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  1. Is it considered Animal Abuse if a 2 year old hits a dog with his toys all the time?
  2. Rate my video and i'll give you a puppy.. okay not really.. but why not do
  3. should i give my dog with cancer a booster this year?
  4. dog in apartment problem?
  5. what is the game where you play a dog and on one level your on and alien ship?
  6. I have a 13 lb dog that has diarrhea.?
  7. i have a 6 week old rotty and i bath him with SentryPro flea and tick shampoo for
  8. Three female dogs- Dog behaviour?
  9. your experience with the maltese dog?
  10. I'm thinking about breeding my own dogs?
  11. raw diet....can i feed my dog different meats in one meal?
  12. Looking for a good veterinarian in Denver; Area of Englewood, Greenwood Village.?
  13. could you recommend websites about raw diets for dogs?
  14. i need dog ownership advice?
  15. Lint and dog hair all over clothes?
  16. general dog supplies and must haves?
  17. My neighbor's dogs are a huge problem !?
  18. What could be the cause of a dog having yellow vomit?
  19. How can I break my dog's possessiveness of his toy's?
  20. What do i do with an 8 day old puppy, no bottle and only 1% cow milk?
  21. Do those shampoo products help with dog sedding?
  22. My 1 year old dog had 9 puppies 4 weeks ago, her lower boobs seem very inflamed.?
  23. Is my sweet puppy gunna go blind??!!!?
  24. Will the runt of the litter (puppies)?
  25. More information about dogs with ziz zags on there backs?
  26. I need to get information on how to train my new dog?
  27. Can I go to school in US to be a veterinarian in Australia?
  28. Why did the refs and the hot dog vendor rigg up the game against Dirks team tonight?
  29. Do veterinarians take online vet-tech degrees seriously?
  30. Does anyone know of a Veterinarian who does soft vocalization in dogs?
  31. Whats this old dog computer game called?
  32. Turtle Veterinarian in Northern New Jersey?
  33. do veterinarians count pills when you return them?
  34. Turtle Veterinarian in New Jersey?
  35. Anybody know where a really good college for veterinarian classes would be?
  36. Veterinarian what class in high school do you need to take?
  37. How does the Hot Dog Bush game end?
  38. How do I help my dog get over being scared of loud cheering when we watch...
  39. What are some very fun dog breeding games for teens and older ?
  40. Girls: what do you think about guys that wear dog tags as a fashion accessory?
  41. I m a student of M.Phil in Public Health (Community Nutrition ), i am a...
  42. What is an average veterinarian expense for a guinea pig?
  43. what is the average monthly expenditure for having a Maltese dog...
  44. Veterinarian or Doctor?
  45. does anyone know of any veterinarian that specialize in birds around Petaling
  46. Seizures in small dogs?
  47. What are the Health Risks of having Lovebirds as Pets?
  48. dogs and kidney problems?
  49. What are the symptoms of canine diabetes?
  50. how to train a 6 month old dog?
  51. Can you please tell me about your personal experience with dogs and seizures?
  52. heartworm?? how much does it cost to check my dogs for heartworm? and what
  53. camrosa shampoo dog and horse?
  54. Is this a stupid name for a dog?
  55. What tips can I use to keep my dog from running out of doors?
  56. What breeds are these dogs?
  57. Are there any bible verses for veterinarians?
  58. How much does a veterinarian make?
  59. My 9 month old dog does some things that are seriously repulsive!!!! Advice
  60. Are you against dog breeding for sale?
  61. New dog is a problem for our other one?
  62. Dog food problem...help?
  63. Cat health problem/question?
  64. Cat's health and digestion?
  65. How much would it cost to take my dog to a pet clinic for 2 different problems...
  66. our 3 year old staffie dog is having problems with his claws they are
  67. is it healthy for an 11 month old dog to have puppies?
  68. I've got a problem with my dog, any ideas?
  69. 13 yr old dog with hip dysplasia and arthritis?
  70. US Army Veterinary Service question. really important to me.?
  71. cat traveling question and a health care question!!!?
  72. Dog lethargic, but otherwise healthy?
  73. Do boxers are natural guard dogs? my 7 month old male always greets strangers?
  74. Help...my Kitten, i need someone with Vetinary medical knowledge!!?
  75. Dog problem??? Urgent?
  76. What does it take to get into Cornell's veterinarian program?
  77. I would like to be a vet? (Please read)?
  78. Why is Banfield Pet Hospital The WORST THING FOR YOUR PET? BEWARE?
  79. Does any one know any gerbil vet in clear lake, houston TX?
  80. Need help with buying a dog...more information:?
  81. Problem with my dog and snow?
  82. camrosa shampoo dog and horse?
  83. Does My Maltese Dog Like Me Anymore?
  84. My dog is overweight. Which diet should I put him on?
  85. is cooked turkey meet healthy for dogs?
