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  1. Nobody helps with puppy training?
  2. Potty Training A Puppy...?
  3. Where in Knoxville, Tn is there a good dog obedience trainer?
  4. Which is better to handle dog obedience: A dog whisperer or a dog trainer?
  5. Has anyone had any success with a dog trainer or dog obedience classed in Denver?
  6. How do you become a dog obedience trainer?
  7. How to potty train puppies.?
  8. Potty Train Yorkie Puppy?
  9. My puppy got UN-potty trained....help :(?
  10. How to train my dog so he wont escape like always?
  11. House training puppy question?
  12. Need to train my dog with a remote collar, anyone did this by themselves
  13. how long does it take to train a dog from a head collar to a buckle collar?
  14. Which collar is a better training tool for a dog?
  15. How to train a puppy not to bark when he wants in?
  16. how can i become a dog obedience trainer?
  17. What would make a dog who has been trained for several years?
  18. Where can i find a trainer in San Diego to help my dog with her aggression?
  19. Does anyone know a good dog trainer/obedience class near Phoenix, AZ?
  20. Training tips for training a Labrador retriever 3-month-old puppy?
  21. How to train my german shepherd dog to attack ? ?
  22. how do i train my dog in grey-hound tycoon on addicting games.com?
  23. are there any "no go" puppy training sprays that actually work?
  24. Easy way to train a dog? With breed and without breed.?
  25. Has anyone successfully trained a dog with a shock/bark collar?
  26. How do I train my dog not to bark when visitors come in the house?
  27. where can i find information about becoming a dog trainer for basic
  28. Can you guys recommend a dog obedience trainer in TN?
  29. How do I pee pad train a puppy that is also learning to pee outside?
  30. best way to potty train a puppy?
  31. Question for obedience trainers for a dog that is too smart for me.?
  32. Should i train my dog to bark at command?
  33. Can civilians volunteer to train police dogs? in the uk.?
  34. Ever use a dog training collar?
  35. Need MAJOR TIPS For Potty Training My New Puppy?
  36. how do i train my small dog to like his cage?
  37. How should i train my puppy?
  38. How can I train my dog not to bark without a shock collar?
  39. Where can I buy a trained puppy?
  40. Has anyone tried the Penn Foster Dog Obedience/Trainer Program?
  41. tips to train my puppy?
  42. 9wk puppy crate training?
  43. Best way to potty train a puppy?
  44. how to toilet/paper train 4 mths puppy?
  45. Potty Trained Small Dog?
  46. Boxer/Bulldog mix puppy potty training issue...?
  47. Looking for good baton rouge, LA dog obedience trainer?
  48. my puppy sleeps downstairs in his own area but is weeing in his bed what is the best
  49. How do I become a dog trainer or obedience trainer if I don't know my own dog?
  50. To Obedience Enthusiasts, Trainers & Dog Behavioral Experts, please answer?
  51. How to train a dog to "go" outside?
  52. Best dog trainers in South Florida?
  53. I am a dog trainer. I train dog in basic obedience.?
  54. Potty training puppy?
  55. Training my dog to stop pulling and to walk at my side, is a collar or a...
  56. am i training my dog right?
  57. What do most basic dog obedience classes teach? What do the trainers at petsmart
  58. My 3 month old chihuahua puppy is potty trained but I am having trouble getting her
  59. Potty Training a puppy?
  60. How old does a dog have to be to start training it?
  61. How well trained are police dogs?
  62. Are electronic/remote training collars inhumane to use on dogs?
  63. Dog training/shock collars?
  64. How do you train a dog to 'self reward', what is the theory behind this method?
  65. Obedience people/dog trainers...did I handle this right...?
  66. My dog keeps humping everything and the training collar doesn't work, pls help!?
  67. Help with training a dog?
  68. Is it better to have a private Obedience Trainer come to my house or go to his...
  69. Does anyone know why my dog displays odd behavior once in awhile? Shivering,...
  70. what age does a puppy usually get house trained?
  71. What exactly will an obedience trainer do for my dogs separation anxiety?
  72. potty training a puppy?
  73. What should I do to train my Chihuahua puppy to go potty outside when its
  74. My dog will not walk on his collar how do i train him?
  75. Dog crate training?????
  76. I need help puppy training?
  77. Transitioning a puppy from doggy door trained to housebreaking?
  78. Why is my dog showing aggressive behavior?
  79. Great Dane puppy potty training regression. PLEASE HELP?
  80. How do I train a dog?
  81. Head collars for dogs, how do you train with them?
  82. Help! Difficulty crate training my pug puppy?
  83. Is this normal dog behavior?
  84. Would you tell me if my new dog trainer is doing the things right?
  85. Does anyone know of a great Dog Obedience School/Trainer in the San...
  86. Our puppy bites and is difficult to potty train?
  87. my puppy is potty trained already but...?
