Why is my rabbit attacking my cat?

Cats Why is my rabbit attacking my cat?, I have a 6 month old Dutch male rabbit who is very friendly and a shy 3 month old mini lop female. I also have an old cat who is ...

20-07-08, 05:37
  Why is my rabbit attacking my cat?
I have a 6 month old Dutch male rabbit who is very friendly and a shy 3 month old mini lop female.

I also have an old cat who is usually very chill and relaxed. We first bonded the cat with the male rabbit when we first got it around 3 months old, and the rabbit would go up to the cat and smell it.

Now, ever since we got the female rabbit, our male rabbit gets angry if our cat comes into the room and looks at the female rabbit. Our male rabbit actually jumped over the fence and headbutted our cat several times until he had to leave.

Now our cat feels threatened whenever the male rabbit comes closer to the fence and leaves.

Please tell me why my male rabbit is attacking my cat. Is he possessive of his girlfriend or is it puberty?

Please let me know!
The male rabbit was already neutered when he turned 4 months old, probably a little before he hit puberty.

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20-07-08, 05:40
he is probly just protective of his g/f
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20-07-08, 05:40
I think he is just being protective of the girl rabbit. It may be that he thinks the cat is either going to hurt her or try to steal her away! It is more likely that the boy rabbit is just trying to show off for his new girl!
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20-07-08, 05:40
Both- male rabbits behavior changes dramatically when it matures and you do not get it neutered. Do yourself a favor and get your boy in immediately for a neuter. You're dealing with hormonal aggression and territory issues.

Not only that but you're increasing his potential lifespan. He's a large animal- you'd neuter a cat, why not a rabbit?

Check this out-

Add- It has nothing to do with wild prey v. predator instincts. The dynamic of house pets is nothing like wild animals. A cat may hunt rabbits outside but give no notice to a rabbit in the home. We're talking about a different set of rules.

Add- Already neutered eh? Then no- it's not puberty. I'd say then that it's actually a dominance issue. Probably he's dominant over your female (probably even you too), but not the cat. And he's trying to establish his dominance over your cat. Teach him who's boss! Gently-

When he's acting like a brat, gently but firmly (it's possible- haha) hold his head down to the floor. This mimics a natural rabbit behavior, one they use to dominate one another and develop their heirarchy. He will probably squirm and fight back but be persistant and he'll learn he's not the little dictator he thought he was.

Then again, some rabbits just hate cats.
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20-07-08, 05:56
Its the female that's making him act that way. If you can you need to get her away from him and socialize her alone with the cat to make sure there's no problems between them. Sometime in there you need to get him away from her and try to resocialize him alone with the cat while the female is out of sight. Reward good behavior when both parties act well. It'll take some patience, but you may ventually be able to have them together and not have him freak out when the cat passes by since he'll feel no need to try and protect her from the cat.
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