  86. What kind of qualifications and/or licences should I have to my own pet...
  87. Is Value Pet Clinic a bad place to get your dog spayed?
  88. I have four dogs and 2 are chiuahuas should there be any problems ?
  89. i have an awkward health question?
  90. I need help Potty Training my Puppy...?
  91. What qualities do you seek in a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic?
  92. Can someone with a zoology degree work as a veterinary nurse/technician in new
  93. Any Microsoft Word geniuses here can help with a Find/Replace problem that is
  94. What did the nazi veterinarian say in the movie Dead Alive?
  95. Pregnant dog with diarrhea?
  96. Questions for Veterinarians?
  97. How to say"Maltipoo"in chinese? and i want some information about this dog?
  98. whats are the symptoms for worms in dogs?
  99. about dog behaviour in the home?
  100. Whats the path of education to becoming a veterinarian ; detailed answers please !?
  101. Question about younger dog and arthritis supplement?
  102. Nutrition and health questions?
  103. My dog's behavior: Where does it really come from?
  104. Dog Supplies? What Do You Use?
  105. Is it Safe to use Dog Shampoo on Cats?
  106. My dog's lyme disease and pitting edema?
  107. How To Become a Vetinary Assistant?
  108. My dog was abused by a former owner, has social problems?
  109. Does a career as a veterinary nurse take up all your time?
  110. Creative names for a dog accessory making company?
  111. What qualifications do you need to be a veterinary nurse?
  112. My dogs legs are swollen vet can't find the problem ?
  113. Is this dog shampoo any good?
  114. I want to be a vet and someday a pet clinic in my community. What...
  115. SOS!problems with my dog?
  116. Is it possible for animals to suffer from Mental Health issues or do they just
  117. I applied Frontline to both of my dogs 2 weeks ago and they are still scratching and
  118. my dog is having eye problems!! Please help!!!!?
  119. Why won't my male breed with my female dog? PLEASE HELP!?
  120. 1 in 4 dogs develops cancer.. Why is this?
  121. a church, a hospital and a petting zoo is on fire, which fire would you...
  122. C&G:Do you really believe a dog that eats poo,vomit,trash & dead squirrels mouth...
  123. What Should I Name my Dog Accessories Business?
  124. dog pools for sale in australia?
  125. advice for dog with diarrhea?
  126. Vet Reference Check - What to say?
  127. Does my dog have arthritis? It comes and goes...?
  128. Please could I have some information on Kooikerhondje dogs?
  129. Do you know of a low cost pet clinic on Saturdays?
  130. health Insurance Questions! please!?
  131. Why do people come on here for their pets health rather than take them to a vet?
  132. homemade dog food and taste of the wild?
  133. anyone had issues with dog seizures?
  134. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Final?
  135. my dog has white blodd cell infection which is way off the chart and he has...
  136. do you know what dog food i should feed my dog?
  137. My Dog Has Tumors Please Help! She also has cataracts and arthritis?
  138. Any tips for a dog going into heat?
  139. My dog has Pancreatitis and was given SQ fluids. Should she be drinking water?
  140. can dogs get yeast infections? My dog's on doxi-something for her lyme disease...?
  141. are the veterinary hospitals on weekends or is it just on weekdays?
  142. Question about Vet clinic practices on holding deceased pets before removal or...
  143. Giants game-day video about Big Blue and Dogs w/ Justin Tuck. Where can I watch it?
  144. Where can i get information on the popularity among savings insurance vs
  145. is blue buffalo dog food healthier than bil jack dog food?
  146. My dog is almost a year old. How do i transition her from puppy food to dog food?
  147. How to train my dog faster?
  148. Were? and How? can i get a health certificate for my dog.?
  149. How much can a part-time PetNurse (veterinary technician) make at Banfield, The
  150. Heartworm test for my dog?
  151. Dogs have diarrhea/vomiting and just found toxic plant in yard?
  152. what can you recommend to make sure no fleas will be in my dog kennel?
  153. Dog with diarrhea for 1 week?
  154. Where can I find some games for girls that can adopt dogs to play with virtually?
  155. my girlfriend wants this ball like toy that bounces around for the dog.?
  156. my 3 dogs have kennel cough but the one dog is really poorly with laboured
  157. Questions about a man's health?
  158. What are the advantages of having a vet at a major veterinary college/teaching
  159. in simple terms, what is the difference between natural, organic and
  160. what kind of bachelors degree can i get after obtaining an associates
  161. My dog is peeing blood and has bladder cancer, is there anything I can do?
  162. How has legislation affected public health in relation to food and nutrition issues?
  163. Can i take kennel cough back to my dogs?
  164. My dog has a lazy eye after recently having three seizures that we
  165. vetinary advice on my spina bifida dog.?
  166. Who can i go to for a reduction of my vet bill or assistance since my pet died?
  167. A question about weight training and health?
  168. should i treat my dog for heartworms if the treatment has a 50/50 chance
  169. my dog has a boil, i think. any advice?