  88. Christmas Puppy - Potty Training is EXHAUSTING! Tips please!?
  89. has anyone used a trainn collar to train thier dogs not the kind that shocks
  90. who makes the best dog shock training collar?
  91. potty training puppies, do's and don'ts ?
  92. can anyone help me with my dog and her aggressive/dominant behaviors
  93. quickest & easiest way to house train a puppy?
  94. Can i travel with my dog on the train in the UK?
  95. how do you train your dog to not climb the fence?
  96. my bullmastiff is 5 weeks old....how to train him obedience? do i have keep a...
  97. Can someone help with a suggestion on how to train my dog?
  98. How to train a dog to go toilet on the grass?
  99. How can I train my dog to stop barking for me when I leave a room or the house?
  100. Obedience training for chihuahuas?
  101. How to properly clicker train a dog?
  102. Travelling From Birmingham to Italy via train with 2 small dogs?
  103. has anyone ever taken their dog to 2 different obedience/training classes in one...
  104. obedience training my puppy?
  105. Top Obedience Schools/Training Programs in the Philadelphia Area?
  106. Obedience training at home?
  107. How do you potty train a very disobedient dog?
  108. How do I train my dog to use a bell to signal that he needs to pee?
  109. Obedience training help?
  110. obedience training help please?
  111. How to house train an adult dog?
  112. Obedience/trick training - how do I teach "Back"?
  113. I have a Belgian Malinois dog and I have no clue on how to start training her....
  114. Agility or obedience training for a 4 month old whippet?
  115. Why do many dog parks not allow obedience training?
  116. I have 2 questions, one about obedience training, the other about dog food?
  117. bad dogs need new training what can i do to retrain them?
  118. My dog nearly chewed through his leash, i was only out of sight for a few minutes!
  119. Dog training and obedience advice?
  120. statistics on how many dogs put into shelters have obedience training?
  121. how to paper (litterbox) train a small dog?
  122. what does obedience training do?
  123. How to train your husky pup to be a sled dog?
  124. how can i train a deaf dog?
  125. how old should your puppy be when you enroll it in obedience training?
  126. How do you train a dog not to bark so much?
  127. Dog trainers and animal behaviorists and anyone else, please answer my question....?
  128. alot of questions about being a dog trainer/dog behaviorist. ALOT?
  129. Obedience training for dogs in New York City?
  130. Best dog behaviorist in Phoenix?
  131. How do you train a dog for competitive obedience trials?
  132. House Training A Puppy.. HELP! :)?
  133. how do you train your 6 year old dog to jump over stuff?
  134. (UK) Does anyone know of a GOOD ACCREDITED dog behaviorist course?
  135. Good books to train your dog Schutzhund such as methods and tricks for obedience
  136. My dog is about 7 months old and I thought i had trained her well...but no.?
  137. HELP! I am crate training a pug...?
  138. how do you train a dog to sleep alone at night?
  139. Dog behaviorists! should I allow my dog to do this!!?
  140. How to crate train/house train your new puppy?
  141. Is 8 months to old to crate train my puppy?
  142. What is an example of a puppy crate training schedule?
  143. What is the trick to an off-leash dog?
  144. What is the behaviourists reason for female dogs to life their leg to pee?
  145. house training a 10 ,month old greyhound puppy?
  146. How do you potty train a 4 month old puppy with bad house breaking habbits?
  147. dog behaviourist - Glasgow / Scotland?
  148. How do I make my dog put objects in her mouth? (part of dog trick)?
  149. DOG EXPERTS! New puppy, Chihuahua Terrier Mix. Crate TRAINING, tips, help....
  150. Is "cat behaviorist" and dog behaviorist real jobs?
  151. Is crate training a good method for house training or is it cruel?
  152. Is there any tricks to cutting your dogs nails?
  153. Where can I go to train my dog to be a great guard dog?
  154. How much does dog training generally cost? Mainly for obedience?
  155. Ladies: Would you want to try to teach an old dog new tricks, or train a
  156. crate training location?
  157. where to find classes on becoming a dog behaviorist?
  158. How can I train my dog to catch a frisbee?
  159. diabetic dog tips or tricks?
  160. I need a dog behaviourist HELP?
  161. is it late to train my dog at 8 months old?
  162. My dog doesnt do tricks.?
  163. Training your dog in less than a week?
  164. is that true you cant teach old dog new tricks?
  165. should I put a dog pee pads in a crate when crate training a puppy?
