do Chihuahua's really bark alot??

Dog Breeds do Chihuahua's really bark alot??, I want a miniture long-haired Chihuahua but my dad wont let me get a dog that barks alot & i heard that Chihuahua's do bark alot but im not sure?? ...

10-08-08, 06:08
  do Chihuahua's really bark alot??
I want a miniture long-haired Chihuahua but my dad wont let me get a dog that barks alot & i heard that Chihuahua's do bark alot but im not sure??
also any idea's on these kinda dogs would help to! =]
also any idea's/tips on these kinda dogs would help to! =]

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10-08-08, 06:11
Chi's do tend to bark quite a lot.
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10-08-08, 06:15
Mine only barks when strangers are outside the front door.
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10-08-08, 06:15
~ All dogs are different and it depends on their training and their owner. I have two Chihuahua's and neither of them bark a lot. Cooper will bark when someone comes to the door and PJ only barks at other dogs. I have seen other Chihuahua's that are pretty yappy. I think your dad needs to realize that either you get a dog and understand you have to train it and accept it the way it is if you don't train it or you don't get one! You can't put these expectations on pets, because if they don't live up to them, then the dog won't have a home for long from what I have seen.
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10-08-08, 06:26
It depends on their personality. Training will fix the problem if you the Chihuahua barks a lot. Good luck!!
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10-08-08, 06:29
Dogs (and I hope I don't sound weird) are like people. They all have different personalities. My dog never barks, but my cousin has the same kind and she always barks. Chihuahuas do have a high pitched bark, though. You should go to a humane society (an adoption center for animals), so you can see the different Chihuahuas and theur behaviors.
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10-08-08, 06:31
Yeah they do. And they always think they are tough and strong but they are really not. I suggest other dogs like yorkies, maltese, shi tzu and poodles
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10-08-08, 06:35
my 5 month old chihuahua i got a few weeks ago doesn't bark alot.she's cute and takes naps in my lap.her names Chiquita.she only barks when she has to pee or get out of her cage.
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10-08-08, 07:09
There are always exceptions to every rule, but yes, Chi's do tend to bark quite a lot.

Good luck!
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10-08-08, 07:23
well chi's are small dogs and small dogs tend to have ALOT of energy so yes he will bark a lot and maybe bite too in a playful way though
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10-08-08, 07:31
In a word.....YES.
I don't know of a single Chihuahua in all my life that didn't "make himself heard" on a regular basis.
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10-08-08, 08:19
when there around people they dont know they bark and shake. its weird. i guess they bark a lot if there's unknown people there.
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10-08-08, 09:31
yes yes yes and yes!
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10-08-08, 11:48
Not if you train them not. It's up to the owner, not the breed of the dog. I have a chihuahua and he only barks about once every 2 weeks, maybe. He never barks, only when he gets super excited and he's playing. That's it.

He sleeps in his crate at night. He's learned that he's expected to be quiet in there. He's put in there at 10pm everynight and I don't hear from him all night.

He also know what quiet means so if he is barking while playing and I say "quiet" he immediately stops.

I had to work very hard at this. I made a point of doing so before we moved where we live now because we live in an apartment building and it was the only way we could have a dog is if we promised we could keep him quiet. Any dog will be a quiet dog if he is taught to be.
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10-08-08, 14:09
it totally depends on the dog. i don't think any BREED barks more than another.
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