how to tame a savannah monitor

Cat Breeds how to tame a savannah monitor, i have an 8in savannah monitor that i want to tame. when i got him he seemed nice but now hes not. Whenever i stick my hand near him he ...

09-08-08, 13:06
  how to tame a savannah monitor
i have an 8in savannah monitor that i want to tame. when i got him he seemed nice but now hes not. Whenever i stick my hand near him he s his mouth and hisses, puffes up and sometimes strikes. Should i just grab him or will that cause him stress. Am i supposed to feed him stuff like worms while playing with him to gain his trust

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09-08-08, 20:55
mine puffs himself up and s his mouth when you move over his head or move suddenly, but otherwise he is fine - try moving slowy and gently - but just keep at it

and yeah.. i wouldnt recommend feeding and handling at the same time
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10-08-08, 06:09
I wouldn't start trying to associate handling with being fed, it's a sure way to get bit, but after he's had a good meal and had time to get it down, handle him. And the next day, handle him. And the same thing the day after that, and the day after that, and sometimes several times a day. Over time he'll realize you're not a predator, BUT (there's always a but) don't expect him to become "tame". Monitors need a LOT of work to be considered "tame", and some of them never quite make it. Remember, reptiles still have all the instinct they've ever had, they're not domesticated, they can be captive bred, but they're still a wild animal.
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10-08-08, 07:56
My iguana was the same way, i would walk near the cage and he would hiss and whip with his mouth . Just come in contact with him , and hold him alot or he would get worse than that, my iguana doesnt care because he gave up this " Aggressive Phase" . I guess because they are just males.
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