I need a name for a dog kennel?
  84. need help with inconsistent dog training?
  85. Are there health concerns I should be worried about with my cats sleeping on...
  86. My dog growls when I get his toys from him? How can I stop that?
  87. How will i stand with my Dogs Vet Bills Insurance?
  88. my dog is choking alot lately... she eats grass, but doesnt vomit?
  89. How long should I wait to get my dog tested for Lyme Disease?
  90. If a year old pit bull (half brindle and blue nose) bites a 10 year old boy.
  91. can more people answer my question in womens health? very importanttt thank you!?
  92. no i am not a vet just received an answer but what is best treatment at...
  93. Could I study food science and nutrition, & then work with clients to improve their
  94. How much is it for a vet at St.Paul Veterinary Clinic?
  95. dog with congestive heart failure is now having seizures?
  96. does coach sell dog accessories?
  97. Health Questions on Cats?
  98. Just got a new puppy. Is he behaving right?
  99. Should I Use Dog Shampoo Or Human Shampoo?
  100. Dog is panting, shaking, and vomited yesterday?
  101. What is safe and natural to give to an elderly dog for pain associated with
  102. Can Ciggerette smoking cause seizures in dogs?
  103. Vet Tech School Online?
  104. How do you build buildings in Paws& Claws Pet Vet for the ds?
  105. Help me name my female German Shepard dog?
  106. What is post-op care like for a dog in a veterinary hospital?
  107. I gave my dog Triple Flex for her arthritis! She has an upset stomach and...
  108. Good apartment dog that isnt a toy breed?
  109. How long does a Maltese dog live? (read description)?
  110. Which vet school in Canada should I go to? APs, IBs?
  111. Need specific advice on how much food to feed my dog?
  112. what was your first dogs name?
  113. How do you stop dog from getting ear infections?
  114. Why did Fox News censor an important investigative report with information...
  115. Working as a veterinary assistant during pregnancy?
  116. Anybodys dog ever have lyme disease before and how did it go???
  117. Healthy female dog urinating on carpet and in bedding?
  118. my dog cant walk without crying. he's 11 yrs and has lyme disease i have him
  119. What job can i get with a health/nutrition major?
  120. How big will my dog be and is he healthy?
  121. How do I get my dog to play fetch when it just runs after the toy and
  122. will crystal meth cause seizures in my dog?
  123. Kitten sucking dogs nipples? MORE INFORMATION!?
  124. Can I use pour on cattle Ivermectin Endectocide for fleas on dogs and if so how...
  125. vetinary treatment for dogs in heart failure?
  126. I have associates degree in HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY please help guys?
  127. Temporary Home Symptom Relief for Lymphatic Cancer in Terminally Ill Canine?
  128. How do I deal with neighbours complaining about dog diarrhea?
  129. Veterinary Microbiology help with tumors?
  130. Animal hospitals pet stores or pet shelters I can volunteer at?
  131. Does the Bureau of Enviromental health have to report a pet bite to military housing
  132. Old dog...he been peeing in the house never did this before. Could this be...
  133. Is a Lurcher a real dog breed?
  134. What happens to dogs with lyme disease?
  135. i have a very active dog and he was hurt and im wondering if u know what it is he is
  136. My dog has diarrhea and has for 3 days, I have fed him chicken and rice and it comes
  137. if i leave my dog in the car, what's your problem?
  138. can a medical assistant work in a pet clinic or hospital?
  139. are dogs cooler than video games?
  140. Is my brother allergic to my Maltese dog?
  141. Can cat litter be harmful to our health? ?
  142. Should I get a Maltese or Havanese dog?
  143. Veterinarian? Dog expert?
  144. Can a dog susceptible to pancreatitis have flaxseed oil or safflower oil?
  145. How can I see a Vet in France on Sunday for U.K. reentry on Monday (PETS Pass
  146. Which is the best Banfield Pet Hospital to go to in Colorado Springs?
  147. Dog Chewing: DANGEROUS! Any Tips?
  148. Banfield Pet Hospitals?
  149. what causes seizures in little dogs?
  150. What is the best dog food to feed a dog that has allergies.?
  151. Vegetarians and vegans: what is the WORST thing that you do to your health, the
  152. Things that are bad for the dog? [more on food/ingredients]?
  153. Is Nutrisca and Blue Buffulo good dog food to give to my Boxer?
  154. Arthritis in dogs and what can you do to help relieve it?
  155. My dog heavily salivates and vomits in the car. Why could that be?
  156. Tips for new dog owner?
  157. Anxiety, cat scan coming up, scared about my health, not knowing what to do :(
  158. my dog ate a chicken bone yesterday, and today he has been vomiting and it...
  159. Switching dog food and diarrhea!?!?
  160. how do you get your dog to not vomit in your car?
