cat with swollen face...!?

Cats cat with swollen face...!?, Hi. I just got home from being at my mom's today and one side of my cat's face is swollen. it is causing his eye to squint a little. it ...

17-08-08, 05:26
  cat with swollen face...!?
Hi. I just got home from being at my mom's today and one side of my cat's face is swollen. it is causing his eye to squint a little. it doesn't seem to hurt when I touch it and otherwise he seems fine. he is eating okay too. should I take him to the vet tomorrow, if possible, or should I wait to see if the swelling will go down? anyone dealt with this? he is an indoor-only cat who is about 6 years old and fully up-to-date on his shots.
occassionally we do get wasps in our house, but I haven't seen any lately.
also, I checked in his mouth and I don't see any teeth that look bad at all. but there is a small mark that COULD be from a missing wisker...but I'm not sure. I don't remember it being there before, but I never really studied his face.
plus, yes, he does eat dry food.

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17-08-08, 17:21
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Your cat probably has a very very painful abscessed tooth. Take it to the vet ASAP as the puss from this kind of condition can kill a cat in short order.

Thank you for asking and let us know what you did ...
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18-08-08, 01:27
Look, the absolute best thing to do is get the cat to the vet ASAP. But the truth is, it's the weekend, and if you are in the Western Hemisphere, it's night time. So the question is, is it really necessary to take the cat to an ultra-expensive Emergency Clinic? Well, it would be great if you could, but in your shoes, I would try to call and have my own vet. paged to ask about it. If it is a wasp sting, the vet might be able to help you figure that out with more certainty over the phone. And if so, might advise something like administering benedryl - but you MUST have a qualified vet tell you the proper dosage, or risk a potentially fatal overdose. The cat is eating ok, and breathing ok? And acting pretty much as he usually does? Those are signs that it _might_ be ok to hold off until regular office hours at your vet's.
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18-08-08, 07:33
one thing that can cause swelling is if he has a whisker pull out!!! if he is eating hard dry food i would rule out teeth problem!!! i would wait till monday and see it goes down!!
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18-08-08, 08:04
My cat went through this too. He was inside and a misquito got him on one side of his face. He swelled realyy bad. Your cat probably had an allergic reaction to the mosquito. Benadryl or an allergy med. might help. If it does't go down in a few days go to the vet!
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18-08-08, 18:50
My cat chased a bee in a window once and got stung on the mouth. He swelled up just like yours but the next day he was fine.
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