  166. What would be the best dog trainer?
  167. How much money do you get per month/week/year being a dog trainer at Petsmart?
  168. house training a 10 ,month old greyhound puppy?
  169. Isn't crate training for a dog cruel?
  170. Crate Training Help...?
  171. What are the basics for dog obedience training?
  172. How to train a dog to stay out of a room?
  173. Dog training in dallas/Fort worth area?
  174. Is there any dog trainer in Dubai ?
  175. just got 2 new puppies that are house trained but they are using the bathroom...
  176. What is a really good trick to teach my dog?
  177. Help prove my point about crate training?
  178. How do I train my dog to behave out of his crate, when he has been crate trained?
  179. looking for crate training tips?
  180. How do I train my dog???
  181. christmas present for a dog trainer?
  182. how do i potty train my 10 weeks old puppy and is it normal for a 10 week...
  183. are Bichon puppies easy to house train? are they good with children?
  184. Training an adult dog?
  185. What is the best way to train a dog to behave and not jump on you?
  186. How much do dog trainers charge an hour?
  187. Tricks to get my dog to eat again!! Help please?
  188. How much money do Dog Trainers get paid in the UK Army?
  189. Can dogs trained in sledding, wear a harness outside of the sport?
  190. Experienced dog behaviorists, PLEASE HELP!?
  191. crate training for older dog?
  192. How to house train a new puppy?!?
  193. What's the best way for dog obedience training?
  194. Have you ever used the services of an animal behaviorist for any pet (cat, dog,...
  195. Dog trainers - Why should people go to them?
  196. What college should I look into if I want to be a dog trainer/dog psychology/animal
  197. Does getting a professional personal trainer for fear based aggression in dogs...
  198. Can you bring a dog onto the amtrak train with you?
  199. How to you house train a 3 month old puppy?
  200. i need to know if bell training is better or crate training, and how to train them.?
  201. what should the first dog tricks should i teach my puppy?
  202. when house training a puppy how often should the carpet be cleaned?
  203. How much does Lynne Davies, British Dog Trainer from BBC's "Dog Borstal", charge?
  204. How much to tip a dog behaviorist for one session?
  205. Boyfriends ex-wife paying for dog's obedience training....?
  206. help with house training a puppy?
  207. Dog Behaviourist Glasgow / Scotland?
  208. How do I crate train my dog?
  209. Why is my puppy house trained at my house but not at my parents'?
  210. What is the source of tension between veterinary behaviorists and dog trainers?
  211. How to house train dog in one day?
  212. tv show - a dog trainer teaching wives how to 'train' their husbands?
  213. Am I house training my puppy correctly?
  214. dog behaviorists in illinois?
  215. how can i train my dog not to pee in the crate?
  216. How much money does a Dog Behaviorist make a year?
  217. House Training a Puppy?
  218. How do you train a dog how to walk on a leash?
  219. Dog trainer that is good in Illinois? ?
  220. Dog trainer or cop/ SWAT team?
  221. when house training a puppy how often should he stay in his dog pin?
  222. What age to take a puppy/dog for obedience training?
  223. House training my puppy is a disaster HELP!?
  224. How long does it normally take to house train a puppy?
  225. For any dog behaviorists in here!! Dog doesn't obey commands?
  226. Crate training not working?
  227. What is the best way to house train a puppy?
  228. How do I train my dog in the Obedience Trial in Ninendogs for Nintendo DS!?
  229. Does anyone know of some dog trainers in the Flathead Valley, MT?
  230. My dog acting weird, about potty training? dog behaved when mom is around?
  231. Trained dog TOTALLY blew off CLEAR commands.?
  232. dog trainer as a career change?
  233. GSD crate training questions?
  234. How to potty trained a one year old dog?
  235. Obedience Training for Dogs?
  236. best affordable obedience training for my dog - San Francisco?
  237. House breaking/potty training a 7 month old puppy?
  238. Clik Stik training Obedience for the Shy Dog?
  239. Who has the best obedience training system for a dog? ?
  240. Dog behaviour trainer? Help With dog & new born baby?
  241. Teach tricks to my dog?
  242. i have alot of questions about being a dog trainer/behaviorist? ALLLOOOOOTT?
  243. how can i train my dog to do tricks?
  244. My dog peed on the floor and is potty trained?
  245. Help !! I have a 15 week puppy.. I got him at 12 weeks. I'm trying to
  246. What tricks/commands does your dog know?
  247. how do you train a dog to come back?
  248. If you can't teach Old dogs new tricks?
  249. I am looking to train to become a dog groomer, does anyone know which NYC
  250. Crate Training - He won't stop crying!?