How long can I let cat food sit out?

Cats How long can I let cat food sit out?, How long can I leave out canned cat food for a kitten, What kind of schedule do you use for your cat. My kitten is 10 weeks old and I ...

14-07-08, 19:25
  How long can I let cat food sit out?
How long can I leave out canned cat food for a kitten,
What kind of schedule do you use for your cat.
My kitten is 10 weeks old and I feed him a mixture of science diet canned food with the dry food mixed in.

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14-07-08, 19:25
My cats (3), have two meals each day. This is a good idea for all cats. I usually give them wet food at night (2 cans for the three of them to share), and dry food in the morning (2 bowls for the three to share). I've never heard of mixing the food, I think it may increase the speed at which the food will go bad. You should either feed your kitten two separate meals, or one meal with one bowl of wet and one bowl of dry. Either way, never leave the food out overnight, especially the wet food. Cats are usually pretty good at detecting if the food is edible or not, so if your kitten smells it and realizes that it's no good, he/she probably won't eat it anyway.
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14-07-08, 19:25
NO longer than an hour!
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14-07-08, 19:26
You should not leave canned food out for too long. One time I left a can of Innova Evo out overnight and the next morning it was like moldy and really stinky. Refrigerate it after use and take it back out about an hour before you plan on feeding your cat to let it defrost. I feed my cats canned for dinner everyday between 5 and 7 PM and if I am up early and they are begging I will give them breakfast. Also, Science Diet is not a very good brand of catfood. Try a brand that does not contain gluten, by products, corn, digest, dyes or preservatives. Cat's need meat. Innova Evo is the thing I recommend most for feeding kittens because it's so mushy and smells so good to them. Corn is in most Science Diet food and it is a filler. It has no nutritional value to your cat because they can not digest it. Blue Buffalo is great, you should check out their website and do the True Blue comparing test.
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14-07-08, 19:27
No more than an hour, when it's canned food. Don't mix the canned and dry, if he's not eating it quickly. Instead, give him full access to dry food at all times, and then offer some canned food at certain times of the day. That way, you can make sure he's eating it, it's not sitting out for too long, and that he's still getting plenty of dry kibble too.
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14-07-08, 19:31
You shouldn't be feeding any dry especially to a kitten. If your house isn't kept over 80+ degrees, you can leave canned food out all day. Even when it gets hard, it is fine to eat and of you want, you can add a few spoons of water and stir and it will look as good as new.
Please learn about nutrtion

Nutrition since there are so many bad things out there is very important to your cats health
Contrary to what you may have heard; dry foods are not a great thing to feed a cat.
Please read the label on what you are feeding? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they mean? Is the first ingrdiant a muscle meat like chicken or meal or other things?
Dry foods are the number 1 cause of diabetes in cats as well as being a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, obesity, crystals, and a host of other problems. Food allergies are very common when feeding dry foods. Rashes, scabs behind the tail and on the chin are all symptoms
The problems associated with Dry food is that they are loaded with grfains and carbohydrates which many cats (carnivores) cannot process them. Also, Most of the moisture a cat needs is suppose to be in the food but in
Dry, 95% of it is zapped out of dry foods in the processing. Another thing, most use horrible ingredients and don't use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable based protein versus animal. Not good for an animal that has to eat meat to survive.
You want to pick a canned food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn't have corn at least in the first 3 ingredients if at all. The best food for cats does not contain any grains at all.
Fancy feast is a middle grade food with 9lives, friskies whiskas lower grade canned and wellness and merrick upper grade human quality foods. Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a hard pretzel clean your teeth or do pieces of it get stuck?

Please read about cat nutrition. ch_is_reall
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