Should I get a Burmese python?

Cat Breeds Should I get a Burmese python?, I saw a granite Burmese python available on a website that needs a nice home and it comes with a 30 gallon tank. It's been slightly abused; it had an ...

21-02-11, 09:04
  Should I get a Burmese python?
I saw a granite Burmese python available on a website that needs a nice home and it comes with a 30 gallon tank. It's been slightly abused; it had an intentional cut by its first owner and mites. But, right now it's very healthy and mite-free. So, I'd like to get it.

I was wondering what are the pros and cons of getting this Burmese and if it's truly worth getting it. I haven't had too much experience with snakes, but I have with many other reptiles. I honestly feel like I should get this and practically rescue it.

I have researched a lot about this snake, and my current snake I have purchased recently (a corn snake). I realize that it'll be very large compared to my corn and I'll have to feed it large, thawed rodents. I make sure I know a lot of information before getting into this. Please don't hesitate to tell me any factual info!
I forgot to note that if I don't get this Burmese, I'll just get a ball python instead.
Depending on how much I can earn and convince, around $150. I'm also interested in getting a boa of some sort, if not a ball.

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21-02-11, 09:05
Burmese pythons get to be about 15 feet as adults and eat large food items from ten pound rabbits to geese, and small pigs. These things get several hundred pounds. Since you are just starting out with snakes you could get a boa if you want something bigger. You have to work up to a snake that big. For me i want a lavender albino reticulated python someday. But those snakes get to be 16-20 feet long. So i am working up to it. First i got a carpet python that will grow to be about 8 feet. I recently got a scrub python these get anywhere from 10-16 feet long. And if i can handle that fine when it is an adult i will get the reticulated python.
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21-02-11, 09:10
I really think you should get a ball pythons, then after a few years work your way up to a boa, and then maybe after way more years with the boa you can think about a burm.

Depending on where you live, you will need a permit to own one and have to pay for that permit which will add up. Burms as adults will eat rabbits. as they age and same with boa's, someone will need to help you when handling. You cant really tell them where you want them to go because they are so massive, you will have to let them pick where to go unless you want a snake to be feisty. Burms are sweet snakes but are very smart compared to smaller pythons.

All in all, i honestly think you should wait and get a nice ball python. they are short stocky snakes and they will help you with your snake adventure.

if you feel bad for the burm, maybe post an add on a reptile form for those who have owned burms to rescue them.
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21-02-11, 09:10
A burmese python not only grows to be a big snake, it will grow to be a giant snake. A rescued snake like this would be better in the hands of a person(s) that have experience and understanding with their special care and special health needs. A burmese python is classified as an apex predator and an adult does have the potential of killing it's owner if mistakes are made. I know we want to help and rescue animals but, as much as we want to, that job may not be for just anyone. There are a few other snakes that would allow you to enjoy snake keeping such like ball pythons and smaller boas like Dumeril's and Hog Islands.
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