Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?

Cats Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?, Hi, well my cat kinda freaks me out...I got him about 1 year ago, he was very small and well no one at hom wanted him so I spent a ...

14-08-08, 06:21
  Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?
Hi, well my cat kinda freaks me out...I got him about 1 year ago, he was very small and well no one at hom wanted him so I spent a lot of time with him I was like his mother lol, I even stayed up all night because he wouldn't sleep if I wasn't there.. I fed him, claned his mess...(eww I know lol), and even let him sleep in my arms when he was scared... so well he grew up the family finally accepted him, they take care of him now too, but I noticed something kinda weird...everytime I'm very very very sad, about to cry or crying he suddenly comes from nowhere and starts rubbing on my legs so hard and licks me and meowws sometimes, and even like 2 or 3 times before he jumped to my table when I was crying and put in front of me like trying to see my face! He always comes to me when I'm depressed, for some reason... and ok while sounds kinda sweet it also freaks me out ... does he really senses something, or remembers how I was the only one that cared for him? weird..

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14-08-08, 07:13
Animals epically cats and dogs are not complete careless, they care about how there owner feels epically if they sense a strong connection with the owner...i always say that a cat or dog never forget how they have been because you have given him so much care he has a strong bond to you. When you cry or feel depress your cat feels that "energy" and he immediately sense something is wrong and try to comfort you. My cats do it all the tI'me and i love it because even if i say im fine my cats still sense something is wrong

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14-08-08, 07:46
Moreso than any other animal. If people are hallucinating on mushrooms or LSD, cats will HIDE right away and you won't even see them the whole night. Never knew a single cat that stayed around for that.

Cats can sense madness.
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14-08-08, 18:07
Not just Cats my Dog does too because communication between Animals is not mainly by noise(eg speech as humans use). They are much more in tune to the emotional side of things on a level humans have mostly lost.
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14-08-08, 18:15
I believe many animals have a sixth sense to emotions. As dogs can sense fear before they attack you. You have a great pet (or friend) with a keen sense of your emotions, keep him forever!
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14-08-08, 20:46
yes my cat always and i mean always will try to get me to stop crying if i do

he will be in my brothers room his ears will perk up
he will run in my room and rub on me and purr and all.

so i believe so...
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06-07-10, 07:13
  Re: Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?
Just the other day i had a bad experience on LSD, i wasnt hallucinating but it was an emotional hell for about 6 hours, as i lay on the couch going to hell and back both my cat and dog wouldnt leave me alone, in fact my cat lay on my chest and my dog covred the rest of my body, they stayed like this for hours...yes i was on acid but it happened lol! never would you catch the cat and dog relaxing next to each other with me or not it just doesnt happen, very strange...thought it was worth a mention.
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18-07-10, 19:24
  Re: Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?
Hello !
I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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24-07-10, 19:55
  Re: Do cats can "feel" or sense human emotions?
My cat does the same thing! I gave my cat all my attention from the time he was a kitten to now (hes around 4) and he rubs on my legs when im about to punch a wall, purrs at me , rubs on me and try to see my face when im rolled up sad and crying, and he always seems energetic and happy when im in a good mood. Thats why I love cats!
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