  170. Some information on Jindo dogs?
  171. anybody who can give me information on the dog and cat massacre?
  172. Can anyone tell me the best flea/tick/heartworm medicine to use for dogs?
  173. can you get into Medical School what a Bachelors in Veterinary Science?
  174. what is a new dog wormer called, that treats both worms and fleas?
  175. Whats the average wage for a veterinary nurse?
  176. 4Health dog food: Why so inexpensive and why the price differences?
  177. What qualities do you feel makes an excellent Veterinary Nurse?
  178. Can Diabetes in dogs cause seizures?
  179. Does my dog have kennel cough?
  180. How to teach a dog agility without supplies?
  181. If I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up how can I get used to
  182. what causes seizures in dogs?
  183. How should I answer the 'ever had a drug habit' question when applying for
  184. How will my dogs look if they're 1/4 pug, 1/4 poddle, 1/4 maltese and 1/4 pomeranian?
  185. When you graduate from veterinary school, would you like to work for
  186. My 3 ur old dog has difficulty breathing?
  187. University that offers football and vetinary programs?
  188. Does anyone have any feedback on Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmarts?
  189. Breed experts. Is this puppy a Pit bull?
  190. is there any veterinary hospitals that u recommend in Calgary?
  191. I need a dog food similar to EVO but not with price?
  192. A Little Confusion on Dog's New Diet .. Chicken Allergy?
  193. Resolved Question Show me another Types of Math Used in the Health Care Field
  194. Blood in dog's stool and vomiting.?
  195. My dog has diarrhea! Please help!?
  196. My child's toy, a 'fur real' dog, has had no batteries in it for
  197. What can i do with either a minor in Food & Nutrition, a certificate in nutrition...
  198. If your pet was injured in an accident, if the person at fault liable to pay for...
  199. get information on dog attacks at Model 6?
  200. Dog with bad pancreatitis?
  201. Have you heard about the neglect/abuse at Banfield the Pet Hospital???
  202. Is cat food/treats bad for dog's kidneys?
  203. Health Information Technolgy or Physical Therapist Assistant?
  204. what is the best maltese dog gender ?
  205. My Dog's kidneys were failing, did dialysis. Not eating much now, just trying to
  206. QWhat "people" foods should not be fed to a dog.(Shit Sue)?
  207. what are the symptoms of canine glaucoma?
  208. My dog ate to much turkey and got bad diarrhea. Then he threw up phlem, he seems
  209. Why is my dog vomiting?
  210. Is animal health in the catagory of Chemistry of Life?
  211. Should I have my dog tested for heartworms?
  212. veterinarian nurse Information?
  213. Whats the cheapest healthiest dog food out there?
  214. I have an English mastiff and a cathoula, is it okay to feed my cathoula the EP...
  215. Hunting dog video game?
  216. University of London; royal veterinary college?
  217. How do you potty train a puppy?
  218. Middle aged dog with arthritis?
  219. Does anyone have a dog with Lyme's Disease?
  220. Information about RAJAPALAYAM Dog (Indian Breed)?
  221. what are the health risk associated with stray animals?
  222. Canine diabetes - what are the symptoms?
  223. A few questions about my cat's health.?
  224. do miki toy dogs shed?
  225. My dog is 4 years old and she drinks and eats alot and has walks every day
  226. Raw diet for my dog, opinions please.?
  227. I have a dog who urines everywhere and he's 2 years old any tips to discipline him?
  228. Pet rat health concern...?
  229. Where can I find veterinary services for cattle, pigs, and other livestock in
  230. Which one of these dog foods is the best choice?
  231. Peer reviewer articles pertaining to Nutrition/Health.?
  232. pain relief for a dog with arthritis?
  233. is it normal for Maltese dogs to have a brownish-black spot on their testicle area?
  234. Dog has diarrhea and is barley able to walk with back legs. Acts like is painful.?
  235. kitten veterinary costs sadly growing, any help known?
  236. Is my dog a purebred maltese?
  237. What breeds of toy or small dogs are good natured, friendly, and not jumpy?
  238. How long does it take to get a pet Health Certificate in the mail?
  239. what do you think about the occupational, health and safety in the animal industry
  240. I have a one year old dog and she has diarrhea at night, why?
  241. How do I care a dog with seizures? (watching neighbor's dog)?
  242. What are the Symptoms and treatments of Canine parvovirus & Positive signs
  243. My Puppy is sick, please help?
  244. Information about Dog Breeds? (People Who Compete Or Train Please Reply!!!)?
  245. My cat is not emotionally unstable, has a perfect health record, what happened?
  246. How do I get started on registering my pet to make hospital visits?
  247. My dog has a back problem?
  248. How to train dog to pee on pee pad?
  249. Will you use my new veterinary/taxidermist service?
  250. Dog is having Seizures then while at vet had pulmonary edema(fluid in the lungs)?