Help! My cat ate rotten meat.?

Cats Help! My cat ate rotten meat.?, There were really spoiled pork chops in the trash and that cats dragged them out and ate them. What can happen? I'm so worried, but woke up and had to ...

05-08-08, 11:05
  Help! My cat ate rotten meat.?
There were really spoiled pork chops in the trash and that cats dragged them out and ate them. What can happen? I'm so worried, but woke up and had to immediately go to work and now am working and can't really call a vet until later. Does anyone have any idea the effect this could have on them? Thanks so much!

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05-08-08, 11:21
Nothing will happen cats and dogs have much stronger digestive systems than we do, why do you think they can eat stuff thats was just alive and kicking only a few seconds ago (talking about mice hunting and stuff). Also I used to feed my dog pork and beef that was old and not edible for humans any more and he sure as heck didn't complain lol
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05-08-08, 11:49
More than likely nothing will come of it. If it has upset your cat's tummy cats tend to throw up anything unsavoury. Very rarely a cat could have a more serious reaction to whatever bacteria that may be on the meat. But, healthy cats have a very robust digestive system and kills most bacteria and parasites ingested.

If you are concerned, speak to your vet and he can allay any worries you have.
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05-08-08, 12:22
ask your vet.
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05-08-08, 13:03
I doubt much will happen except some vomit to deal with when you come home. It will not poison them and it may upset their tummies.
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05-08-08, 13:06
it could poison your cat, the bacteria in the spoiled meat could mess up her digestive system and other organs like her liver, pancreas, liver your Vet and see what they say.
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05-08-08, 14:00
your cats body would have decided whether it was safe to be in there and whether it's tasty. if it has decided that its not good your cat will throw it up. your cat may be a little put off food for awhile but should be fine. You have to remember cats are constantly breaking bin bags and finding things on the floor. they have evolved so that if they do eat something bad they are prepared for it. if you feel it's necessary take it to the vets.
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