What can I give my cat if I ran out of cat food?

Cats What can I give my cat if I ran out of cat food?, We just ran out of the cat food and my mom isn't going to buy any. I can't drive, so. I don't know what to give them! I don't have ...

27-07-08, 02:10
  What can I give my cat if I ran out of cat food?
We just ran out of the cat food and my mom isn't going to buy any. I can't drive, so.
I don't know what to give them! I don't have any chicken or anything + they don't like that. And milk is out of the question cause that gives them tummy aches. :[
lmao cause it's raining

andd hahah
yeah i'm going to give my cat rum yayfkudshfkajshfkjds

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27-07-08, 02:15
that happened to me last week before i got paid. I gave mine a little tuna fish, which she loved, until the next day when could get the cat food. only give the cat tuna in water though and don't give it that much....why won't your mother buy some?
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27-07-08, 02:47
Why won't she buy any food for them? Is it she has no money or is she just being mean?
If she is just being mean tell her its against the law to be mean to animals.
Meanwhile, have you any canned tuna? They love that. It is a nice treat once and a while. My girls love it!
If you haven't any tuna, ask a neighbor that has a cat if you can borrow some.
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27-07-08, 03:13
Any kinda of meat you got
pretty much it
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27-07-08, 03:15
Try ham or chicken or fish. Cook it. let it cool. Serve. always works with mine. Then they think they r getting a treat.
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27-07-08, 03:34
Rat poison.
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27-07-08, 03:59
tuna is good. You really need to get someone to take you to go get some cat food. Your mom better change her mind unless she's willing to cook for the cat. Is she trying to starve the poor cat.
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27-07-08, 04:45
cream cheese
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27-07-08, 04:58
I believe that cats like Cheerios and rum.
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27-07-08, 05:55
A can of tuna.
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27-07-08, 06:43
Chicken broth, something without lots of seasoning. Tuna isn't good but if you have some she can have a bit.
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27-07-08, 06:47
can of tuna, can of chicken
crunch up crackers & pour milk on them...cats like milk & crackers or bread
oh, sorry, that's what our cats do when we don't have cat food.
can of chicken broth with crackers or bread?

just try whatever you do have and see it the cat will eat.....
good luck!
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27-07-08, 07:04
If you have canned tuna or canned chicked or other canned meat that will work in a pinch. You could also give them other table scraps, lunch meat, cheese.

If it is an outside cat you can be a little less picky about it, but if it is an inside cat you need to be aware of the mess it may make eating it and the odor or gastric consequences later.

Anything like this will only be a short-term solution.. I hope you mean you mom isn't going to the store TODAY and not that she isn't planning to buy cat food ever again.
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27-07-08, 07:05
You can feed them corn or peas. They might not eat it at first but when they get really hungry they will go to there dishes an eat it.
I'm hoping you'll eventually go to the store an buy them food.They need the nutrients in their cat food.
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27-07-08, 07:13
Any unprocessed meat or fish steamed and cut up... or tinned fish.
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