What to expect with a bengal?

Cat Breeds What to expect with a bengal?, I am purchasing a bengal in a couple months and I have a couple questions.: I currently have a 1 year old cat right now any tips on getting them ...

09-08-08, 17:07
  What to expect with a bengal?
I am purchasing a bengal in a couple months and I have a couple questions.:

I currently have a 1 year old cat right now any tips on getting them to like each other? Will I have trouble?

Is there anything I should know in general?

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09-08-08, 19:07
You can't get cats to like each other. Either they do or they don't. We got a female calico 7 years ago, and then a black and white male 1.5 years later and she still hates him. The don't fight, she just tolerates him. If they don't kill each other then count yourself lucky. The best thing you could do is, when you bring the kitten home, put it in a room on her own for a day or two and let your other cat smell around the door. She'll get used to the kitten and hopefully will get along with it. Also try to pay as much attention to the older cat when the baby comes, that way she won't feel left out. Bengals are lovely, beautiful cats. I'm not sure if they are well known for their sweetness though. When you go to pick one out, pick the one that isn't the smallest, that doesn't get scared at noises and that doesn't hiss, and plays well with the others.
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10-08-08, 05:36
The key is to introduce each other slowly. Here is a good article about introducing new cats to your home:


Our female Bengal is extremely protective of her environment, and of me in particular. When we brought our new male Bengal home, our female didn't like him going near me for petting and attention and would always chase him away. There was a lot of hissing and "slapping" going on (mostly from our female) for the first couple weeks. She wasn't satisfied with our male unless he was hiding under our bed or in the basement. Eventually, about a month later, she started "allowing" our male to come out of hiding, and now they generally get along...

We've had our male for about 2.5 months now, and they're both sleeping on our bed at night, and are just starting to play together a little. They're nowhere near ready to cuddle with each other - and may never ever do that, but at least our female's not being such a bully.

The best answer I can give is to follow the instructions about "cat introductions" and give them time to get used to each other and "sort things out."

Hopefully you've done lots and lots of research on Bengals if you've never owned one before. They're not for everyone and they don't act like your average house cat. They have far more needs in terms of attention, excercise, diet requirements and health care. Make sure you have a vet who is well established and knows how to care for exotic cats. And very importantly, make sure you've got some sturdy toys for your Bengal - they play rougher and more frequently than an average house cat. I myself wouldn't home a Bengal with a standard house cat, but that doesn't mean no one else should...

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or need Bengal advice. Also, you may want to consider joining a Yahoo! Bengal group. There are many Bengal owners and breeders there who are happy to help and give advice. :-)

Hope this helps!
Good luck with your new Bengal experience!
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