How to stop your cat peeing and pooping in your house.?

Cats How to stop your cat peeing and pooping in your house.?, My house cat has been fully house trained ever since she was a kitten. She recently escaped from the house for the first time ever and after 2-3 days she ...

20-07-08, 11:25
  How to stop your cat peeing and pooping in your house.?
My house cat has been fully house trained ever since she was a kitten. She recently escaped from the house for the first time ever and after 2-3 days she returned. However, since she has returned she has not been going to the tolilet in her litter tray. Instead she has been going over the carpets and even on my daughter!! How do i stop it?! She's never done it before until she came back from being outside for the first time. HELP!

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20-07-08, 11:30
Some cats do that and mark there territor and there is nothing you can do about it to make them stop.
You could get rid of it. (but i would not recomend it)
Or you could buy these mats and put them where your cat pees and change it every day. (sorry i dont know what they are called)
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20-07-08, 11:30
crate her with a litter pan. she will want to keep the crate clean so she will use the pan. If she doesn't you may need to get rid of her because with some cats, once they stop using the litter pan, they never go back to it.
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20-07-08, 11:30
My cat has done that out of the bule also, for about 3 weeks! what i did was spanked her when ever she did it and brought her to the cat box, threw the poop in there and showed her to go in there. since my cat litter is in the garage she went poo in this certain spot and did not want to use the box. So i finally moved the box to were she liked to use the bathroom and then she started to use the box again, and then i just moved it to its regular spot and she started acting normal again. I think its just a phase, so try but i did.
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20-07-08, 11:35
first you should probably visit the vet to make sure that the cat didn't pick something up from her excursion outside that is making her sick. As for stopping a cat from peeing: cats can smell where they have gone before and that encourages them to go there again. Some suggestions: petco/petsmart sell sprays specifically for cat urine (it IS different from dog urine in composition) that stop the smell. Personally, I use baking soda on wetspots to stop odor and dry them up. I have also used borax, an odor reducer, and diluted vinegar which is also supposed to diminish smells. I have also heard of putting the food by frequent potty spots so they are discouraged. I have a particularly stubborn (stupid) male cat and had to resort to blockading him from the carpet with physical barriers and contact paper on the rugs that he has to walk on. Good luck
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20-07-08, 11:45
Caity's answer is good, but I just wanted to add that tin foil is a good cat repellent. I brought home a male cat from the pound, and he did well, but sometimes would pee in the corner by the front door. I tin-foiled the entire hallway and his 'spot' because he refused to stop no matter what I tried (territory marking spray from petco, coffee grounds and lots of other things I read about), but after a a week or so he gave up. I removed the tin foil after a week from the hallway but left it over his spot for a few weeks, and he stopped.
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20-07-08, 12:05
my cats do it always,.but I prevent it by giving them their own shelter.
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20-07-08, 12:07
This is so hard to do, but it worked for one of our cats. Put your cat in one of your bathrooms with nothing but food, water and the litter box. Be sure to place the litter box on the farthest side from the food and water. Your cat needs to remain in the bathroom for THREE days. Cats do not like to sleep where they go to the bathroom. This should put the kitty back on track. Be sure to visit your kitty fequently and pet and love it so that he knows that you are still around--but do not let it out! This was so hard for me!!! Good luck! Oh, and as one of the other responders wrote, it would be a good idea to check with your vet, just in case it picked something up while outside.
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20-07-08, 12:32
put her back out or call the dog whisperer he likes a challenge
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20-07-08, 12:39
That might be bcuz she turned into a reble! No but it could be bcuz she went everywhere when she was outside and there was no litter box she had to go in, so she likes go everywhere now. Just when ever she goes someone that's not in her litter box YELL ATHer and say NO Bad GIRL! and you can even spray her with some water then take her to her litter box and say go in there and point to the litter box and put her on it.
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20-07-08, 12:54
like caity i had to use something to "block" my cat from marking - i'd use plastic wrap - but her idea of contact paper is a great idea.
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20-07-08, 13:00
Finish this saying:

"Curiosity killed..." Maybe you should find somthing for your cat to be curious about.

(If anyone actually gets that - I'm kidding - I love cats).
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