Cat has run away, how do i know she'll get back home?

Cats Cat has run away, how do i know she'll get back home?, Around 11:15 today my 18 month year old cat ran away and she has been gone for almost 5 hours. I put her litter box outside and some tuna (her ...

28-07-08, 09:59
  Cat has run away, how do i know she'll get back home?
Around 11:15 today my 18 month year old cat ran away and she has been gone for almost 5 hours. I put her litter box outside and some tuna (her favorite) there anything else I can do to find her or make sure she comes back home?

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28-07-08, 11:01
If she's never been out before this is a new world she'll want to explore. Good job on putting the litter and food out (watch out for other animals taking it though). Does she have something else she'll recognize the smell of, like her bed or favorite toy? Those might help too. I hope she comes home but if a few more days go by put up flyers to alert your neighbors.

Also I've seen people post "Lost" or "Found" postings in their local CraigsList online forum. Check there for a found cat posting and maybe post your lost cat too.
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28-07-08, 11:20
i would go around the neighborhood and see if anyone has seen your cat, i once was away and someone was watching my cats and one of them got away, i searched and knocked on a few doors in the neighborhood, and someone saw my cat and knew who had him, thank goodness i did that cause the lady who took my cat to her home probally wouldnt have given him back if i didnt take him off her property...she had him tied in her yard and i was told where she lived and saw him and went right in her yard wrote her a note and took my kitty back, also try going out and calling ur cats name walk around and call him... hope u find ur kitty... and dont feel weird asking people in ur neighborhood... it may help u find ur cat....also contact ur local police, shelters and animal control....i would do that once a day till u find ur cat
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28-07-08, 11:26
You'll be lucky if she comes back in one piece! A number of things could've happened to your cat! Getting hit by a car, gotten stollen by lunatics, fighting with other cats and catching diseases, gotten eaten by coyotes....... That's why my cats are inside with me where it is safe! Good luck!
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28-07-08, 12:06
put up some signs. she'll almost definitely remember what your house looks like as long as she's seen it from the outside at least twice. she'll either go home tonight or some kid will find her and take her in so she'll have a place to sleep--that's why you should put up signs, so they'll return her!
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28-07-08, 12:15
go out and call her so she heres your voice. has she ever been out before? if she hasn't more than likely she's not that far away. cats can hide in the smallest of places. they usually are hiding and observing and they will stay there until they get hungry or cold. if it gets dark, leave a door and a light on. if possible, try to get up at night every so often and call her name. do you know if she's in heat? if she is, she'll come back after she's had some fun if you know what i mean.
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28-07-08, 12:33
It is possible she will.

My cat has sometimes been away for 2 days,
But always manages to return.
Also my friends cat, went missing for 11 months before finally

It was a good idea to put food and her litter box out.
Just keep calling her every hour.
If she hasn't come back and your getting really worried,
Why not go look round your neighbourhood.
See if you can spot her.
She may be scared and have went down somewhere and by hearing your voise she may come out.

Good luck and dont give up hope

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28-07-08, 12:36
BELLE's Avatar  
she will come back after exploring some. I would go out and call her every once and awhile. My daughters cat ran off for a couple months and came back. Cats are weird about that. She will probably be back soon..........................
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28-07-08, 13:20
Well, if she has a collar on, then whoever finds her will probably bring her home, but if she doesn't have a collar, than post "LOST" signs up around your neighborhood. Describe how she looks and if you have a picture of her, put that on there, too. Hope this helps
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28-07-08, 14:05
Cats are very good about finding their way back home. Our neighbor has a cat that traveled from his grandmother's house back to his house (20 miles).

Your cat should come back if she likes you, they can be picky about their owners & sometimes THEY choose the owner by running away & finding a new one. If your cat hasn't been spayed, then it might not come back. It will be looking for a mate & have kittens somewhere.

Sorry to be so brutally honest but I'm just preparing you for the worst. You're doing the right thing by putting food outside for might want to call her name a few times too..they have excellent hearing. I also recommend contacting all the animal shelters & keeping them on the might want to actually visit the shelters to make sure she's not been picked up.
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28-07-08, 17:25
That is so sad. I'm so sorry, I don't think I'll be of much help, but I have two cats, and when we take them outside, they have little leashes, so they can go where they want, except we have to watch them to be sure that they have enough rope, etc. So once, one of my cats got off her leash, but we hadn't seen her. We didn't know how much time exactly, she'd been off, but eventually, she did come back. Because cats have a GREAT sense of orientation and smell, so if your cat is a happy cat, she WILL of course come back. I wish you luck :]
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29-07-08, 00:52
you could go look for her. Let hope that nothing bad happened to her. That's why cats should only be indoor. Good luck
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