Is polysporin toxic to cats if ingested?

Cats Is polysporin toxic to cats if ingested?, My cat has a hunk of flesh missing off his toe, not something that can be stitched. I tried letting him tend to it for a couple of days however, ...

18-07-08, 19:34
  Is polysporin toxic to cats if ingested?
My cat has a hunk of flesh missing off his toe, not something that can be stitched. I tried letting him tend to it for a couple of days however, it is still bleeding a little (getting on my carpet!!) and not healing quickly . He is in good health otherwise; eating, drinking, playing, purring, etc. I cleaned the wound tonight, put polysporin on and wrapped it in gauze. He seems to be leaving it alone for now but I am worried if he gets the bandage off over night and licks the wound, will the polysporin make him sick?

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18-07-08, 19:51
hunk of flesh missing... Hmmm I think you should... Take your cat to the VET!! especially if the area is still bleeding! Please take your cat to the vet to avoid INFECTION.
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18-07-08, 20:09
I've had this happen to my dog before, some mean person dumped glass in my yard (we lived close to a bar back then). I of course rushed him to the vet, spent a bunch, and all they did was clean and bandage. He didnt even need antibiotics! althogh they did give him a antibiotic shot when he was there.(and it was a good chunk off his PAD). What i'm saying is vet isnt necesarily the only way. I now treat minor injuries at home, i have guaze, solutions, etc. DO NOT USE CREAMS. These aren't BAD, but aren't helpful to a cat either. Use guaze. Place gauze square over wound. Get guaze wrap, wrap up the gauze square. Get Guaze Tape. Completely cover gauze wrap with the tape- this keeps it sterile and dry and clean. It will heal best this way (and yes this is what the vet did). The biggest tip is keep it dry!
Clean it every couple of days (probably 2 days max).
If you can check your cats temperature, that would be a startto monitor infection.
For cleaning use peroxide or saline solution etc.
If hes acting normal- thats a great sign, dont worry.
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18-07-08, 20:16
Probably not really a good plan. He should really see a Veterinarian so he can be put on Meds so an infection does not settle in and they would give you a topical that is safe for Animals. I know Polysporin is not to be digested.
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18-11-09, 04:15
  Re: Is polysporin toxic to cats if ingested?
. is safe for cats. Is it the owie above his eye that you want to put it on? If so, he wouldn't be able to lick off much anyway.
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