  161. I need some information for a story about a stray dog?
  162. Switched food with my two dogs, They have been fine for two weeks. Now they...
  163. We drove 3000 miles with my dog. She now has diarrhea and vomiting. What
  164. Is there anything I can do now to prevent my dog from getting cancer?
  165. Ear infection in dogs.?
  166. What could cause my dogs vomit to be black liquidly and look like there is...
  167. What are the average hours of operation for a Veterinary Clinic?
  168. when I give my dog a toy, she doesn't rest until it is completely chewed to...
  169. Vegetarian diet for dogs?
  170. Vet offered proheart dog injection before having bloodtest for heartworm?
  171. Health question about my cat?
  172. Dogs as Accessories - Do You Think it will End?
  173. How long for Dogs to get better from Lyme Disease?
  174. Why are maltese dogs sooooo expensive?
  175. my dog got a rash from the shampoo..help?
  176. 3rd party dangerous dog insurance?
  177. Dog with bloody stool and blood in vomit?
  178. As we are a nation of pet lovers, should we have a national vet service...
  179. Is their something contagious that your dogs can get causing them to vomit...
  180. What age can I work (not volunteer) at a Vet clinic?
  181. Can my insurance company compel me to get rid of my dog?
  182. Can you help find a new name for my dog?
  183. If an animal has a disability and in good spirits and health.?
  184. Why are vetinary products SO EXPENSIVE especially in R.O.Ireland?
  185. My dog has nausia, any advice?
  186. dog has been vomiting and has had diarrhea all day.She has had a seven
  187. Health Regime for Zoo Animals?
  188. Who do you think gives better information about the world? The American media or a
  189. Quick Health Type Question :)?
  190. What are some games I can play with my dog?
  191. Is my dog responding to my mom's cancer?
  192. my dog has a tick on his belly and it's very red around the bite. Lyme's disease?
  193. Health, Nutrition, and Diet?
  194. Jealousy and diarrhea. Older dog is having a problem with new pup.?
  195. my dog has lymphomas cancer what should i do?
  196. what is wrong with my dog... is she having seizures?
  197. Veterinary Technician & The Money?
  198. feeding chicken by product dog food cause cancer in dogs and early death?
  199. is there any low cost or free veterinary clinics in Cincinnati Ohio?
  200. My dog has pancreatitis and we can't get to the vet?
  201. whats the name of an old Animal planet show about about a veterinary hospital?
  202. Puppy package at amazon pet hospital ? ?
  203. Need food advice for underweight dog?
  204. Hyper/ or excited puppy, PLEASE HELP!?
  205. Which dog food do you recommend?
  206. My dog is sick, has diarrhea and is vomiting?
  207. what can you do to help a dog with horrible arthritis?
  208. My dog ear has an infection,i tool her to her vet three days agp for a treatment
  209. is it safe/healthy for a dog to eat human food ?
  210. How can I promote bone health in my dog?
  211. Treatment for lyme disease in dogs?
  212. Help with health class Questions?
  213. Do the mobile pet hospitals use lower quality pet medications?
  214. Any questions about your pet i work at a vet clinic?
  215. Dog owners please give me some advice?
  216. Pet Rat Health Problems?
  217. is there any tipe of free pet clinic in va?
  218. My dog has fleas, and i pulled one out, but dont know where it went?!?
  219. Cancer and Arthritis in Dogs?
  220. Veterinary Nursing Scissors?
  221. vetinary advice cats?
  222. I have been told to put my dog on a low fat diet. However, he refuses to eat? What...
  223. My dog was diagnosed with Lyme disease, as well as kennel cough. The vet...
  224. Overweight dog with arthritis?
  225. Are Shih Tzus healthy dogs?
  226. Some questions about health?
  227. Is my dog experiencing kidney failure?
  228. Pancreatitis in dogs?
  229. what is the best dog food to use for a dog with seizures?
  230. What kind of dog food do you recommend? Nutro,Natural Choice, AvoDerm, Blue Buffalo?
  231. What is the name of this song??? They played it Old Dogs....?
  232. If you owned an upper market dog /cat accessory store what would it be called?
  233. I REALLY want to feed my dog a raw diet - Raw experts?
  234. Equine Sciences and Equine Veterinary?
  235. can you work as both a physician assisant and health information
  236. Young dog with seizures?
  237. canine pregnancy symptoms?
  238. I have a dog with a kidney infection on Calvox and it's not working any ideas?
  239. Nutri-Vet Pet Ease gel for dogs?
  240. What is the best dog food I can buy?
  241. Opinions on dogs used as an ''accessory''?
  242. should I take my dog to daycare today? Diarrhea?
  243. Just adopted a dog and he was tested positive for heartworms?
  244. Health Regarding my stomach?
  245. Should i get pet insurance for my dog?
  246. Best overall dog food for my specific dogs?
  247. health fitness nutrition?
  248. Is it just me or is this healthcare reform sounding similar to vetinary care for...
  249. Boarding homes for puppies?
  250. Lyme disease vaccine and dogs?