Cat labor and delivery, kitten still inside????

Cats Cat labor and delivery, kitten still inside????, My cat had 3 kittens at 3:00 am on Sunday night, everything went well and she had no problems delivering the kittens. The mommy cat is doing well and nursing ...

05-08-08, 01:41
  Cat labor and delivery, kitten still inside????
My cat had 3 kittens at 3:00 am on Sunday night, everything went well and she had no problems delivering the kittens. The mommy cat is doing well and nursing fine, but I think she still has a baby or two left inside. She has a hard lump that moves around, and it is concerning. Is it normal for her to deliver another litter more than 3 days later? Could she possibly have more kittens inside her? I am very concerned and do not have a ton of money, please let me know if anyone at a similar situation thanks.
just took her temp it is 102.5

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05-08-08, 01:42
If a cat labours more than eight hours
without delivering a kitten, something is
wrong. CALL THE VET for instructions.

read this website. you have to scroll all the way down intill you see the section on birth
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05-08-08, 01:42
vet visit please or she could die.
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05-08-08, 01:45
Call your vet now, or she will die. Sorry but its true. Good Luck!
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05-08-08, 03:22
Omg , get her to the vet, I have a cat when I was 4 and she was giving birth, the first kitten got stuck half way and both the mother and the kittens inside died. I cried. but I didn't know until I was 12.

Try putting your hand under her arms and push down her body, but not to hard, If you can feel A kitten moving inside of her get her to the vet!
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05-08-08, 03:54
Hello fellow nurse ;-)
The uterus is still going to feel like a lump after delivery because it hasn't contracted back to normal size yet.Right after delivery is the only time you can feel the uterus.. kinda cool. Got your scope handy? You can try to listen, but i'm sure mom's purring will deter you. Palpate a bit and note the size and any movement. The best way is ultrasound tho. The size should be going down quite rapidly. Only helped humans with this one so call a vet to double check.. A call couldn't hurt. Good luck! ;-)
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05-08-08, 05:15
If mama is acting normal, nursing and showing no signs of distress, sounds like things are good to me. I wouldn't worry about it unless there are problems. If she has a foul discharge, acts as if she is still laboring, not tending to her kittens...

I once rushed a cat to the emergency vet convinced there were still kittens. After x-rays and a whole lot of money, she had delivered them all. The first thing I was asked was if she was acting as if she was still in labor with no results. (She wasn't!!) It is normal for mama to feel a bit "lumpy" after giving birth.

Mom's temp sounds normal too.
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05-08-08, 05:25
It's not uncommon for them to have a lump inside after giving birth as long as she doesn't seem to be in pain or discomfort, usually after a few days it will go down to normal if not a trip to the Dr is in order.
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05-08-08, 05:31
I know you don't have a ton of money, but you actually have no choice here as the cat is at risk of serious infection and you could lose mm and babies.

She needs a vet now - the potentially unborn kitten is enough after this long, but she has a moderate fever which indicates that she is really running into trouble!!

Please call the vet NOW.
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05-08-08, 05:36
Go quikly to a vet because the kitten will die and the mom cud die too. The kitten must be coming out but its coming out the wrong way! go to the vet and quik before its too late!
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