Can I save this betta fish?

Aquarium & Fishs General Can I save this betta fish?, My little sister got a new betta fish from WallMart and we put him in a small fish bowl. He was already sick looking but according to my sister he ...

10-12-11, 00:48
  Can I save this betta fish?
My little sister got a new betta fish from WallMart and we put him in a small fish bowl. He was already sick looking but according to my sister he was the healthiest fish they could find. The next morning, he was nearly dead. In fact, I thought he WAS dead until I saw him twitch. He was covered in slime and his fins were frayed, and he was swimming vertically, gasping for breath at the top of the water. The symptoms pointed to ammonia poisoning, so I changed the water and put in a pill that says it's supposed to lower ammonia levels. It's been a couple of days and his fins look better, plus he's trying to swim around more and showing slightly more signs of life. Yet he still gasps for breath at the top of the water, and he spirals when he swims. I keep changing the water and adding the needed medication, but my question is: will I be able to save him? I heard that there's no cure for ammonia poisoning, but I think the little guy might have a chance. Any thoughts?

-I am an experienced fish owner.
-I have had many bettas in the past and have kept them all alive and happy for years in small fish bowls (yes, even in that particular bowl this one is in).
-I am aware that WallMart mistreats their fish- it wasn't my idea to go there.
-I am aware that his wobbly swimming might be due to stress.
-No I did not cycle the water before putting him in (the bowl is too small). However, this has never affected any of my other fish in the past.
-I haven't fed him at all since that first day. He doesn't seem like he'll be able to eat it, and I'm worried it will increase the ammonia levels if he just lets it sit there.
-The medication I use is trustworthy and has worked for me in the past.

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10-12-11, 00:59
I would give it time
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10-12-11, 02:40
You need a bigger tank. Betta fish require a 3 gallon tank AND filtration. Also, you should be using tap water that has been conditioned.
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