Two year old female cat, just adopted a new kitten?

Cats Two year old female cat, just adopted a new kitten?, I have a two year old female Russian Blue cat. I've had her since she was about 8 weeks old. One of my fiance's friends told us that his cat ...

14-07-08, 20:20
  Two year old female cat, just adopted a new kitten?
I have a two year old female Russian Blue cat. I've had her since she was about 8 weeks old. One of my fiance's friends told us that his cat just had a litter of kittens and wanted to know if we could adopt one. We thought it would be a good idea, because we love cats, and we thought our cat would enjoy a playmate.

We brought home the cute little ball of fluff and I went to find my cat. We each held one of the cats at a distance from each other, and immediately, our older cat starts hissing and growling loudly.

She's been in a foul mood since, and the kitten will not eat or drink anything. I'm worried that the kitten is going to starve, and worried that my cat is going to become violent, or possibly even run away.

What can I do to get the two of them to get along, get our two year old to stop hissing and being aggressive, and get the new kitty to start eating? This has me worried...
Info about the kitten:

We're not sure about gender. We don't see testicles, so it might be female (but what if it's male and the testicles haven't dropped yet? Does that happen?).

It's a little over 8-weeks old and has been weaned from its mother. Our friend was feeding it small dry food. I got soft kitten formula dry food and kitten milk formula.

Currently, kitten (we haven't named him/her yet) is sleeping in the bathroom in a kitty bed and has some rattle yarn ball toys and a fuzzy mouse toy, water, milk formula, food and a litter pan. Rain (our 2 year old) is sleeping in the bedroom where she normally sleeps.
Would being intact have an effect on behavior? Rain hasn't been fixed yet, and the kitten is obviously still intact.

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14-07-08, 20:21
yeah good luck with that, we have 2 cat's one 14 and the other 12 they still don't get along the older cat is dominant and will attack the smaller kitten, the kitten will learn to stalk around though, that's what our cat sassy does anyways, we tried everything.

hope you have better luck then we did.
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14-07-08, 20:21
Unfortunately a resident female cat hardly EVER likes having another cat or kitten to intrude on her domain. So she is having a normal reaction.

Give the kitten some quality canned meat - kittens much prefer that over raw. Natural Balance chicken and chicken liver or Wellness plain chicken or plain turkey. Finger-feed her if necesssary.

Go to and read about using flower essences with cats (and other animals). You just shake the bottle well and put a few drops on the cat's fur between its ears - four or times per day if possible. Dr. Hovfe has a combination of essences called "New Beginnings" and it could help the older cat a lot. It's only around $20 to have a bottle mailed to you and well worth the price and diligent application for a week or ten days.

Keep the kitten in its own room for a week or so and let the cats sniff one another under the door. Don't force any interaction - they will let you know when they are ready to meet "head on".

Don't get too worried - this is the usual course of events with cat introductions.
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